37.5% The Lord of the Living Dead / Chapter 2: Yulio

Chapter 2: Yulio

Roan's consciousness slowly flickered in the vast expanse of his ever-changing soul that alternated between bright and dim. Every time Roan's soul dimmed, his consciousness would let out an ear-piercing cry of agony that would echo across his soul. On the other hand, whenever his soul recovers its brightness, he would sink into a dream-like state.

In the dreamland, Roan recounted the life of Yulio, the previous owner of the body that he just had taken over.

Yulio was one of the many abandoned children in this world that ended up in the hands of the slave merchants. Luckily for Yulio, before he even had any awareness of his situation, he was bought by an old widower that wanted to fulfill his dead wife's dream of raising a child.

The man who raised him was called Old Cai, a farmer working at one of the lands owned by a powerful merchant family---- The house of Ely.

Old Cai taught Yulio all of his knowledge that he acquired throughout his lifetime; Yulio learned how to raise crops and animals, treat injuries, differentiate plants from each other, and he also learned how to ride horses.

Overall, the Old man was very passionate and caring when it comes to Yulio and he did his very best to give Yulio a good life despite his humble background.

Unfortunately, things will not always be good and well. Old man Cai passed away in his bed of unknown reason during his sleep when Yulio was only months away in reaching his adulthood which in this world is sixteen years of age.

Yulio was overwhelmed with sadness, he wept for days even after the Old man was already buried. Yulio was so devastated that he never really recovered from the passing of Old Cai.

Time passed, Yulio replaced Old Cai in the farm.

The land that his foster father once took care of was passed down to Yulio, and he officially became a tenant working for the house of Ely.

Yulio meticulously tended the farm that his father had left, he did his best to keep the land clean and healthy because it was one of his major links to Old Cai. He felt happy being in the farm, his mental health became dependent on the land, and he became easily irritated whenever there's something wrong with it.

Again, time passed quickly, it was already more than a year since Old Cai passed away, Yulio still tended the farm. The farm was very well kept that the land even became more fertile, every harvest he did was abundant, but, Yulio had to give more than eighty-five percent of his harvest to the house of Ely.

One day, while Yulio was doing his daily chore, he received a conscription notice. He was called to take up arms for his Lord, the head of the House Arlington, the City Lord of Aeriling, a northern border city of the Ottie Kingdom.

Yulio was hesitant to take up arms, but it was told that avoiding the call would mean that he would be exiled or in worst case scenario, he would be executed.

With that, he was forced to join the newly established Vanguard Army made out of mercenaries and militiamen.

When he arrived at the barracks outside of the city, Yulio was given a wooden spear, leather armor, and a wooden shield bearing the crest of the Kingdom of Ottie; the crest was a silhouette of a running man.

After the men of the Vanguard Army received their equipment, they were immediately put into three days of forced march. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

During the march, Yulio learned the reason why they were moving, it was said by the officers that one of their neighbors up north----- the Turyo Kingdom has sent an army of ten thousand to invade their lands.

Because of some unspecified reason, the Lord wasn't given both time and chance to ask for reinforcement that's why he conscripted people that doesn't have any family so as not to lose the support of his people.


Roan was fully immersed in his dream that he forgot who he is, in his mind, he is Yulio and not someone else. Roan was able to fully experience the life of Yulio, it was like watching a movie, but on a different level. He never thought of anything else while dreaming, even when seeing the weird time skips or the sudden pain coming from nowhere, Roan never asked or cared about it.

Then out of nowhere, Roan's peaceful dream was interrupted and stopped by the sound of the system

*Ding* [ Soul Binding finished, the host's soul is now fully bonded with the System]

*Ding* [ The host has been bestowed with a copy of memories of the previous owner of the body]

*Ding* [ The System granted the host the aptitude to darkness]

*Ding* [ The System has given the host the talent to become an "Animator of the Dead"]

*Ding* [ Animator of the Dead class has been given to the host]

*Ding* [ Three grimoires has been given to the host for becoming an Animator of the Dead]

*Ding* [ The grimoires are system items]

*Ding* [ System items are needed to be summoned if the host wishes to use them]

Roan was awakened by the notifications given by the system, but he didn't really hear it clearly because his mind was spent and exhausted. His consciousness was only woke for a couple of seconds before he fainted again and went back to slumber.


