62.9% Assassination System / Chapter 170: The Great War of Demons and Humanity

Chapter 170: The Great War of Demons and Humanity

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Dan dismissed the system notification before him, though it was a shame that he could not observe the fight earlier and uncover secrets using the System. He didn't really think too much into it, after all, it was all in the past and the techniques may already be obsolete.

Staring at the instructors, some enthusiastic disciples answered his questions and after this round of questioning, the instructor continued on and explained the Great War of Demons and Humanity. Despite the great distractions in the form of Natalie and Grace leaning on his shoulders, Dan focused on the instructor's words.

"The Great War of Demons and Humanity started a hundred thousand years ago when a Spatial Crack from the Demonic Realm suddenly appeared above the skies of humanity. What appeared were demonic beasts that created chaos and destruction."

"Since everyone was living through a peaceful era at that time, weapons were rusty and warriors were inexperienced, combined with the trauma due to the sudden attack, humanity was soon pushed to the brink of extinction."

"However, pressure creates heroes and soon, brave warriors of humanity stepped forward and slowly reclaimed the land that was once theirs. However, what accompanied their success was a mountain of bones made from humans and demons alike, humanity's global population became its lowest and the demon's reclaimed the land once again."

'Despite all of this, humanity's creativity enabled them to understand the laws of the Heaven and Earth and the thousands of Daos that existed under the heavens. Soon, someone established the path of righteous cultivation and outlined numerous laws and daos that humanity could cultivate."

"Because of the abundant untapped Spiritual Qi of the world, Humanity entered the Golden Age of Cultivation and it wasn't strange to see a child walking down the street with a Spirit Tempering Realm Cultivation..."

Dan's figure froze, "A child with a Spirit Tempering Realm Cultivation? It takes an average of seven years to break through a single realm but at that time, a child could even become a Spirit Tempering Realm cultivator? What kind of a concept was that?"

Natalie and Grace also looked visibly shaken before directing their focus on the instructor once again.

"Several years later, the heroes of humanity achieved the realm of Divine Emperors and using their might and comprehension about the laws of Heaven and Earth. They managed to reclaim at least half of humanity's land. They thought that if they continued this pace, they will soon reclaim everything and even push the demons back to their realm but they were greatly mistaken."

"The Emperor of the Demons himself arrived and counter-attacked, sending the humans into the brink of extinction once again to the extent that they had to hide underground."

"History repeated itself and humanity founded the existence of formations, alchemy, talismans, and arrays. Using these tool, humanity created a Grand Formation that could bind all demons in existence. However, a huge obstacle presented itself before them."

"To make it so that the formation could track every human in existence on the continent, they had to extract the blood essence of the Demon Emperor because he's the lowest common ancestor of all demons."

"However, why would anyone do such a dangerous thing that almost guarantees death? For several years, everyone debated about who should challenge the Demon Emperor until finally, someone stepped forward. That man's name was Maximus Maximillian."

"Maximus challenged the authority of the Demon Emperor and a fierce fight ensued, chaos reigned everywhere with casualties on both sides. In the end, Maximus extracted three drops of the Demon Emperor's blood essence by piercing his heart with his sword, but the Demon Emperor also managed to land a fatal strike on his sea of memories, rendering him brain-dead..."

The instructor sighed and everyone around him felt gloomy. Lifting his head, he continued his discussion.

"Nevertheless, his sacrifice wasn't for naught and humanity managed to activate their Grand Spatial Formation by sacrificing at least one-third of humanity's cultivation base. A huge vortex made of Spatial Qi manifested above the Spatial Crack and consumed it along with the demons that thrived on Earth."

"The weakened Demon Emperor was powerless to stop the Formation but he managed to land a single strike on the land, rendering it completely hostile to life and also shattering the continent into three different masses of land. Now, we live in the Continent of Dawn but three other continents as big as ours also existed out there in the vast ocean."

"The cursed land that the Demon Emperor made was forever sealed in an independent space and is now called as the Mystic Realm of the Undead where the souls of the Demons and valiant Generals of that time rested..."

A huge sigh came out of his mouth and he lifted his head to stare at the audiences, "That concludes our discussion for today, I do hope that everyone learned something about what I said and please remember not to tell anyone about what you heard in this discussion nor write it into a paper."

With eyes flashing in a critical light, he warned, "If found guilty, the Academy will personally annihilate your entire bloodline..."

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts as they furiously nodded their heads and exited the hall in order. While still digesting the information that he received from the instructor in his mind, Mathias suddenly appeared before them and said.

"I heard everything from Senior George there, I have a proposal that's a win and win situation for the two of us..." Mathias said with a small smile on his lips, the look on his face expressed his confidence. George lightly chuckled and said, "Go on, young master, obey his instructors, I guarantee you that you will definitely like his offer..."

The three felt intrigued and Dan decided to nod his head, asking George to take care of Juliet. The three followed Mathias from behind as they walked towards a distant pavilion.

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  • Crapss


    Learning by video. Hmmm, quite advanced teaching technique

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    See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon

  • MadSkele


    See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon

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