24.13% Harvest Factory, A Farmer Life / Chapter 7: Choosing a weapon

Chapter 7: Choosing a weapon

Inside the small record room, there was only small book rack barely filled with books. There was only about thirty books in the rack. Other than the book rack, there was a wide pelt rug for sitting, a table, and some papers, ink, and brushes.

With how desolate the room was, Yan Xiu was confused. Seeing Yan Xiu's face, Chen Hanchen could only smile.

" This room might be practically empty, but compared to other villages, our collection is the biggest. " (CH)

Hearing what Chen Hanchen said, Yan Xiu realised just how rare and hard it was to get a book, no, anything pertaining cultivation. Chen Hanchen took out three books from the rack.

" Here, copy this three book. " (CH)

The three books were "Introduction to throwing and hidden weapon", "Basics pf Whipmanship", and "Green Water Healing Spell". Yan Xiu looked at the three books before sitting down and copy it.

" Try to understand these three skill. As for the throw weapon, I can teach you anything you don't understand. So don't hold back and ask away. For the whip, wait for the others to return. There's someone who uses whip, he'll teach you.

It's the same for the healing spell. When the other return, there will be someone to teach you. But for now, just try to comprehend it alone first. If you can, it's good. But if you can't, then it's okay too. Just try your best. " (CH)

" Yes. " (MC)

Yan Xiu copied the three books seriously, he studied the three skills as he copied them. It took an two hours and half for Yan Xiu to copy the three books.

" Are you done? Then let's go. " (CH)

Chen Hanchen rose and went toward the target practice range. Yan Xiu followed him silently, Yan Xiu was contemplating the three skills in his mind.

When they reached the range, Chen Hanchen placed all the throwing weapons types he took onto the table there. He then explained to Yan Xiu about how to hold the throwing weapons, how to hide it, how to throw it, and the right posture.

He only explained the things not recorded in the book. Listening to Chan Hanchen explanation, Yan Xiu understanding about throw weapon significantly increased.

" You've got the theory, now you just need to put it to practice. I had prepared all types of throwing weapons here. Find the one you most proficient in and focus on that one. " (CH)

" Yes! " (MC)

Yan Xiu picked up a throwing axe, it was a one sided axe with short handle and good balance. He aimed at the middle target. His posture still flawed but it was better than any hunter who tried it for the first time.

Yan Xiu threw the axe. While it flew with great power, unfortunately it didn't hit the target. It misses the target by great margin. Yan Xiu was disappointed for a moment before he tried again with another weapon.

Yan Xiu picked up a chakram, same with the axe it was unadorned. He aimed again, he corrected his posture and relaxed his body. He was too stiff previously. He breath in and out before throwing the chakram.

The chakram cut through air and barely grazed the target. Yan Xiu smiled, it might only grazed the target but it was a good improvement for Yan Xiu.

Yan Xiu tried all the throwing weapon and threw each types twice. He improved slowly but surely after each throw. In the end, Yan Xiu choose two types of throwing weapons; needle and short spear.

He had better accuracy with these two weapons compared to others. Yan Xiu then went to Chen Hanchen, confirming his choice. Chen Hanchen nodded, he thought that Yan Xiu had talent in throwing weapons.

Normally, no one would be able to hit the target in his first day. If one could, it would be either he was lucky or talented. And Yan Xiu was the latter. Chen Hanchen was a little excited. With a little guidance and time, Yan Xiu could be a fine hunter. Chen Hanchen wanted to trained him a little longer but he looked at the darkening sky.

" Let's stop here today, we'll continue again tomorrow. Remember to group up at the gate everyday from now on at the same time. You don't need to come on rainy day, we don't hunt at rainy day. " (CH)

" Understood. But is it okay if I take the weapons with me? I want to train at home. " (MC)

Chen Hanchen thought about it for a sec. Normally, he would say no, but after witnessing Yan Xiu's talent, he thought of making an exception just for him.

Yan Xiu might be a boy but he seems pretty mature and serious, Chen Hanchen thought Yan Xiu would be responsible for the weapon. And it would be best for the hunter team if Yan Xiu matured as a hunter as soon as possible.

