74.19% Dawning Of Dusk / Chapter 22: Chapter 22 - Hidden Truths

Chapter 22: Chapter 22 - Hidden Truths

Darrien had felt slightly grumpy after getting tossed into the pool, his eyes glaring as he sat in the bath inside the home, his body still shivering due to the cold water that had seeped into his clothes and shoes. He had been taken by one of the maids into this room to get cleaned up as he soaked in the water, it had been a long day, and his body felt heavy as Darrien was almost drifting off, his mind slowly sinking as he would fall into a deep sleep sitting in the bath.

"At least I saved them..." He said muttering before falling into a deep sleep

During this time, standing outside the bathroom was a rather small 5'01 maid, two black cat ears twitching above her head as the small same coloured tail slowly moved along her waist. Her average face looking slightly bored as she waited for the boy to finish, her maid outfit seems to be rather old, either a hand me down or something she had worn for many years.

She felt her ears twitch with the sound of something falling in the bathroom, her body moving as she would pull open the sliding door to see inside, the male she had to guide and watch over had fallen asleep in the bathroom. After hearing some of the details from her master it had seemed that this man had to deal with some severe issues.

She came over with some towels, lifting out the male with surprising strength for a woman as small as herself, taking him back to the room provided, it was not till she had placed the man into the bed that her eyes would widen. Both the wounds on his shoulder and side had been bandaged poorly, as she removed them to redo them she noticed something that made her shake lightly.

"Both wounds are healed, I can't even see a scar mark..."

She narrowed her eyes to the male, only certain types of people had this regeneration type of power, she was sure that this male was a human from all angles, she would have to report this to her master.

She would hurry along, passing into the chamber with her Master as she knocked lightly on the wall to show her presence as she noticed both Drax and Karen with him.

"Master to report, young master Darrien has fallen asleep in the bathroom, I've taken him back to his room."

Karen would seem to burst out laughing as she heard her dumbass childhood friend just zoning out in the bath, Drax just nodded his head as the old master nodded. The maid moved forward and whispered the last part into his ear.

"He's healed all the wounds, knowing from the reports it's only been several hours. The wounds I saw looked completely healed with no scars."

The old master just nodded again, tense features on his face as he would smile to both Drax and Karen. "Both of you go get some rest; we will discuss the rest tomorrow but rest assured Drax we will help you."

After both of them left the old master slowly shook his head, stroking his white beard as the flames slowly circled his body, his eyes looking at the maid as she nodded again.

"Thank you for letting me know, its something we have been keeping a look on for some time, looking from what reports we have gotten and the people we have sent to watch him, he is awakening to the powers which has documentation in the ancient manuals."

He slowly stood as he made his way out of the room, walking down the steps into the centre garden, trees waving in the wind as he stepped to the pool, the strange cat maid walking with him as they both peered into the water. Brilliant blue stones sitting at the bottom, apparently filled with water magic, a strange human outline at the bottom, dead gemstones drained of mana were Darrien had landed.

"It seems he has taken the power of water, did you place the stone of fire into the bed so that he is touching it?"

His eyes glowing in flames as he watched her face nod, her mouth twisting lightly as her questions seemed to grow.

"Who is this man, that you are giving him items that are so expensive they could be used to pay for the country."

The old master simply smiled as he turned to the maid, his eyes filled with wisdom and kindness even though his passion had withered due to the many years.

"He is someone who will change this world, which is why I must ask you to go with him and look after him, Karen is still too young and will make mistakes. We the Blackrose clan have promised since many years to support his growth for the years to come."

Akatski had listened to her old master for some time; she felt rather strange about this whole conversation as she left her master to attend the duties, arriving quickly back at the room as she listened to Darrien's slow breathing.

"Support him instead of his family, who is he?"

She said confused, standing outside as she continued to think about this whole situation.

"Who is Darrien Lasford exactly..."

Darrien felt his eyes opening again, the sand around him shifting as the echo hummed in the background, the dream state kicking in back as he would sigh, looking around at the horrible place, it was like the beach except it was much hotter with less water and generally a pain.

"I hate sand; I wonder if I can get rid of this... wait."

He would feel two new sensations, the calming feeling of water flooding through him and the flaming hot rush, all four powers mixing as he thought the magic settle inside him, smiling as he would reach out his hand.

"Since this is my dreams, I'm the master of this world!"

He would close his eyes and would begin to shape the world as he pleased, the wind catching the sand and stripping it from his world, the earth setting a base with tall mountains all around to create a basin in the area. He would then use the water to create a source at the top of the mountain areas and slowly form into a stream flowing down, connecting more stands to form a river that would flow through the centre of the basin till it combined into a large lake at the end. All sides surrounded by the mountains to keep this area more relaxed than the desert around them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He would then begin the next step, connecting all his powers as he began to sprout the trees from the earth, creating animals he could remember from his mind, the entire area would be a jewel of the desert around them. Compared to the desert around, the stretch of land being 5 Kilometres wide, if people required to live here then it would be perfect for habitation.

He then thought about all the people in the cages, he had asked for help from them before leaving, he just hoped they were going to be fine, he had done what he could. He came to the Blackrose family to help him.

What Darrien failed to realise was that the people had already been recused from the cage, each one had been taken into his dream state. While Darrien had finished his work in creating this small paradise the people in his dreams now would begin to settle and live here, in an area they were completely safe.

In the distance, watching all these changes was the same woman in all black, her cover blown up by the winds as her porcelain face was closer to a doll then an actual human, her features resembling closer to Karen then anyone would be happy to admit.

"Good Work, I will release the people you saved." She said as thousands of small lights would start to grow, while Darrien disappeared back to his peaceful slumber.

Celroian had much work to complete. She was the caretaker of this world and would have to make sure everyone Darrien rescued without a future could be safe here.

She had made this deal with him nearly twenty thousand years ago, still making sure to keep to her end of the deal.

"I hope my family still are keeping up to that part of the deal, though looking through his memories my family seems to be doing well."

She would laugh at the thousands of people started to appear confused.

Celorian Blackrose would fade into the mist, letting these people discover this new world around them.

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