23.52% The Invincible Hero / Chapter 20: Coming of the Fiend Storm

Chapter 20: Coming of the Fiend Storm

The holiday was over. After a year of wondering the Dragon Empire; the extra-universe lifeform was ready to begin its mission. It was time to eradicate all sentient life in this Empire. Although it had been on 'holiday,' it still went about killing randomly.

It destroyed one of the dinosaur planets. It wasn't sure which one. Those lizards are all pretty much the same.

It came from the Southern Fiend Empire and the policy of the Fiend Empires to wipe out all sentient life when they conquered any Empire.

They would move in and expand their territory. Only Fiends belong in a Fiend Empire.

The Fiend was wearing purple pants, a yellow shirt, and a long dark blue leather long coat. His hair was black but the hair tips were blood red. Yellow eyes and two ferocious canines were the most notable features of his face.

His head had two horns on it, and the color of the horns and the skin of the Fiend were an ash gray. The Man stood six meters tall; he reduced his size to two meters after a few moments.

The Fiend reached into his long coat and pulled out a strange rock. Putting some of his spirit energy into it; several more stones came out of the rock. These were called Fiend stones.

Each one contained a potential Fiend life. The Fiend kept putting more of its spirit energy into the rock. After there were one hundred and twenty-six fiend stones; the fiend put away the rock.

The Fiend arranged the fiend stones into forty-two columns with three fiend stones in each column. In front of every column, the fiend placed a red disc.

These red discs were actually blood pools. Each blood pool was from a different species from the Dragon Empire multi-verse.

After arranging the fiend stones, the Fiend began to speak.

From the sublime beginning, light broke the darkness and its children ruled the night. Hidden away for a time to come the light was like a hidden treasure. Once one now two, day and night each ruled their domain with divine might. Days passed as moments the waters swarmed, the lands moved, and knowledge sprang forth. Mother Lilith of the demon clan took her children and brought them to the devilish land. There were born the Fiends from stone, blessed with blood from Lilith's throne. Go, my children, from the devilish land, take hold of worlds let my Empire expand. Replace life with death and light with dark, bring desolation and ruin to blessed and pleasant lands. Then make known to all, this is where the Fiends now stand.

After completing his mystical poem, the stones glowed with energy and passed through the circles of blood.

Cracks began to appear on the outside of the stones as something within began to expand. The stones shattered apart as small organism grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, the organisms each stood about two meters in height.

The Great Fiend waved his hand and all of the newly born fiends were clothed, armored, given weapons, and spatial rings.

"Listen to me, my children. You have been born today for one purpose! The death of all sentient life throughout the entire Dragon Empire.

With just one hundred and twenty-six warriors we will begin to quickly destroy this Empire. We will claim this Empire for the Southern Fiend Empire, find the hidden Fiend Stones and populate it with our kind.

Those who do well will be rewarded and become the nobility of these newly annexed lands. Those who do poorly will be dead!

"You five," The Great Fiend pointed randomly towards five newly born fiends.

"Step forward to receive my gracious bestowal." The Great Fiend said.

The five new Fiends stepped forward excitedly looking towards the Great Fiend expectantly.

"I will bless the five of you to become my five generals. You will be known as the Five Elements Generals."

As the Great Fiend spoke, Five Elements Sigils appeared and approached the five fiends. One sigil landed in the middle of the forehead of each of the five Fiends.

The bodies of the five Fiends immediately began to change.

The Fiend with the fire sigil became thin and lean, his bearing majestic, and his facial features became angular.

The sword in his hand began to glow as it was transformed from a simple sword into a treasured sword with a fire element. The handle of the sword glowed with the words 'Fiendish Fire Sword.'

He looked extremely fierce. The robes he wore now had alternating patterns of various color fires from white, blue, and red, to purple and black.

The Water Sigil landed between the eyes of a female Fiend. Her figure became fuller, round, and more beautiful. She looked like an ice princess. Her robes became blue and white. The sword in her hand was replaced by a flowing aqua colored whip. Words glowed on the handle of her whip, 'Flowing Wave Whip.'

The Earth Sigil landed between the eyes of a Fiend whose body instantly grew to the height of three meters. His shoulders became much broader, and his features were squarish.

A feeling of unimaginable power could be felt coming from him. The sword in his hand suddenly became a mighty Waraxe with a long handle. at the end of the handle appeared the words "Earth Splitting Axe.'

The Wind Sigil flew between the eyes of another female Fiend. Her figure became smaller and lighter looking. Her hair grew longer as her robe turned green with light green swirling patterns all over her robe. Her sword became a bow with the words, "Twisting Immortal Bow,' inscribed on its body.

Finally, The Metal Sigil flew between the eyes of the last fiend. He had the most startling transformation. His muscles became extremely thick and strong, his smooth back changed until his muscles were taut like the back of a blacksmith.

His pupils turned red like the color of mercury. His hair was like gold, his teeth like white steel and his body of iron. His sword became a hammer and anvil. The anvil was inscribed with the words 'Diamond Earth,' and the hammer was inscribed as, 'Falling Sky.'

Instead of robes, a battle skirt formed over his lower regions while his upper body was shirtless.

The Great Fiend spoke once more as the transformations of his generals finished.

"Fire Fiend, you will be known as the Supreme General Ag. You will be over all the armies and will be tasked with wiping out all sentient beings in the Dragon Empire." The Great Fiend said. Supreme General Ag bowed respectfully.

