57.14% Fate X Cultivation / Chapter 4: Ye Ju

Chapter 4: Ye Ju

The Ye clan, they were a clan who mainly focused on sword cultivation arts which they were feared upon. The sword cultivation art they practised was Eternal Sky Sword. The Ye clan members were mostly a part of the Heavenly Sword Sect, where they were nurtured.

The Ye clan's Patriarch had married off his sister to the Sect Leader in order to keep their relation strong. The woman of the Ye clan was Ye Ju.

Ye Ju had no choice but to marry the Sect Leader for the sake of her clan. She didn't have a choice but that wasn't the end. The Sect Leader Zhou Fan had many other concubines. He mainly focused on his younger mistresses.

Ye Ju was by no means ugly even if she was the age of 45. She was a Peak Martial Lord cultivator. A Martial Lord had the lifespan of 5000 years so her being around 45 years old was no problem at all.

But Zhou Fan was a narrow minded man, to him what other might say mattered than what he himself thought. He was all about showing his might and brilliance off to the masses, so he chose his young mistresses rather than Ye Ju.

This had already been going on for 10 years... and such a long time of neglect could severely affect anyone, even a hardened cultivator like Ye Ju moreover seeing the man in question for such feeling was showing off his love to other woman.

Ye Ju felt that she was just a show case merchandise meant to show the friendship between Ye clan and Heavenly Sword Sect. She was starting to get tired of all this.

She was extremely angered by this but she was also a kind woman so she would never spill her anger at others who were not at fault.

Today had been a breaking point when she heard Zhou Fan say that she was not appealing enough to make his little brother even stand.

'Heh! Oh... it's a little brother alright with how disgustingly little that dong of his is.' Ye Ju thought angrily.

She was currently inside the forest that was located at the outskirt of the Divine Empire Country to vent on her anger by killing some Demonic Beast. But that had not been fruitful at all. She had been searching for some Demonic Beast to kill but there was none at all.

'Where are all the Demonic Beasts? What happened to them all?'

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This made her even angrier. Why the hell was everything going against her?

She had wanted to do this get rid of the thoughts that had been plaguing her.

Was she supposed to stay like this until the day she dies? To be unloved and neglected for her whole life?

She was shedding silent tears as she thought about her miserable life.

Why was heavens so cruel to her? She hadn't done anything bad or wrong yet...

She just wanted to be loved...

Without knowing it her beautiful face was filled with tears.

"I think I should go and search someplace where I can freshen myself." She said to herself with a slight hick in her voice due to crying.

As she finally found a pond to take a bath for herself, she quickly got out of her clothes and got inside the pond but as she reached the pond she noticed that she wasn't alone.

She didn't have anytime to respond as she saw a handsome man.

He had black short hair unlike many cultivators who had long hair, it made him look more manly. His eyes were emerald green with sharpness in it but also warmth. He had a muscular body with 6 packs abs but it wasn't bulky at all. The aura he excluded was domineering but also compassionate.

She sub-consciously looked at the little brother hanging on the man. It was by no means a little brother.

Her neglected heart was already seeking something it desired intensely.


It only became worse when he showed that worried look with compassionate eyes.

"Umm... are you alright?"

Her heart desired him.

Her body too desired him.

But what about her mind and soul...

HentaiGod HentaiGod

Sorry if it's a cliff but I wanted to make in dept characters on why they will be with MC. This story unlike my other one. I will try to be serious. Though I can't believe my Instant Mastery is top 15. Thanks guys! Anyway the women in his life will play major role. As you might have noticed he is a bit naive and it will be up to his women to look after him due to that flaw.

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  • Demonic_Lord


    U think deep, author! I admire that! Though it saddens me to be left hanging...😭😭😭

  • Yarden_T


    thanks for the chapter

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