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Chapter 122: Princess of two kingdoms

Jun Hua arrived earlier because she ditched Jun Zhenxian who used carriages. The old man arrived the day after and learned about Jun Qing who falls in love with Princess Kuina.

"Then you better learn to be a good husband."

Jun Qing would never expect that the two of them would show him support straight away. He thought that they might oppose to it given that he doesn't know any politics. This happy news has caught him off guard.

Jun Zhenxian laughed. "You wished for us to oppose you? I want you to be happy and this princess seems like a good person."

"How do you know about her? You haven't met her yet."

Jun Qing looks towards his grandfather in bewilderment. All this time, this old man was staying in the capital and shouldn't have known about the things here. How can he know that Kuina is a good girl?

"Jun Hua has told me about her experience here. She says that the princess is a good person and an interesting princess."

She's indeed an interesting princess. What kind of princess would sneak out often and didn't do her job properly? Well, she did it because she can't, though in other people eyes she is really a troublesome princess. But Jun Qing found it really intriguing and the fact that the princess didn't put her guard around him makes him realizes that she was feeling comfortable around him.

"Where is she?"

"She's talking about girl stuff in her room with Jun Hua," Jun Qing answered.

"Oh… I will meet her later then. Let's discuss the important things first."

Jun Hua and Kuina can truly talk with each other. Their age difference is not really far, only five years. Kuina can still be considered a girl since she hadn't married yet and she's truly a peculiar princess who had numerous interesting ideas in her head. Jun Hua found that those ideas are really interesting to try.

"I hope you can stay here for a longer time, Jun Hua," Kuina said with regret. She hadn't had any friends like Jun Hua who is very knowledgeable and have great view about the world.

"I still have some unfinished business in Ming Kingdom. When the time comes, I will gladly come back."

Kuina smiled. "What about your own marriage, Jun Hua? Have you met someone you like?"

Jun Hua shakes her head. "I will just follow what my grandfather decides for me."

"That so sad, you need to try finding someone you really like," Kuina smiled. "Then chase after him."


Somehow she got the feeling that this princess had been aiming for his uncle from her speech. Looking at the face Jun Hua makes, Kuina just laughed.

"It happens naturally. Just don't reject it when it comes."

Jun Hua nodded. The two of them talked for some time before Jun Hua took her face mask and wear it again before changing her hairdo to make the hairstyle of man.

"I need to leave."

"If you show your face like that, the eunuch would think that I'm having an affair," Kuina teased.

"They won't be able to see me," Jun Hua waved and disappears instantly.

Kuina looks towards the place where Jun Hua was before and shakes her head. Those people who learn martial arts are all really amazing. She truly wished to be able to do the same. Tidying up her clothes, she goes outside and meets with the others.

"Jun Min had left," she said.

Jun Zhenxian nodded. "We cannot stay here much longer, he needs to take care of his new residences."

"What residences?" Jun Qing raised his head.

Jun Zhenxian explained the matter about the emperor giving Jun Min the title of a prince and the new residences he got. Then, the matter of Jun Min asking for Jun Hua to get the titled of a princess from the emperor.

Kuina chuckled after hearing it. "She's going to be the princess of two kingdoms."

Jun Qing is startled, but he realizes that it's true. Jun Hua is the Princess of Ming Kingdom because of 'her brother achievement' and she's going to be the Princess of Mountain Kingdom. That little lass is getting ahead of herself, obtaining two title from two different kingdoms.

"Why would she ask for a title of a princess there? She knows that she's going to move here, right?"

"Don't ask me, you should ask that to her," Jun Qing said helplessly. "I bet it's one of her plot to get her revenge towards the ones who take everything from us."

Kuina ears perked up. She had heard the report that the Jun family is getting suppressed by several families in the Ming Kingdom including the emperor. When she first heard it, she was astonished that the Jun family can still survived even under such pressure. What makes her even more amazed is the fact that they are starting to rise again with their military might didn't lose out in the slightest to the time from the past.

"Your family is amazing, you could actually rise up from defeat like that," Kuina said.

Jun Qing shakes his head. "It's not that simple, Kuina. There are several things that happened which almost makes us cannot rise again."

"But, you did it in the end, what actually happened?" General Tou interest also intrigued.

"It's because of a single girl whose eyes still burning with flames to fight that makes us do anything we could to build the family again. And that girl is the one playing the pivotal role," Jun Qing smiled, reminiscing of the past.

"Can you tell us a bit?" Kuina asked.

Jun Zhenxian laughed and nodded. But Kuina would never expect that she will hear such a story… a story that makes her see Jun Hua in a different light.

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  • Seraphinalily


    Welp. Now we know the easiest way for Soujin to chase Jun Hua: appeal to the grandfather.

  • Ritschichi


    Noooo don't stop there... I need to know .. please please My Friend: Here take your medicine and calm down ..

  • lil_green


    AAAAAhhhhhhhh....im so excited to know jun hua past!🤓 And also low key romance with soujin😆

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