The village's hunter's job wasn't only to hunt. They also didn't only hunt around the village, they also sometimes venture far from the village. Whether it was hunting or for other purposes. While around the village might be safe, the death count started when they venture out.

With the hunter profession high mortality rate, it was crucial to nurture new hunters as soon as possible.

" It's okay but make sure you don't lose it especially the throwing weapon, got it? " (CH)

" Yes! " (MC)

" Good, wait here. " (CH)

Chen Hanchen went inside the house and back quickly. He had a strap belt in his hand, he put it on Yan Xiu and adjust it for him. The belt extent from his shoulder to his waist.

The belt had a long shallow pouch for needles and other small throwing weapons in the front and holder for big throwing weapon on the back.

Chen Hanchen taught Yan Xiu how to wear and adjust the belt. He also taught him how to secure the weapons on the belt, so that it wouldn't fall.

" There, put the weapons here. It's a spare of mine, get used to wearing it. You'll be wearing this when hunting later. " (CH)

" Thank you, senior! " (MC)

" Don't mention it. It's just a hand-me-down," (CH)

Chen Hanchen sent Yan Xiu out with a smile before coming back to the house. With such great harvest today, Yan Xiu was very delighted and couldn't stop smiling.

He went to the Lu house for his meat and wagon. Lu Hao was waiting for Yan Xiu outside. Yan Xiu's wagon beside him, it was filled with meat and bones of the Six Feet Pig.

Lu Hao waved his hand after he spotted Yan Xiu. When Lu Hao saw the belt and weapon on Yan Xiu, he walked around Yan Xiu.

" Little Xiu, is this your hunter weapon? Wow, you only join today and you already get one? " (LH)

Lu Hao was surprised. Although the new hunter did choose their weapon the same day they join, they could only take it out when they became a full-fledged hunter or went out the village for a lesson with their senior.

This was a fact that everyone knew. It was thanks to Chen Hanchen making the exception for Yan Xiu, he was able to take his weapon out.

" The senior let me take it out so I can train at my house. " (MC)

" Hee, I see. Well, here you go. 12 spirit stones for the Six Feet pig. Dad already took half of the meat and bones. " (LH)

Said Lu Hao as he gave Yan Xiu the spirit stones.

" 12? What about the butchering fee? " (MC)

Asked Yan Xiu as he tried to gave Lu Hao spirit stones for the butchering fee. Lu Hao refuses the spirit stones.

" Don't mention it, dad also didn't mind it. " (LH)

" But… " (MC)

" Don't worry, if you insist on paying, why not cook something for me? " (LH)

Yan Xiu rolled his eyes, it was your father that doing the butchering, why do I have to treat you? But Yan Xiu still agreed to it.

" I'll treat you but help me pulled the wagon to my house. " (MC)

" Done! " (LH)

Thus the two of them left after Yan Xiu greeted and thanked Lu Hao's parent. On the way back, Lu Hao kept requesting a dish. Yan Xiu listened to Lu Hao at first, but ignored him when Lu Hao requested the 8th dish.

Yan Xiu thought about the Green Water healing skill as he ignored Lu Hao, the two weapons skills were only basics to the weapons so it were easy to understand. But the Green Water healing skill was somehow difficult to understand.

Yan Xiu could only tried the skill to deepen his understanding. He decided to tried it as soon as he reached home, that was of course after feeding the glutton beside him.

Yan Xiu looked at Lu Hao who still requesting a dish even though Yan Xiu already didn't paying an attention to him. Who knows how many dishes he already requested, it was like Lu Hao was chanting a spell at this point.

Yan Xiu rolled his eyes, did you think I'm a damn restaurant? Yan Xiu ignored Lu Hao completely and thought about the Green Water healing skill. The two of them walked toward Yan Xiu's house while thinking different things.

Fluffas Fluffas

Second chap, enjoy!

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  • XiaoHuaHua


    Wow nice. And that glutton was still so glutton even after 8 dishes. By the way, will this novel have any Bl or any Romance in it?

  • WhooPs


    Update faster bru your story is being forgotten by others I like it btw Keep up the good work!!

  • Aoirain



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