21.95% Reincarnation of a Scientist / Chapter 8: First Battle First Blood

Chapter 8: First Battle First Blood

"I accept your challenge"

my decision surprised many present here since they knew the history between me and Yang Zhang and since I've been in comma for 3 years my cultivation would be that of 3 years ago

"Little Yi don't fall for this provocation, a man can take revenge ten years later but right now your cultivation is inferior to his you will not only loose the battle but also your honour"

Kang Ming replied me with low voice that only I could listen, I was grateful for the fact he thought about my well being

"Brother Ming if I don't fight here I will loose my honor similarly and will be mocked by him, rest assured though, I won't make any rash decisions and know my limits and am completely confident on beating this bastard"

Kang Ming looked at me with surprise and replied

"but if I fell that you cannot win and any unfortunate incident may occur I will interrupt immediately"

"ok brother"

"So Yang Zhang how do we decide the winner?"

I asked him

"Unless one is unconscious and cannot continue to fight"

"ok, where should we fight?"

"right here on the stage since the food is not yet served and the entertainers have yet to perform"


"Brother don't be rash and give up, he is at Rank 3 mid phase"

my elder sister says with voice of concern

"Rest assured sister I can win, trust me"

system show my stats



system can I use White Dragon's Divine Wind now?


ok then let's do it

"Young master Yang let's exchange pointers"

"sure Young Master Lin"

"then who should be the referee?"

I ask him

"let Young Master Liu be the referee"

this Liu guy is neutral so this should not be a problem

"Young master Liu if you will please"

"ok then,I will be the referee of the match"

Liu guy comes on to stage and stands in the middle

"Since both the parties have earlier accepted that the winner is the party who causes opponent to quit or makes him unconscious and this is an exchange of pointers so please don't act harm each other heavily"


so let's play with him for a bit and finish it in one move

"Lin Yi , I have practiced my clan's Fire arrows piercing through heavens so once I use it I can't control it so you will be injured gravely so Give up, you can never win against me"

"enough bullshit, talk with your fists not your mouth"

"you refuse the path to heaven and insist on going to hell, since you to be injured so badly I can only fulfill it"

"receive my attack!!"

Gate of Healing open

I wait to see his fire arrows attack

a few arrows made of fire appear above his palm and his shoots them towards me, these arrows are quick, as fast as bullets but it is a pity though upon opening Gate Of Healing a person's speed and reaction time have been enhanced to a ridiculous level, so when these arrows reach me I doge easily leaving the stunned audience and Yang Zhang

"how can you doge them Impossible!! you cheated , you used some sort of treasure else how can you doge my arrows??!!"


This guy had his fun now its my turn

I focus my Qi on my right hand and legs and infuse Nirvana's flames on them and rush to him in an instant and land a heavy palm strike on his chest


a heavy sound is heard and the wall is broken by the flying Yang Zhang who received my fist

His clothes are burnt and he is bleeding from his mouth and ears and his flesh on chest till hands received third degree burns since I only activate heat of flames rather than its destructive nature and he looks quite miserable.

"second brother"

a man of about 18 rushes forward and sends his Qi to stop Yang Zhang's bleeding

"Physician come here immediately! heal my brother quick"

this guy is Yang Chen, Yang Zhang's older brother

"Bastard! this is an exchange of pointers why did you injure him so heavily"

"I only know a few techniques and since Yang Zhang said that I absolutely can't beat him I had to try my best"

I said with an innocent expression

this caused the already enraged Yang Chen to go nearly mad with anger

"Good Good since it's like that I challenge you to death do you dare accept it?"

before I can reply Kang Ming roared

"Yang Chen you are 18 year old while he is 10, if you are so interested in a Life and Death battle why don't I be your partner?"

system check their stats







system why is there a difference in Bone Forging stats among them?


so can I win against Yang Chen if I use White Dragons Divine Wing?


"Lin Yi I challenge you do you dare!!!"

"I dare I accept your challenge"

"brother Ming I have confidence that I can kill him so don't worry"

I said to him before he even had chance to say anything

"ok then"

"brother don't be rash, we are leaving now come with me"

my sister spoke with me leaving me no chance of talking back

"sister I can win, sit back and watch me"

"good let's start now"

we both get on the stage

"let's start"

I willed wind blade with high speed to cut his neck


a sound of wind blade could be heard and in next instant a sound of head dropping on floor was heard

Silence not even a sound of breathing could be heard

"Overestimating one's abilities only to be killed or humiliated"

so this day was the day the ruthless god of slaughter killed his first opponent and tasted first blood

Comments (12)

  • illusoryforce


    Ugh author, I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. I was expecting a mad scientist like Leylin from WMW. At least let him be more calculative and not like an overgrown pumpkin injected with steroids. There's potential here in this novel but you need to make it worthwhile. MC needs more character

  • Elder


    Do not forget that he almost kills a child ... And when the elder brother gets angry, he kills him. I do not see an intelect in this idiot.

  • Kain


    Wtf? First he heavily injures a person over a small skirmish, then he kills the brother who probably had a justified reason to be angry. Wtf is this dude, both of the characters have high positions and caused little problems. It seems like he's inviting trouble. Author I know you want there to be conflict but this is really forced.

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