2.02% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 9: Immortal Continent

Chapter 9: Immortal Continent

While Fang Yu laid down on the floor of Ning'er's room despairing, Wang Hao swaggered in while saying, "How does it feel to be cockblocked without a c*ck?"

"Shut up! I said that line earlier already! Leave me alone, I want to rest." Wang Hao could clearly feel Fang Yu's disappointment. Even Wang Hao will surely be saddened if that happened to him.

Wang Hao nodded and left while closing the door. Fang Yu then slept soundly on the bed. Actually its just her body that fell asleep. Her full conciousness was then used by Fang Lin on his Yang Persona. He left the room and looked for Daoist Sunderheart.

He saw the daoist leaving the resting quarters looking a little miffed. Fang Lin approached him and asked in his most innocent voice "Did something bad happen?". The daoist stopped in his place and stared at Wang Lin who stared back with his 'innocent eyes'. The daoist sighed and then narrated the story of Ning'er's attempted 'assault' on Fang Yu.

"I apologize for the sake of my daughter. My butler is doing his best to detoxify the poison in her. She should be well before we arrived in the Immortal continent. Aren't you going to console your sister?"

"Console? Hell, I think she's a little angry at you for ruining her moment. She's into girls you know."

The daoist almost fell out of the seat after hearing that. "Good thing I stopped Ning'er in time. If not...." He shivered at that thought.

"Anyways, can you tell me all about the Immortal continent and its ruling powers? Our time in the forest made me forget." Fang Lin knew that even if only 6 years had passed since his exile, special events could have happened in the his homeland. He had to be sure of everything before he goes back.

Daoist Sunderheart then explained the basic knowledge of the Immortal continent to Fang Lin.

According to what he heard, the Immortal continent was a huge piece of land with five lakes inside it. It was divided into 5 domains, the Eastern Lands, the Northern Glaciers, the Southern Dessert, the Western Forest and the Central Divine Territory. The five lakes in the Immortal continent were the Heavenly, Corpse, Demon, Celestial and Divine lake. The Ruling powers in the Immortal continent were the 8 Great Sects, 5 Divine Families and 3 Empires.

The 8 Great Sects were the Immortal God Sect, Transcendent Sword Sect, Martial King Sect, Soul Reaper Sect, Ice Empress Sect, Beast Master Sect, Alchemy Palace Sect and the Ultimate Formations Sect.

The 5 Divine Families were the Feng Clan, Tang Clan, Zhou Clan, Xiao Clan and the Fang Clan. Upon hearing the Fang Clan, Fang Lin immediately suppressed the anger in his heart. It was clear that he had some deep connections with the Fang Clan. was.

Upon listening more to him talking, Fang Lin discovered that Daoist Sunderheart was one of the Elders in the Feng Clan.

The 3 Great Empires were the Tian Ji Empire, Pan Gu Empire and the Central Divine Empire. After saying this things, the daoist asked Fang Lin "Do you still have any questions?"

"Are there lots of pretty girls in the Ice Empress Sect?" Of course, Fang Lin just had to ask this question.

Daoist Sunderheart resisted the urge to facepalm. "Yes, all of the disciples in the Ice Empress Sect are all pretty females. If not for you, your sister could have been in that sect too."

"If my sister will be in there maybe she will have her own harem there."

"Oh crap, I did not think of that!" the daoist then thanked himself for putting Fang Yu together with Fang Lin. "Oh, can you look for your sister and master? It seems like we have arrived already."

Fang Lin looked out and he saw it again. The majestic lands of the Immortal continent where he was banished from 6 years ago. Wang Hao suddenly appeared behind them and asked the daoist "How long yet until we arrive at your clan? Your daughter is awake and she is outside Fang Yu's room kowtowing to apologize. She says she won't stop until Fang Yu talks to her." Wang Hao glanced sideways to Fang Lin, giving him some sort of signal.

Fang Lin sighed as he willed Fang Yu's body to wake up. She then opened the door and found Ning'er really kowtowing outside her room.

"Hey stand up already! I forgive you for what you did! You are under some wrong influences at that time." Fang Yu said in a soft voicem that was neither angry nor disappointed. "Do not worry, what I think of you did not change at all."

"But it still showed that I have some feelings for you!" Ning'er bawled while still kowtowing. "I even tried to assault you! I only have one way to get your forgiveness!"

"Don't tell me you want to become my servant?"

"No! I will be your brother's bride!"


Fang Yu spit some water as she fell back in surprise on what she heard.

"How did you come to that conclusion!"

"I know that your brother also has the same feelings for me as you are. But I tried to hurt you and I think the only way to mend that is if I marry your brother."

"Are you reading some edgy novels in your spare time? The real world does not work like that! I already forgive you and if you want to make amends, how about we start by becoming sisters?"

"Sisters?" Ning'er looked up with her eyes slightly teary. Fang Yu could not help but gulp when she saw her adorable face flush red due to her tears

"So cute!" Fang Lin, who was with Wang Hao, barely managed to stabilize himself. Fang Yu, who was affected directly, did not fare well either. She took some seconds to recover. Once she was sure she was fine, she slowly said, "Yes,I will be your Big Sister Yu and my brother will be your Big Brother Lin."

"Waahh Big Sister!" Ning'er jumped up and hugged Fang Yu. But with her strength at Foundation Establishment, Fang Yu found it hard to breathe.

The damned daoist suddenly appeared again near them and said "Well the situation here seems resolved. Suit up now for we have arrived at the Feng Clan Headquarters."

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  • OldWiseTzeentchian


    Ah, I see you're a man of Culture as well.

  • Scythus


    I wish fang yu have her own harem and fang lin have his own harem too and when the time comes fang yu will convince her harem to join his brother

  • Keyweilder


    I think more details would make the chapters better, like describe the scenery of the immortal continent instead of just saying the majestic scenery, keep up the good work!

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