86.58% The Layered Cube / Chapter 71: Chapter 26: Grinded tears

Chapter 71: Chapter 26: Grinded tears

As we passed the changed area, we got out of the sphere and activated our wings. The stones from the sides changed from the before brown to a darker green like feature. The curved walls of the before straighter drop curved outwards at the change, showing a large area that spread out to the unseen lands. The area was covered with a thick layer of smock generated by the lightened green and blue mixed sea of water beneath us with few snow paddles like structures with a needle pointing to the waters. The water grows with small light as part of the water merges bubbles and pops few minutes in the air after release, releasing a flash of light. The waterfalls off the top layer would side and vanish due to the intense heat. The temperature is measured at about 100 degrees, and we would have a heat stroke if it wasn't for these extra layers for protection. We added a filter to cool down the air that comes in and added protection layer to the eyes and an extra layer of protection to chill down the heat of the air that goes to the head area.

We flew down to see the area with our wings. Due to the intense change of temperature from the top layer and this one, large and random air currents were made that allowed us to ride on them to the bottom. We flapped upwards before touching the water and landed on the snow paddle-shaped flower. It was soft and had a pleasant smell, but as we felt it, it begins to close from the sides and the central part open as the floor starts to wet. I separated the peddle and escaped, creating a platform above the waters which I landed on.

The water was shocking with electricity. I threw in a pole, but the water didn't even pass it as the pole is now stuck in the soils. My knowledge was filled with energy ever so quickly, deeming this the source of energy. Inside the water was flat fish like creature that goes around along the bottom. It expanded up the surfacing of the water and went back to normal when I flew away.

Anna and I flew across the ocean of electricity and headed towards the edges of this level to see for something. As we headed closer to the sides, the upper roof seems to be ever closer to the design is like a doom where the roof curves in from the middle which is the highest point. We flew and flew where eventually the before water grounds became land where needle-like pants would pierce open the ground to receive light.

Something suddenly catches my attention above my head, invest from trees, no. It was on the roof of this layer. It was the creatures of the last floor which climbed their upwards and made a curve at the end of this layer to progress verticality upwards. I quickly took flight up to the entrance once again, forgetting even to tell Anna, but she nicely followed me behind. We hid in a sphere coloured with the surroundings as we got closer to the entrance. We got closer and passed it. We went above back to the second floor…

'How was there no punishment for this? When we wanted to travel up to the first floor, we received illnesses and body damage as punishment… Can the layer before thought to be the third layer be a second part to the first layer?'

'I don't know. Was there even a first layer? Wait, if these things are traveling up to the original place we were in before, it means there're are either from this layer of below or that their homes are the top layer we just came from. Due to the top area filled with not much space to hide, I would say it's unlikely they would live up there. The call from the monster in our first encounter didn't arrive, meaning their groups must be quite far apart, making no sense if their home was right there.'

'Another thing to prove that their home shouldn't be up there is the clothing. The clothing is very complex with air functions, and also their interior seems to be very complex as they can change their physical appearance and learn the language of others. This part of the information is fact and can be backed up by a part of the science report from more a decade ago. But, let's not worry about the wrong or right of the of the science report for now and focus on the topic at hand, these creatures.'

'Yea, you're right. The clothing they were wearing seem to be beyond the capabilities of those creatures to create. It seems there're either having more advanced races on their side to help them or that they're superior levels of their races. It could be like the world thousands of years ago of slavery where they could be salves without much knowledge of thought while the upper-level people hold control in the center while these things travel out to explore. If it's the first one, they indeed have a neutral relationship with another race to share which has the higher intelligence or live in an area that happens to provide the natural materials to clothing; these creatures would have something deemed as equally value in return.'

'if it is the first, it could be support of manpower from a race of a small population, forcing them to work with other races capable of the larger population due to population issue, making it an ideal way of expansion. Either way of those two situations, we're facing with at least one race capable of at least human intelligence. Anyways, back to the before talk about the second opinion. They do have learning capabilities, very high in fact and the way their body is programmed and grew proof that.'

'Yea. But since they are creatures, and they work in small to medium-sized groups. Wait for a second, on our second attack; there were other races along with them. The case could be both. Back to topic, we conclude they must have a base of operation, like ants or humans. They have to be different centers with each different in population. Like us, we live in places suitable for living, places for convicts or places with advantages. What do you think?'

'I think that's a good conclusion we came up with. But not everything is always according to plan. There can be other things that we are missing. What I think is good to travel to the area where the group that is heading up to this layer came from to get some information.'

'Yea, you're right, I don't think it's s possible that those clothing came from a deceased race either as they seen relatively seen new, if the race is gone, they shouldn't have been able to maintain the clothing for long periods of time. Plus, I think they were used to using it as they are capable of flight and changing direction in mid-air. The clothing seems to be designed for them, so I think currently those two opinions line up. Whatever, it can be, they should hold some clues, I see their entrance from the below layer if it is one.'

We headed downwards and watched at the electrical water area to see their movements. They travel in grounds of 5-8, crawling on the curve sealing and up virtual to the upwards area. They came from an area in the direction of the west north, near the walls of this area. I moved closer and hid behind the trees with a sphere that's in colour of the surround. We watch as those things crawl out from there and make their ways on the walls. Their entrance point is about 15m off the ground, and we're about to infiltrate.

"We should be fine if we enter. After all, the same effects on us are applied to them as well. If they are group creatures like humans or ants, the central point should give us good information."

"Anna, any idea on what area this will lead to?"

"Not really but on my sensor, it seems the air coming from the cave is slightly stronger than the surrounding area. Since the air in this area is relatively cool, I would guess the other side would be quite hot to create wind."

"Hey, look. I found two standing up monster inside the entrance a little."

"It seems like our theory about the race of different roles seems to be more likely as it seems like they hold more power."

"Wanna steal their stuff as a disguise to get in?"


Anna turned her face to my direction and let out a small smile. The two monster we were talking about standing on their two legs instead of the normal four legs crawling that we had seen before. Their clothing was mostly similar to their overflowing dress that's on the floor. When they move, they grew out a pair of white wings from the back before landing on their feet again. Their clothing had small trips of thin gold while their upper head was wrapped around with a brown cloth-like material with an ending part of the fabric to be dangling down to the shoulders like hair. Their skins are significantly darker to the point of almost brown as their eyes are thinner in more a rectangle shape with a black lining around it. The mouth was thin by itself, though the lips were red, stretching out of proportion to the existing mouth.

Anna and I looked towards each other to give the nod. It was about time to take action.

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