100% Acting Superstar / Chapter 7: Family

Chapter 7: Family

James opened up his Stats interface the moment he got home to spend his points.

Host: James Li, 22 Years of age

Aspiration: Actor

Alternatives include: Singer, Dancer



Acting: 13 (10)

Charm: 18 (10)

Singing: 5 (10)

Dancing: 6 (10)

Intelligence: 14 (10)

(SP)Skill Points: 3

Overall Skill Rating: 11.2



Appearance: 18 (10)

Luck: 17 (10)

Agility: 14 (10)

Strength: 6 (10)

(AP)Attribute Points: 2

Overall Attribute Rating: 13.75


He concluded that he may as well boost his Singing & Dancing. As for the AP he had, he poured them all into strength so his Stats were now this

Host: James Li, 22 Years of age

Aspiration: Actor

Alternatives include: Singer, Dancer



Acting: 13 (10)

Charm: 18 (10)

Singing: 7 (10)

Dancing: 7 (10)

Intelligence: 14 (10)

(SP)Skill Points: 0

Overall Skill Rating: 11.8



Appearance: 18 (10)

Luck: 17 (10)

Agility: 14 (10)

Strength: 8 (10)

(AP)Attribute Points: 0

Overall Attribute Rating: 14.25


*Ding* System has updated!

New Interface Unlocked: Shop!

Shop requires Status Points to be used

'Shop!?' James exclaimed in his mind. According to the countless webnovels, he's read, the shop was an OP feature. He called out 'Shop' to the system.

*Ding* Loading Shop Interface...

*Ding* Completed! Calibrating towards Shop towards System level...

Status Points: 15

Fan Count: 146

*Ding* The Shop can now be used! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The System then proceeded to open up the Shop and among the countless items, a few caught his attention. These were things such as Point Switch, which allows James to convert AP to SP at a 1:1 ratio but could only be used 2 times per day. There was also Improved Memory, Skill Buff and Attribute Buff. They were priced at around 20-50 Status Points and James, so far, had 15 Status Points. There were many more things but James couldn't see those items as they were 'locked'

*Ding* In order for Host to gain Status Points, your Fan Count needs to increase!

'Fan Count? So the number of fans I have are 146?' James wasn't surprised since he has been in plenty of TV Shows and Movies, even if they have been total failures, they still aired for some time and he could've gathered a few fans.

James chose to leave the Shop stuff for later and instead had a shower, got changed and drove his new car to his Parent's house. James only live 20 minutes away from his parents as they got the apartment for him and made it nearby due to their overprotective nature.

*Ding Dong*

James rang the doorbell and anxiously waited. He could hear voices from within the house.

"Who is it, Darien!?" He heard his father yell. Darien peeked into the eyehole, saw James and yelled back "Its James!" as he opened the door.

"Hey Darien," James said as he reached out his hand.

"Hi!" Darien responded and met his hand with James's.

James stepped inside and walked with Darien through the abnormally large corridor to the living room. Even though James hadn't been in this house for quite some time, he still knew his way around. This house had a lot of memories all the way from when he was born up to when he turned 18 and went to University

James walked into the huge living room to see Layla on her phone texting on the couch and his father calmly drinking tea and watching the news. He shook his father's, Daniel, hands and had a small chat before going over to Layla. Layla said "Hey lil bro" before hugging him. Of course, Layla wouldn't let him off easy after all, it had been quite some time since she could annoy her brother. She blew in his ear, giving him a jolt reaction and he pulled away from her. "Tch still the same aren't you, annoying and without any taste in guys," he said

"Not anymore I'm not, mind your own business kid" Layla replied angrily

"I'm pretty sure you still are. Remember that uh 'male dancer' guy? The one who every time we saw him he had glitter in his hair and awkwardly averted the conversation when his job was brought up?"

"Yeah yeah and how long ago was that?"

"Fair point but wasn't it only two months ago that you dated a homosexual? I guess we can rule out the L, tick off the G and get you started on the B and the T. Once you're done you'd be a master of all flavours and tastes." James replied, laughing.

Even his Father and Brother and started laughing at James's joke. "I remember the looks he gave Darien like it was yesterday" James's father chipped in and poked at Darien.

Darien, hearing this subconsciously tensed his behind in fear. "Could you not bring that guy up? He tried to slip me his phone number last time I saw him" he said.

"Last time you were in bed tog-"

Layla was about to crack another joke until she saw her Mother at the doorway with a stern look on her face. When the others, including their Father, also noticed her there, their faces quickly matched Layla's.

"James how lovely to see you! Come! Sit and tell me about your work."

James nervously sat down at his mother's command with a wide smile plastered on his face.

"Uh well... I recently got the part for a movie with the production cost being around 70 million pounds and me earning £500,000 for my role in it" He said with a sly grin breaking his poker face."

Even his mother's face smiled a little before quickly resorting to what it once was and this totally showed her tsundere side. Everyone else's face also smiled at this news and offered praises.

It quickly became night and James said his goodbyes after a night that mainly consisted of taking shots at Layla and talking about memories from the past.

CaughtYa CaughtYa

Yes I'm back to writing but there's a catch... I'm literally writing on my phone with Grammarly keyboard to ease the pain (I may need a notorious substance to just dissipate my struggles into 'smoke'(Nah I'm joking... SOS))

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  • RJB_1002


    Has this been dropped?

  • GRoy


    Yo man.... better write on phone than to come up with poor excuses like my one and only laptop is fried....

  • NewDaoist


    Yay an update!

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