45.2% Born as a Sage in Naruto World / Chapter 30: BSNW CH 28 First Contact with Mangekyo Sharingan

Chapter 30: BSNW CH 28 First Contact with Mangekyo Sharingan

Itachi and Minazuki readied themselves for another round as Jun and 'Tobi' clashed. Jun sent nets of thick vines against 'Tobi', who sent a fire Ninjutsu at it.

"Fire Release : Dragon Flame" 'Tobi' put both fists in front of him in a hollow grip position and somehow blew a giant flamethrower like jutsu through them despite his mask. Jun was dumbfounded but he strengthened and thickened the nets as much as possible. The pant nets wrapped up around 'Tobi', but soon inflated like a balloon with the massive amounts of flame. Finally it burst with pressure exerted by the flame and the explosion sent Jun flying into the distance like a kite with its strings cut.

In the center of the flame explosion a whirlpool formed in space , and all the flame was sucked off into it like a giant sucking in air. The flame disappeared to reveal 'Tobi' with a few patches of his clothes singed but alright for the most part. Minazuki and Itachi were shocked on seeing this, their shock making them sluggish in responding to the next attack of 'Tobi' as he teleported in front of Minazuki and sent one of Itachi's kunai from before through his gut. As Itachi turned to see his sensei stabbed , 'Tobi' kicked him in the stomach blowing him off. While Itachi was flying in the air, 'Tobi' once again teleported behind Itachi and grabbed his neck from behind.

"Urgh ark.." Itachi

"Mmmm an Uchiha. So long since I met one. Hey Little Uchiha, Don't you have Sharingan?" 'Tobi' asked. Seeing Itachi glaring at him while clawing at 'Tobi's' hands, 'Tobi' taunted him once more "Ne, do you know. We Uchiha wear our emotions in our eyes. Do you know, our love and our hate both are present in these eyes of ours? As long as we are happy, our power stays dormant. However when we need to take out revenge, these eyes of ours show their true nature." Saying this, 'Tobi's' normal Sharingan changed into something new. Three interconnected sickles formed in his eye in place of the usual three inverted Tomoe. "When we desire even more power in face of bigger problems, our eyes further changes into the object which grants the power we truly desire from our sub consciousness. That is what we call Mangekyo Sharingan or in simple words 'The Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel' which contains unique powers according to the personality and deepest desires of the person. Just like no two Kaleidoscope patterns can be same, no two Mangekyo Sharingan can truly be same, except when the eyes are stolen by someone" While saying the last part 'Tobi's' eyes tightened slightly and Itachi could see hints of anger as blood vessels surfaced on the red eye.

"Right then," 'Tobi' said with a fake cheerfulness "Should we awake your eyes too then? What would make you truly angry? Hmmm..." 'Tobi' thought for a few moments before turning towards Bleeding Minazuki who was trying to crawl away slowly while 'Tobi' was busy with Itachi. 'Tobi' looked towards him and smiled.

"Well lookee here, what do we have. A crawling pathetic sensei!" 'Tobi' ridiculed "Someone who won't even try to save his student eh! How Konoha has fallen, it truly has become trash now. Scum like this continue living," 'Tobi' said while stomping on Minazuki's leg, making it release crackling sounds and Minazuki's screams. Itachi was getting scared with 'Tobi's' crazy behaviour and unpredictable actions. However paying no attention to Itachi 'Tobi' continued speaking "Trash like this continue to live while the truly precious and good people are sacrificed so these " 'Tobi' stomped once more on Minazuki, this time on stomach "Can live! Honestly, I would have left the village long ago if I knew all this at your age. Oh wait, I did leave at you age, didn't I? Well we got side tracked. So, Lil Uchiha, don't you want to kill this one? He betrayed you ya know? Don't you want to give him what is coming for him?"

Itachi looked at Minazuki before turning to 'Tobi' and croaked out a soft and hoarse "No" and fell silent once again and tried to punch 'Tobi'. 'Tobi' easily caught his fist and twisted it, making Itachi wince.

"There must be something precious to you, isn't there? There is always something an Uchiha considers dear to them till they awake to the truth." 'Tobi' further twisted his hand dislocating Itachi's arm from his shoulder, making Itachi release a painful shout.

"Itachi-kun?!" Inari screamed while holding Tenma. Even Tenma, who had just got back to consciousness pursed his lips and tried to get up on his feet.

'Tobi' looked at this and smirked "And there is always people who consider and Uchiha precious to them. Do you consider them precious too, eh Uchiha kun?" 'Tobi' said while Itachi turned his head, trying not to show any emotion or it would get his friends killed. 'Tobi' gave a crooked smirk as Tenma stood up shakily and stared at Itachi and 'Tobi'.

"Itachi-Teme" Tenma "Where did all your showing off go now, eh? In front of real enemy this is all you can do?" Tenma ridiculed and then glanced at Inari "This is the teammate you said was a genius and deserved to be our friend?" Inari turned her tear filled eyes towards Itachi then at Tenma, not able to say anything.

"Don't worry Inari, you made him our friend. Now it's our duty to save him." Saying so Tenma moved towards 'Tobi' with a slight limp. Limping towards him quickly, he jumped towards 'Tobi' with a horizontal sweeping kick. 'Tobi' sidestepped while holding Itachi and punched Tenma in the thigh of the leg that was kicking towards him. As Tenma fell from mid-air, 'Tobi' gave him a kick of his own in the stomach, once again making him fly through the air. However Tenma didn't give up and kept attacking him over and over. He pushed himself to his limits, even over coming pain in his limbs and running towards 'Tobi' to attack him. 'Tobi' unleashed a chain in one hand and whipped it towards Tenma.

"Tenma-kun!" Inari screamed before making hand seals and firing off a Jutsu "Water Release: Water Screen!!"

Water vapours gathered around Tenma before condensing and transforming into a semi solid, semi hemispherical water cover. However it didn't make much difference as 'Tobi' broke it with his chakra charged chains and the chains wrapped around Tenma and dragged him towards 'Tobi'. 'Tobi' then took out a blade which had been tucked in his Kimono's sleeve. Under Itachi's horrified gaze the blade flashed towards Tenma's neck. Itachi closed his eyes filled with pain so that he wouldn't have to watch his friend die. However instead of the sound of blade slicing through flesh, sound of metal on metal came along with sound of displaced air. As he opened his eyes, he saw Jun, who had wrapped up plants around him like a humanoid plant golem and had blocked 'Tobi's' blade with a kunai, whereas Tenma was nowhere to be seen.

Jun turned his head behind and shouted to Nazuna and Hinoki "Start it now!!"

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  • UndeadBoneSage



  • iamlookingforward


    "Can live! Honestly, I would have left the village long ago if I knew all this at your age.Oh wait, I did leave at you age, didn't I?" in this line I think 'tobi' has mistakenly given a clue to Itachi......n if in the future 'tobi' says that he is madara like he does in the canon......then Itachi can realise he is lying if he remembers this day....

  • lazyleo


    Damn author's dao of cliffhanger is too powerful.

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