42.85% Fate X Cultivation / Chapter 3: Drastic Change

Chapter 3: Drastic Change

Long Chao had started assimilating the combined Dragon Blood and Avalon with his Dantian. As he was in a deep meditation, he had caused major turbulence around the whole cultivation world.

The heavens had started trembling as a new force was emerging that had the capability to defy the heavens themselves.

Due to the intense rumbling of the heavens, large amount of Qi was starting to seep into world.

Many treasures were being born and the Demonic Beast were also starting to evolve due to the exposure to this unique phenomenon. The Dragon kinds were the one to evolve greatly as the Qi from the heavens had increased the purity of their blood, increasing their potential and lethality.

Many experts on the path of cultivation had suffered from cultivation deviation as the Qi they were cultivating were too intense. There were some who had benefited greatly from this as they attained major breakthrough.

Many child who were born also obtained great gift being exposed to the Qi who would enter the realm of geniuses.

The whole cultivation world was in turmoil. The world's power standing was going to change as many unseen dangers were starting to surface.

The one who was the cause was totally clueless regarding this as he was busy starting his path of cultivation.

[Ting! You have completely mended your Dantian. Your Status has been updated.

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You have acquired a new ability by combining existing ability Burden Of The Dragon Kind!

Heaven Defying Dragon Physique - By combining the Dragon Blood and Avalon with your Dantian, you have acquired a body that has the potential to defy the heavens itself. It allows your body to have the immense strength and vitality of a dragon of absolute pinnacle. It also allows your body to automatically cultivate by absorbing the Qi in the air constantly and gives you a pure dragon Qi with no impurities.

Name - Long Chao

Cultivation - Martial Emperor (Stage 10)

Age - 15]

As Long Chao finished stabilising his Dantian, he was shocked by what he saw. He had gained a physique but that wasn't what shocked him. It was his cultivation realm that shocked him.

He was now a Peak Martial Emperor expert! He had leaped in his cultivation beyond his imagination.

There was a total of thirteen cultivation realm.

Martial Artist, Martial Scholar, Martial Warrior, Martial Master, Martial Grandmaster, Martial Lord, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Sovereign, Martial Saint, Martial Ancestor, Martial Celestial and finally Martial God.

To have reached such a cultivation realm was unimaginable. From his past self memory, he could remember that even the most heaven defying genius weren't able to reach this realm at the age of fifteen.

The youngest to reach Martial Emperor was at the age of hundred twenty. He was just fifteen years old.

'Whatever... it seems the Goddess is looking out for me.' Long Chao smiled. Meanwhile the Goddess in question had the urge to vomit blood.

"Now what to do? Maybe I should hunt some Demonic Beast and sell their cores to earn some income." Long Chao thought aloud.

'I need a weapon...'

He thought of a perfect weapon for himself as he had created his Dantian with Avalon.

Utilising his Denial Of Nothingness, he created the fabled sword of King of Britain.

Excalibur, the sword of promised victory.

As he created it, he also used his Conceptual Improvement to make Excalibur even stronger.

Unknown to him, he had just created a Celestial grade weapon which had further increased the turbulence he had created when he had made his Dantian.

In the deep secluded area, a man was busily absorbing the heavenly Qi. He suddenly stood up.

Just as he stood up, the whole world began shaking.

"A Celestial weapon..." , he murmured. And sat down to continue absorbing the heavenly Qi but if one stared at him properly, one could see a evil and greedy glint in his eyes.

Long Chao frowned.

'Is earthquake a frequent occurrence here or something?' He thought.

There had already been more than twenty earthquakes after all.

Just as he grasped the Excalibur, he felt his mind going through several explosions.

[Ting! Due to your Weapon Master ability syncing with your Qi, you have gained new ability.

Sword Union - The absolute pinnacle one can reach in the realm of swordsmanship. Your mastery is so high that you are able to cut the void itself.]

Long Chao was surprised once again but took it in stride.

'I am one step closer to my goal.' With that he went towards the outskirts to hunt for some Demonic Beasts.

HentaiGod HentaiGod

What do you think of this chapter? Please give dome reviews! I am noob in cultivation world...

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  • pkke


    I want to suggest that u have his clan and everyone else know that he was the cause the of the occurrence and have cock the heir fiancée

  • Sri101


    You should also have him cultivate the soul, most of the major cultivation novels have the mc practice a body tempering art, an essence cultivation art, and a soul cultivation art.

  • HumblyBear


    Dont stop making this novel plssss,..............................................and also first!

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