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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : [ ]


Nobody don't know internet. Fastest news about the world, fastest a way long distance communication and any information you want it can be found in there. Started from gossip about certain superstar, some secrets certain family, even some mystery ridiculous it can be found.

JAMMER.COM is one of them, they say it website who can help get anything you desire, they say it group of crazy people and mostly it just joke some people because no one want help other just because they hiring people and do anything to them.

But no one about it matter to Jinjing be it ridiculous joke, crazy people or anything. She in fact don't believe some mystery on internet, but starting two last week she hardly deny it because she experince that they called helping anything you desire, Jammer.

*tok *tok

" Miss Jinjing, it's about time we go to office "

Who called her just now is member Jammer, he absurdly appear before her apartement a month ago and say something about she is his client from now on. He will help anything she want from wealth, knowledge or love after they sign contract which they agreed beforehand, he say.

" Ok, you wait out there soon i come out "

" Okay "

' *sigh* i don't even think now is real despite we half away from the goal, they sure kept their word. Jammers is it? But what with this 3 years my life as payment? I don't understand' she bewildement on this situation which like dream to her and see once again contract paper in her hand before she save it secret place.

' I want from him is make me take revenge to Lin Hua from Lin family who destroy my family, despite they large family and some history i cannot touch them back then. And safety, i want him protect me after revenge over for three month because i fear some of their family will catch me. To think after he offend big family and will chased after that he brave for sure, but want he want as payment is not money but my three years lifespans. I don't understand how he will take the payment despite lifespans is cannot look '

Door opened and graceful figure come out wearing office suit with make her bodyline visible and mini skirt pair stockings reach to her thigh add desire any men to her after seeing her beutiful face and smooth skin she have.

" Miss, we have 17 minute again to office. Let's we hurry "

" Oh? I don't i spend much time in room. What i do? It 50 minute if we go on taxi and don't even talk about bus which took 1 hours, If like this i will surely lost this secretary position after few days "

" About that don't worry miss, we can reach there on time. This way, please "

A man before her gave a way to walk and he himself on rear allowing she first like gentelment do or butler precisely.

" Oh... great, then hurry " Jinjing slightly stunned seeing how man before her act with some carefully afraid she angry or offended.

One minute later they reach parking place and come before black motorbike.

He toss a helmet to her and put himself on helmet too.

" This your motorbike? Are we really can on time just because we took motorbike, i guess "

" Miss Jinjing just get on sit tight on my back, i'm afraid you will blow away if not " He said on top motorbike and started the engine.


" You said yourself Liangyi. What will you do if we not on time?hmm " Jinjing don't belive if they can on time in 14 minute they have and ask with teasing tone.

" If not, i will give you one more change to speak your desire, formally of course " Liangyi, man before her said with certainly.

" Are you all Jammer like this, or just you who like this? " Jinjing ask with sneaking glance at man before her.

" It just me who like this in Jammer. Then, what will you do if we on time? surely you don't think just kiss or like will do with my bet, right? "

" Hmm... look at just 10 minute left and possibility reach there is nearly zero and you bet on add my number in contract without interest. I will be yours one year after you take my three years, how is it? " Jinjing not angry he spoke to her like hoodlum who look prey insted she gave him chalengge look because she know if not for man before her , she will become women in slum and starve now.

" Then prepare become mine. Sit tight, we go " look at women behind him and chalengge, he smiled coldly without she know.


His motorbike dashed from parking place and reach road instanly and accelerated afterward.


*tiiinn *tinnn *tinnn

7.50 it time when most people in road to their destination, it packed with so many cars and pedestarian walking everywhere. It very bustling, just some spare road left who nearly reach handdrail enough for people open their car doors.

From a far visible black dot who very agile ride between cars rushing with high speed.


Black motorbike just past some cars very fast in way just afterwind in side cars can felt.

" woah! What that, scared me to death "

" F*ck! It's nearly broke my spion "

" Just what that black thing?! "

Some driver curses in back after motorbike past them just cannot see anything after they look forward search it.


Roughly eight minute past some seconds they reach in destination, Jinjing who in the back tightly hug man in front with afraid expression she have.

" Miss Jinjing, we arrive at office. Let go " not want she fell from shock after go through race motorbike in road with him, he say with faint sound.

Nearly tens seconds passed Jinjing wake up from her daze after they stopped don't belive she still alive who just moment ago they had many times nearly got an accident. Seeing around they in familiar underground parking office and man before her smiling innocently she abruptly raise her voice several octave and pent her angers to him.


" Now now, miss Jinjing it's almost time up for you. Let go... it fast isn't ? " Liangyi smiled to Jinjing behind him who chase with demon Rangda on her face ready to eat him whole.

" YOU !! Come on! We go upstairs, i don't want my boss nag me again just for this " realize the time nearly up, she ended her useless chasing for him with murderous aura in her began dissapite.

Fell his back not ticklish again from her aura, he glance at back and not found Rangda face who in her back moment ago and smiled.

" acknowledge, MAM! " Liangyi answer with military joke ease her, and it seem it work seeing her smiled faintly hear it.

" Don't joke around, let go "

" Yes " he back to dignifiend butler after side away for her walk.


Lin Co. Is company run on entertainment and fashion belong to Lin family which have biggest shareholder nearly 73% they have of main family and the rest is hold on for branch family with 20% the, rest hold for foreign shareholder.

