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Fate X Cultivation

Author: HentaiGod

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Chapter 1: Transmigration

In the place unknown by any mortals, a being with ethereal beauty was pacing back and forth.

"Arg! So frustrating! Isn't there anymore episodes of Boruto coming yet?" The being shouted aloud her frustration.

"I need something to entertain myself... something that won't end for a long time."

She looked down where there was millions of people bustling doing their jobs. She then looked at a specific boy. He was a handsome looking boy who was on his last breath.

The being thought of a mischievous idea. "Hmm... maybe doing that would relieve me of my boredom..."


He was dying...

All he wanted was to make the women who were sad happy. He had always been taught from his childhood by his grandfather to never make women sad and if he ever saw them sad then he should do everything in his power to make them happy.

As he grew up, he began to notice many women who were sad and lonely.

Finally when he was sixteen he decided to take the words of his grandfather seriously.

Women were complicated creatures but sometimes they were too simple to understand.

Having reached his adolescent age, he knew what the problem was. But he knew that trying to make those women in the society he lived was labelled wrong. They were all married women.

Though he didn't care for any of that. All he wanted was seeing the smile of the woman he saw.

He got a smile from them all right. A very silly smile, full of heavy panting and thrill of adventure. It was an Ahegao. (For those who don't know, google it.)

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Things continued on. He felt satisfied that he was able to make those countless women happy. They were neglected women who had longing for happiness.

Things continued on and currently he was twenty three years old. He had acquainted with a woman who had led a very dissatisfied night life. She wasn't happy but the problem was her husband was a Yakuza boss.

Because of his sense of righteousness of trying to make women happy, he was ordered to be killed by the Yakuza boss.

That was what led to his current state. He was stabbed in the gut for sleeping with the wife of Yakuza boss.

Though he was dying he felt satisfied with his death.

'I was at least able to make all those women happy...' That was his final thought before finally departing from the world of living.


"Hmm... am I not dead?" He had thought that he died but he was currently in a vast white room.

"Yes, you are dead and you are currently in your soul form." An enchanting figure said as she appeared out of thin air.

He blinked once and nodded, "Can I ask you who you are beautiful lady?"

She giggled, "Me? I am just a bored goddess. I saw what happened to you. It was quite tragic."

"Aren't you disgusted with me? I made many women cheat on their husband." She frowned at that.

"Heavens are impartial young man. What you did was instead regarded as quite valiant. Your deed has instead earned you quite a lot of karmic points. You made those sad and lonely women truly happy."

"I am glad then." He smiled thinking that what he did wasn't in vain.

"Young man... I have a proposition for you." The goddess spoke.

"What is it?"

"I want you to reincarnate in the cultivation world." She paused a bit before continuing on, "Don't worry though I will grant you abilities that you are familiar with."

"Can I ask why you want me to reincarnate?" He asked in confusion.

"You who have gained quite a lot of karmic points are able to choose to reincarnate and there is also one thing that troubles me. As a fellow woman I sympathise with the women of cultivation world. In the cultivation world only the strong would prosper and the weak would be bullied them. The women having no choice would follow the strong with no whatsoever happiness. They are forced to if they want to live in such a dog eat dog world. You are the only one I think can grant them true happiness. Will you do it?" The goddess asked solemnly.

"I am willing to reincarnate." He said without hesitation. He was angered thinking of all those women being sad with no happiness.

Meanwhile, the goddess was secretly rejoicing in her mind, 'Hehehe... now finally things won't be boring.'

"Thank you." The goddess thanked him and continued on, "Now then. Most of the abilities you are familiar with is from Nasu-verse, right?" He gave a nod. He had felt that the protagonist of the series was similar to him only with different kind of righteousness.

"With your Karmic points I am able to grant you ten of any abilities, one being a true magic. You will not be able to choose more than one true magic. I shall also provide you with a system to let you monitor your growth. It has no other function, it will not give anything else other than the information about your status. Remember cultivation world is extremely dangerous... think carefully before you choose your abilities." She reminded him.

"Alright." Saying that he started choosing his abilities.

"I am done Goddess." He said respectfully.

"All right then I shall begin your reincarnation." She flicked her hand sending the soul of the young man into the cultivation world.

She pondered for a while and finally realised one crucial thing.

'I didn't use any of his Karmic point for reincarnation... that means he going to transmigrate into a body. It's probably going to be a crippled body with no cultivation talent. Damn it! I can't allow my form of entertainment to end before it even begins.' Her beautiful face had a frown.

She quickly made a series of gesture and brought out a bright light and send it towards the soul of the young man.

'I hope that ability I just send him will at least be able to help him.' She thought frowning at her miscalculation but she had no idea that he would have solved his problem on his own and the power she just granted him would make him even more powerful than ever.

HentaiGod HentaiGod

What do you think? Reviews are welcomed. Enjoy!

Comments (24)

  • I_Love_Fanfics


    I shall read all that hentaigod has to offer

  • Shantanu


    Author san, enable shadow clone technique so that he won't be drained of his 'Yang Qi' by doing the deed to hungry women =)

  • SageGodVerhar


    Who the hell watches Baruto that show when I first heard about the Manga/Anime I already knew it was cancer

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