1.21% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 5: Ice Wyvern King

Chapter 5: Ice Wyvern King

A huge beast as large as a mountain appeared, exuding a horrifying pressure along with chilling coldness. Its huge wings spread across the sky as it looked down on the pretty girl's carriage.

This is one of the Six Overlord Beasts, the Ice Wyvern King. Naturally born from the icy mountains at the Northern part of the Mystical Forest, it has an innate aptitude with the ice element. Upon reaching the Mana Domain stage, it was able to conjure its own powerful Ice Domain.

At its will, it can control and conjure all kinds of ice within 10 kilometers of radius. You can say its domain is its own powerful territory. This domain also strengthens its abilities because of its innate nature in ice.

It immediately conjured its domain upon the carriage, intending to destroy it. Suddenly, a voice echoed from the carriage.

"Hmph, filthy beast! Know your place!" The pretty girl's father stood up and let out his aura. He was also in the Fifth Stage for Immortals, the Spirit Domain stage. He conjured his own domain too, which is the Seven Emotions Domain.

"Anger!" Berserk energy then suddenly clashed with the Ice Wyvern King's domain. The chilly ice essence started shaking from the effects of Anger.

The beast then lunged forward trying to swipe its claws at the carriage.

"Sadness!" The beast felt itself slowing down and before it could hit the carriage the man shouted "Fear!" the carriage then seemed to come into life and move by itself, trying to avoid any powerful creatures and it shot into the forest.

The man then looked into the infuriated beast and said "If my Seven Emotions Domain have been upgrade into Seven Emotions and Six Desires Domain I could have a chance of killing you. But as of now, I can just hold you down."

He then looked back at the carriage that was speeding away as he said,

"Ning'er be sure to find the Blood Lotus. The carriage will automatically get close to it."

"Puny human! Absolute Zero!"


As booms rang out from the combat between two Fifth Stage Practitioners, Ning'er hugged herself as the carriage moved across the forest.


Everytime a beast approaches the carriage it swerves and avoids it skillfully.

Even though Ning'er was at the Second Stage already, she does not dare to fight it out inside the forest. She knew she will be just lynched once she comes out.

Time passed by and the carriage slowed down. Once she felt the carriage stopping, she tried to feel if there was any hostile presences eyeing the carriage. When she felt none, she then timidly looked out of the carriage door and her mouth dropped on what she saw.

She saw two handsome males cooking some bizarre concoction. The taller one seems around 20 years old. He had black silky hair and fair skin. The only thing marring his image is the apathetic look on his face and the 9-petaled flower on his forehead.

The shorter one seems to be around the same age as her. He also had a black silky hair but he had this his skin seems to be even fairer than his companion. She felt vigilance on this young man as she noticed the mischievous look on his face.

She then realized something and she blushed fiercely while covering her eyes with her hands.

"Why the hell are you two naked!"

Yes, Fang Lin and Wang Hao were both naked. Fang Lin lived in the forest for six years and he had thought being naked in the forest was good for his survival.

Wang Hao just did it because his disciple was also naked.

In his words, "This is a way to establish closeness between us." Fang Lin shot him a wary look at that time and Wang Hao sputtered looking indignant. "It's not like that! I have a wife already you know!"

Upon seeing the weird carriage and the flustered girl, Fang Lin and Wang Hao panicked and tried to hide themselves behind the rocks. Even if they were living in the forest before, they still had not lost their decency.

"Uh so.. so.. sorry about that" Fang Lin stuttered. After all, it was his first time seeing a girl after six years.

As for Wang Hao, he just cowered in the corner without saying a word.

After some awkward minutes of hearing some rustling sounds, the girl heard the mischievous boy saying,

"You can look now."

The girl then removed her hands as looked around the area. It was a wide clearing with a straw hut in the middle and an altar with a coffin beside it.

Near these structures was a pot boiling with unknown ingredients.

When she saw what was inside the pot she screamed,

"What are you doing with this precious medicine! You are wasting it!"

"We are using it to ward insects." Fang Lin dully replied.

"Warding insects? These are elixirs useful for cultivation!"

"Uh, I could not cultivate before so I just used it that way."

Then Ning'er saw one that of the herbs being boiled was the one she and her father risked their life for.

The Blood Lotus.

She immediately fainted.

Comments (41)

  • Legendary_Otaku


    Lol..🤣 Why do I feel like they are having some kind of chunibyo fight!

  • kumadam


    Man, how did that duo managed to get stuff from attacking their crotch? Especially the bugs. Even if there’s insect repellents, some of those crazy ones will still attack you. Man, those do they itch..

  • devistation


    Bro you a comedian or what.

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