After a couple of hours later, Roan slowly regained his consciousness. The sun still hasn't risen but it is already pretty bright.

Roan groaned heavily and tried to stand up, but he failed as he was still dizzy and lightheaded.

"Ahhhh! Shit, what was that dream about? fuck, it was lit" Roan said with a hint of exhaustion in his voice while his eyes were still tightly shut.

It took a while before he became sober, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was " OoHhh hEll nOoo~"

Roan gawked seeing that his supposed dream was all real and true. Then he heard that familiar sound again.

*Ding* [ Congratulations, the host has successfully survived the soul binding process]

*Ding* [ The System has spent 50 Life force in order to heal the host's body and mitigate the pain caused by Soul Binding]

*Ding* [ The host has only 40 Life force remaining]

"Oh whhhhat?"Roan hurriedly touched and inspected his throat that was previously cut. Seeing that it really did heal, he was glad and breathed a sigh of relief.

Roan then observed the battlefield that was littered with dead bodies "The battle seems to have been over". He felt nauseated looking at the bloody battlefield and instinctively puked, but nothing came out of his empty stomach.

Roan also pinched himself so as to make sure that these are all real.

" Ahh?" Roan felt pain but not that much, apparently, his sense of touch is messed up. He doesn't know what caused his sense of touch to become a little bit dull, but he thought it should be somehow or some way related to that soul binding thingy.

" I really did transmigrate!" After making sure that he miraculously survived, Roan laughed like a maniac.

" But why?" Roan pondered " What am I doing before I came here? Did I die? No that shouldn't be the case" The last thing he remembered was that he was in his desk finishing his work.

Roan sat while trying to wrap his mind on the things that had just happened; he has a lot of questions in his mind that needs an answer.

A myriad of emotions swirled in Roan's thoughts, his curiosity was piqued by this phenomenon that he thought was only possible in novels and fictions.

Roan is thrilled and elated to have achieved this seemingly impossible dream, but there's also a part of him that's wary because he was put into this shitshow the moment he arrived.

"It would have been better if I was summoned here by some beautiful princess to become a hero"

" Or maybe transmigrated as a powerful demon lord that has a powerful army and a vast harem full of maidens" Roan considered the best possible scenario

" Oh well, at least I did transmigrate and it seems like I have this system, SYSTEM!" Roan said while grinning ear to ear.

While Roan was deep in his fairytale-like fantasy, he heard a voice calling for help….

Comments (22)

  • SaiKirito



  • 20Hundred


    First, the novel isn't meant to be historically accurate or of our world's standards. Second, I do know what I am writing as I am quite a fan of medieval warfare, I even did extra research before I've rewritten the novel; If I would have gone to the route of being historically accurate or of our world's standards, then the MC would be hella OP, and I will be able to finish the novel in 100 chapters as there wouldn't be anything else to do if the MC just rekt everything. Third, No, logistics could be done in several ways ( example: making supply travel by water, sending the supplies ahead in a designated supply station, or even sending in detachments to forage for supplies could be done if the army doesn't have that much) I would have agreed with you with the supply thingy if it was the attacking force since they wouldn't have that much of a leeway. The attacking force could only travel with their supplies as it could be attacked in any moment if they are in enemy territory, the attacking force would not also br able to send in their supplies ahead of them because they wouldn't have any safe place to store them in enemy territory. The conscription could be done easily if your population is high enough. this is the problem, in our world during the medieval times or even before that, the conscription is limited because of the number of population in the territory; and number of population is dependent on the abundance of food and level of healthcare.

  • Daoitself


    There is a common advice given to writers, write about what you know, you could just omit the things I mention above and at worst the story have a less detailed start. But wouldn't be any less. Sorry if it feels like nitpicking, but imagine you see someone write 1+1=3.

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