This Lin Company not have many enemy who look for trouble and eat cake from them because Lin family who backing them is the cause. Lin family who not have just big shareholder but they too took some shady business on dark who most sell weapons and human traffic sometimes.

Not many not mean they don't have enemy, just they very beware on surrounding wolf if they injuring themself because clash between them and ready to eat them.

Some of them is Rose Company, Gatotkaca Firm and Ichirou Cooperation. All of them have same power with Lin family and ready eat whole if any misstep they see.

And last week, Lin Company suddenly gradually began absorb power from part of Ichirou Cooperation, no one know what happen between two except Ichirou Co. and Lin family.

Even Lin family who become subject who act know about this cause recently after troughly search tiressly few days ago.

The outcome gave them astonished and awe because some of their worker who just come after few days work as assistant manager section fashion development which very few talent in this field do some agreement with them with more than half of profit in their side.

Today, Moon Jeong manager fashion development receive call from Lin Hua the CEO for come to his office this morning together with her assitant.

" What they need for me again? They don't have ties with me after i expel from there few month ago. Lin Hua surely don't want me accompany him right? If it, i will cut off his d*ck right after see it. I will not repeat what she does " Moon Jeong is expeled member from Lin family, this name is she receive from deceased mother and she have name from her father who just dead few month ago before she expeled is Lin Lihua, but after she realize they just after achievement genius his father and not look at his family his daughter only who not have pure Lin blood they expeled her after her father dead from accident.

" And what he need from Jinjing? I know her absurdly become my assistant few days ago from her connection elsewhere, but she not yet achievement anything for he act alone " she curious for what he need from her assistant, because anything what have ties with this man is nothing good.

" I hope he won't have thought for Jinjing, if he have eyes to her i cannot do anything and gave her to him like my secretary previously " Remember her co-worker before Jinjing made she sigh because she cannot do anything despite they quite close friend.

" Come to think of it front receptionist always have people from Ichorou Company from few days ago, what happen i wonder? That's nothing matter, what must i do is this..." she glanced at old letter in her hand which say her decesead mother have grudge toward member Lin family and ask her daughter to retaliate her.

" I don't even sigle bit think if my ucle and aunt will do this to my mother back then, after all they so nice to me all this time be it after or before i expeled. This latter say they just want my iheritance from mother " she hold her jade necklace present from her mother which she have from some small box after supicious people delivered this two years ago who say this is for her after her mother pass away with bewilderment expresion.

" Mom said if i cannot do it myself she recommended me for search member Jammers and gave this card to him, but what with card? It strange, this card always emitting glow despite how many years has passed since i have this " Black card which emitting orange glow with reverse broken cross on her hand gave some mysterious around it.

This card is near letter with black revolver gun in the bottom and some proof which she difficult to belive says her uncle and aunt is doing shady job on dark inside the box. What made her more bewilderment is the latter says she must not tell anyone be it Lin family, friend or police. If she want do it she must alone or with Jammer members which her mom said in letter.

" But where i can find this Jammer organisation? Even this letter not say with precise where i can look for them even despite i search two years times and with some connections of Lin family i cannot find single clue, this organisation is... very annoying! " She grumbel after she remember her labor not have single fruit despite spends two years effort and she made few curses before her office phone rang.

" Miss Lihua what are you doing after receive call from me and not yet in my office ?! " Male voice come out from phone with stren tone.

" Oh mr CEO Lin Hua my name is Moon Jeong, are you stupid after i remind you all times or are you stupid? " Despite she talk to her superiors, she not back afraid because her boss is scum man or even worse if she have other boss she won't have tone which very disrespect.

" YOU! YOU!... " Male voice on phone raise several octave hear insult from her and just can few word before she speak again.

" To there with my secretary right? Don't worry, i will came after have her come and... please give your room some deodorizer, it's very stink of campact man i'm afraid it will infect me before i come " She spoke with disgust tone to him without holding back.

" MOON JEONG!! I WILL DEFIN-... " Before he ended his word she cut his word.

" OH? I think you cannot speak my name bacause you have symptomps of Alzheimer's. Then don't forget tell your secretary for wash her ass, it stink because you use it "

" ARGG! I WILL DEF- " He seem come to head after heard her again and cannot hold any longer to pent his anger but before he finish his word she cut off it, again.

After she ended his phone some savage voice who curses her sounded in floor a top and Moon Jeong pretend not hear despite the voice reach her floor who below him.

" But, she sure is late despite it her new days of work of secretary, i will give her evaluations later. And that man who always beside her who have heterochomia, huhu i will definitely catch you this day... prepare yourself Langyi " She glanced at desk in front of her which her secretary always work and remember a man who always beside her despite she just her secretary.

TwoLines TwoLines

demon Rangda is the demon queen of the leyaks in Bali, indonesia which say she eating children.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangda

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    Please capitalize your ‘i’. For you to publicize a piece of work yet allow this type of negligence and laziness is inexcusable. It is your duty, as an author, to write to the best of your capabilities. I understand that original authors are not professional writers and so I do not expect their novels to be completely error-free. However, I, and others too I’m sure, do at least have a set standard. Such as something as easy as capitalizing your ‘I’. I am not flaming you or picking on you. I simply want to point out what you need to work on to better yourself as a writer and what your readers expect of you. I respect and applaud you for all your efforts, and sincerely hope for you to continue to work hard. Till next time my fellow author. From your friendly neighborhood Spider- I mean, LittEmperor.

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    work hard Tip : Majuscule I !

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    just try harder!

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