77.77% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 14: What exactly did he sign up for?

Chapter 14: What exactly did he sign up for?

Isabella had decide to wander the gardens. The seasons were changing and now the heat had begun to become more noticeable by the day. She had worn a thin silk open sleeve dress that fluttered in the relaxation wind. She had wanted to wear white but she couldn't. She could not move on so easily, white was a sign of innocence, she had lost hers. She didn't deserve to wear white. The silk dress was instead tainted a light blue colour, the insides were adorned with particles of ice dragon eggs to keep the body temperature cool.

Dragons were an odd race. The most powerful dragons had the ability to turn to humans while the lesser dragons couldn't.

Most dragon cities contained half bloods, and were ruled by the pure blood dragons of their kind, the most powerful.


Isabella's attention was diverted by a maid who had bowed behind her, "his highness has requested your presence."

Isabella suddenly felt happy, and she complied to go and see her benefactor.

She really did not expect to live after the incident with the giant salamander spider, but he had save her and gave her a reason to live. She owed him her life.

Seeing the youth she had adored she had the urge to run to him but stopped when she noticed the people sitting across him.



"Why we're you crying? " Regina asked the dragon who had backed away suspiciously. Just now wasn't she trying to gift Regina away?

"N-no reason! I was crying tears of joy!" Everyone could tell she was bluffing, she had obviously been so sorrowful a second ago. "Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go, I'm a busy reptile." She was trying her best to leave the group with the dangerous baby, unfortunately her best wasn't good enough as Alein soon had a knife pressed against her neck.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alein asked bursting with killing intent as he knife pressed against her throat, right then he seemed to be a merciless killer. This was a side of Alein Regina had not seen before, she wasn't complaining, this part of him made him so much more handsome than he seemed.

Free eye candy.

"Wh-whaaaaaa!" The little girl began to cry all over again completely disregarding her dignity and pride. Regina found herself wanting to calm her down, she sighed and patted her head to comfort her.

"There there...." what should she say now? "Big sis will protect you from the scary man." Alein twitched, scary man? "Now tell big sis what's wrong?"

"I don't want to die! Whaaaaa! Big sis, Esther doesn't want to die!" She screamed snuggling into Regina's soft above average chest.

Alein's eye twitched once more. He really should've killed her when he had the chance now there's another idiot near his mistress, plus she was taking advantage of the fact she was a girl!

Esther found herself enjoying the comfortable pillows. Solomon was drooling, he couldn't believed he would get the chance to see a girl x girl scene right here! A man's dreams, now he could die without worries. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The baby in his arms looked at him thinking 'what the hell is wrong with these human!? ' What exactly did he sign up for?


Duke Regilor's face was dark. Domnitor was in front if the Duke in his wheel chair, his shoulders were tense and stiff. His father was back and obviously not happy, Maybe he shouldn't have killed him? It was possible that his father really didn't appreciate his impulsive act of murder. "You should have let me come back home to finish him off!"

Domnitor winced, it really wasn't his fault that he snapped, who wouldn't snap in such a situation?

The duke sighed in exasperation, he couldn't believe this. "Quickly go and find her, she was just granted a marriage how could she run off to the dragon lands!? If she dies.... That girl seriously refuses to let an old man like me sleep peacefully!"

Duke Regilor stormed out leaving Domnitor laughing nervously, find her? How the hell would they do that? He obviously knew of the dangers that came with going to the dragon lands... But she was his brother's daughter after all so she should be able to handle it. Just like them... The couple that shook the world.


"Brother! Brother!" A younger Domnitor ran towards his brother who wore a full body armour and held his helmet under his arm. The man had snowy white and deep green eyes. He gave his little brother a devilish smile and ruffled the little boy's hair. "Domnitor you shouldn't be here, where is father?"

"Father is going for a meeting! He said he was going to meet the only person worthy of big brother! He said she was a princess! Lilian! Hey brother, is she gonna be sister in law?" Naturally as a kid he talked a lot, he didn't even notice his big brother's eyes flash viciously.

The man's eyes darkened. "I wouldn't mind if father had thrown any woman at me. But why on earth did he have to pick her!.." ... That snake of a whore!


Domnitor's smile faded. That woman... She's the Queen of the luna country now right? She really didn't deserve big brother...


"Big brother hates me!" The young girl wailed still sobbing her eyes out.

"Big brother?" Regina asked.

"Big brother... He's the dragon king he hates me because when a big scary deity came over I said he was beautiful...." Enough to make men gay. "He was annoyed and wanted to kill me and big brother stepped in and saved me. The big bad deity punished big brother, so now he's angry at me! Whaaaaaa!" Regina sighed, another troublesome person with a troublesome heritage. The only normal one in her group were Alein and the baby.

"My name is Regina, yours?"

"Esther!" Another name she heard before...

"Esther I'll return you to your brother ok? Then you'll apologise and he'll welcome you back ok?"


"I'll go with you" Regina smiled and held her hand.

"Big sis thank you! Brother's place is just on the other side of the valley!"

Regina couldn't help but feel like she shouldn't have agreed to go with her.

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