"Water Fiend, you will be known as General Pah Nee. You will seek out and gather Harmony Stones throughout the Dragon Empire so that I will be able to unlock my full power in this universe." The Great Fiend said. General Pah Nee bowed before him.

"Earth Fiend, you will be known as General Pr'th Vee. I will give you the task of finding the Fiend stones throughout the Dragon Empire and help Supreme General Ag create his grand army." The Great Fiend said. General Pr'th Vee bowed solemnly.

"Wind Fiend, you will be known as General Ha Va. To you, I give the responsibility of gathering the treasures of the Dragon Empire and bringing them to our Armorer.

"Metal Fiend, you will be known as General Dhaatu, and you will be our army's Armorer!" The Great fiend said. As he finished both General Ha Val and General Dhaatu stepped back and deeply bowed.

"General Ag!" The Great Fiend shouted.

"Yes, sir!" General Ag responded.

"Your task is the kill all of the strong individuals in the universe first. Start at the Void King level and work your way up from there. Once the army is strong enough you will begin your extermination mission.

Before you begin that, You should be done killing all the high-tier cultivators. The Supreme Tier existences will be hard to destroy before I have enough harmony stones to create a Harmonization Platform Array." The Great Fiend said.

The surrounding soldiers all bowed.

"You have your tasks Generals, you may begin!" The Great Fiend said.

With his dismissive words, the five Generals selected individuals from the remaining fiends to assist them with their tasks. Every fiend would receive a division sigil to identify them. Those that were part of the Armorer Division, for example, would receive the Armorer Sigil.

General Ag gathered up soldiers to form his army. There were only twenty-five of them, but their ranks were high.

Every soldier was in the Void King realm. The General was at the Void Emperor level. General Ag tapped his spatial ring and out flew a universe map.

General Ag decided to dispatch each of his soldiers to the nearest planets from their current positions.

The Fiends were in a very quiet corner of the Dragon Empire where almost no one ever went. It made sense to build their forces here. They could quietly begin their extermination plan without anyone being worried about being discovered.

General Ag sent each of his men to a world to slaughter the strongest existences on the planet. After they killed those existences they would gather the bodies and blood of the top experts to serve as materials for the next generation of Fiends.

The blood could also serve to boost the cultivation of the fiends allowing them to eventually destroy experts at higher and higher realms.

On a quiet planet called Pomernia, lived a race of Dog Men called Pomeranians. The Pomeranians were a small race standing at half a meter in height. However, they were known for their fierce battle auras that could stand against enemies at much higher cultivation realms.

Standing on the peak of a mountain, an old Pomeranian master looked towards the students of his sect as they trained their Pomeranian Bark attack. Bark attacks might sound funny, but in a battle, they could be the difference between life or death.

These attacks were both an attack on the hearing of their enemies and a hidden soul attack. This attack could stun the soul of an enemy, or even frighten them to death depending on the difference in cultivation levels.

The old Master turned to look towards the sky and scoffed.

"You can reveal yourself, I can smell your blood rage and feel your killing intent." the old master said.

"Of course you can, I wanted you to sense me." A Fiend with a flame sigil stepped out from the void and coldly looked at the Pomeranian elder.

The old master suddenly vanished and appeared right in front of the Fiend. He used his bark attack which shocked the Fiend for a moment. Immediately after, the old master launched a flurry of attacks.

He knew that this warrior before him was also at the Void King level. He had to end this battle quickly and not give the other a chance to counter.

After finishing his initial attack, he was about to begin his second barrage when the Fiend's hand flew out suddenly and grabbed the old master by the throat. The Fiend smiled viciously at the old master.

"Boring," the Fiend said.

With a squeeze of his hand, the Pomeranian Master's neck made a cracking sound as the light faded from his eyes. He was dead, without being able to put up even the semblance of a fight.

"I guess this was a situation where his bark was worse than his bite! HAHAHAHAHA," the Fiend laughed viciously. The Fiend collected the body of the old master for Supreme General Ag, but he took the old master's storage ring for himself.

With a wave of his hand the proud Pomeranian Sect below, was suddenly wiped out by the Fiend. After laughing at the fact that none of these dogs knew they even died; he disappeared from the spot and flew through space towards his next target.

This scene played out throughout the galaxy as individual Fiends would descend to a planet kill the reigning experts and immediately depart. Slowly, these Fiends began to become stronger. As time went by, new Fiends were born and sent out to attack the high-tier cultivators of the Dragon Empire.

Word eventually reached the Dragon Emperor. He sat in his private chambers contemplating the report he just received. Two thousand cultivation planets had reported that their strongest cultivators had been killed. Some of the planets did not report because the whole planet full of cultivators were murdered.

"So it's already begun." The Dragon Emperor said to himself.

After saying this to himself he took a silver medallion out of his robe and looked at it. On the medallion was an engraving of a river.

"I hope he can help." The Dragon Emperor said to himself letting out a heavy sigh.

ClownfishFighter ClownfishFighter

I was away yesterday and set up a novel to release while I was gone. However, it released earlier (the night before) so there was a day without a release.

I'll release chapters twenty and twenty one today. We are nearing the end of volume one of The Invincible Hero.

This volume will have a total of thirty-two chapters. I hope everyone will enjoy the exciting end of volume I!

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  • WidestGrin


    The story is really good! I picked it up this afternoon and I was so absorbed in it that I forgot to comment..... Great job, Author!

  • WidestGrin


    Those were all Hindi names..... Aag- Fire Paani- Water Pruthvi- Earth Havaa- Wind Dhaatu- Metal.

  • xavi_is_here


    I thought I was reading English version of Parmaanu comics, lol

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