34.84% Apex System / Chapter 22: They're From Where?!

Chapter 22: They're From Where?!

As Tian Long left the main hall, a maidservant came up to him and said. "Young Master Tian, the old master wishes to meet you at the 5th floor."

Tian Long thought for a moment before he nodded his head and replied.

"I'll go there right now."

After saying that, he gave both Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin a look before he headed upwards.

Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin glanced at each other before following him.


After entering the magnificent room, Tian Long could see the old man chatting away as he laughed with the rest of the False God cultivators.

Other than Lin Zhou and his group, he also saw a group of young men, holding a glass of wine, smiling and talking to each other. Both Bai Feng and Long Zhong were among the group as well.

The two of them, when they saw Tian Long enter, narrowed their eyes and stared at him fiercely as if wanting to fight at this moment. Noticing both Bai Feng and Long Zhong's actions, the rest of the young men also looked at the direction the both of them were looking at and were surprised when they saw who it was.

They then talked in low voices.

"It's him, the one earlier."

"Indeed, someone like him would definitely have strong connections as well."

"I wonder what his identity is exactly."

"Maybe we'll find out soon."

Lin Zhou was having a conversation with the other False God Realm cultivators when he saw a dashing young man walk towards them, which obviously was Tian Long. Lin Zhou stood up and walked to Tian Long and introduced him to everyone.

When Lin Zhou started to introduce Tian Long, the rest of the young men, including Bai Feng and Long Zhong, perked their ears to listen as well.

"I would like to introduce to you all this young man who is also my benefactor, his name is Tian Long. He hails from the Transcendent Divine Continent and is also a young sect master of his newly created sect. He possesses an immeasurable talent and combat power for someone his age." Lin Zhou said with pride.

Tian Long, hearing the grand introduction, also didn't say anything as he kept a calm smile even though there was a "mistake" from what Lin Zhou had said.

He thought. 'It's actually a smart idea to say that I came from the Transcendent Divine Continent, why didn't I think of that. Thank you old man Lin.' (Old man Lin = Lin Zhou}

The other False Gold Realm cultivators were only a bit surprised when they heard the words "Transcendent Divine Continent" and "sect master", but the young men were shocked and appalled when they heard that Tian Long was from the Divine Continent.

The number of people coming from the Divine Continent to their Endless Forces Continent could be said to be rare and most of them were insanely strong with an illustrious background and identity.

Bai Xuefeng asked with an astonished tone. "A sect master already at such an age, young Tian, what's the name of your sect?" The others also perked up their ears when they heard this question.

Tian Long smiled and replied calmly without being servile or overbearing. "Eternal Glory Sect."

Bai Xuefeng and the others were shocked while Bai Feng and Long Zhong almost choked when they heard his words. (Note: Bai Feng's father. Bai Family = one of the supreme clans.)

Such an arrogant sect name! It's basically going against the heavens!

Long Zhong sneered. "What a domineering name! I wonder just how good the quality of the members of your sect are."

Bai Feng and the other young geniuses also had mocking faces as they looked at Tian Long.

Tian Long didn't even glance at them as he replied. "You will only be able to look up at my sect in the future. You're also unqualified to know now."


Everyone was once again surprised by the young man's arrogance when they heard what he just said.

Even though Long Zhong tried his best to keep himself calm, his face still couldn't help but redden from rage.

Hou Xiulan however, asked with a smile on her face. "Oh is that young man beside you a member of your sect as well?" (Note: She appeared at Ch. 19 a bit if you guys don't remember)

Tian Long might not put King grade cultivators in his eyes, but it's a different story if the one asking was a False God Realm cultivator.

Tian Long replied with a calm smile. "Indeed he is. His name is Jian Chen and he's also from the Transcendent Divine Continent."

The young geniuses weren't as shocked now when Jian Chen was said to be from the Divine Continent as well.

However, lower realm cultivators might not know but those with higher cultivation certainly knew some things. Being False God cultivators, Hou Xiulan and the others certainly had classified information, they also have some information about the Divine Continent so she asked in an astonished tone.

"Jian Chen...? Don't tell me... Are you're the prince of the Sublime Sword Empire? That Jian Chen?"

Hearing the words "Sublime Sword Empire", the young ones were almost shocked to death when Jian Chen's identity was revealed.

Tian Long nodded his head and looked at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen then took out a lustrous, silver badge with a carving of a red sword in the middle. The badge emitted an imperial kind of pressure and a very sharp aura when he held it in his hand.

Fu Shun astonishingly said. "An imperial badge which only belongs to the royal family of the Sublime Sword Empire!" (Note: He also appeared for a bit in Ch. 19)

The other False God realm cultivators also had an astonished expression on their faces.

While the old ones were pleasantly surprised, the young ones had a respectful and awed expression on their faces.

They looked at Jian Chen with reverence in their eyes as he's a prince of the Sublime Sword Empire which is a peak powerhouse in the Transcendent Divine Continent.

Even Long Zhong and Bai Feng had their jaws hanging from the revelation.

Tian Long followed up with another bomb as he looked at the kingdom toppling beauty beside him. "Lin Hui Yin also joined and became an elder of my sect."


Once again, everyone present was shocked and surprised by what Tian Long said.

Their eyes immediately landed on the stunningly beautiful girl beside Tian Long.

Lin Hui Yin, being the focus of everyone remained calm and stated with her soothing voice. "What he said is true, I'm indeed an official elder of the Eternal Glory Sect."


At least 80% of the young geniuses had contorted and pale face when they heard Lin Hui Yin's words.

As most of them have been chasing after her and courting her for a long time, it was hard for them to believe that the always indifferent and ice-cold beauty had already joined a newly created sect, with an insanely handsome young sect master at that.

Bai Feng, especially, had a cold glint in his eyes as he looked at Tian Long.

Long Zhong also had a solemn face when he heard Lin Hui Yin's words.

Meanwhile, the False God cultivators similarly looked towards Lin Zhou with questioning eyes.

Lin Zhou smiled and said. "Young Tian is a dragon amongst men with a limitless future, it was a good decision. Also, Yin'er made the decision herself." (Note: Yin'er = Lin Hui Yin)

Tian Long had obviously sensed the young men's anger towards him, yet he simply ignored them as they weren't worth his time.

Sensing Tian Long's attitude towards them fueled their anger as they just wanted to come up to him and beat him senseless.

Finally, among them, Bai Feng walked forward with sharp eyes and said straightforwardly. "I wish to exchange pointers with young master Tian, would it be possible?"

Tian Long raised a brow and looked at him. He answered after a while. "You can't even last a second in front of me so it would be pointless with just you alone. You can go and ask others to help you so I hopefully won't get bored. The number doesn't matter. You have half an hour to prepare."

After saying that he walked past them with Jian Chen and Lin Hui Yin following him. He then walked towards Lin Zhou.

KingoftheWorld KingoftheWorld

Hello there! Sorry for the late chapter. As you know I have no stockpile or reserved chapters so I must write the chapters and then edit them afterward which takes a while as well.

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