11.11% Beyond Death / Chapter 2: Getting Used To The New Life

Chapter 2: Getting Used To The New Life


The Kamdhan village

As the sun rose from the east and the chickens were clearing their throats, two boys of around 12-13 years of age were already up and had started working. Obviously, they were our dear Mc and his 'sweet' brother. They worked from dawn till dusk just to earn some livings and at least fill their stomach twice a day. Although Kaal thought his life couldn't be that worse but only now did he realize that even the word, worse, felt too good to describe his life right now. They had to wake earlier than the cocks, they had to clean homes of different people, they had very little to eat, and many things that he didn't even wanted to describe.

[A.N- Here is a wordplay on my part. In Hindi Sweet translates out to be Meetha(मीठा) which also means gay or homosexu

"Hey Kaal, today we are going to have fun with that little boy I told you about. He is a very sweet kid and lovelier than you. Today will definitely be better than other tiring and boring days... Wuhuhuhu"

"Shut up you crybaby. Stop whining and work more instead. At least you could earn a little more. Uugh! Get away from me. You are disgusting."

Kaal said with a cramped face. That beauty destroying a*s-like chin was already disgusting enough for him but whenever that bastard used to cry, his whole body would shiver and his chin also wouldn't stay still. It would also start 'twerking'.Those curly hairs growing from between the two 'butt cheeks' would also sway in the air. That was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. When he saw that for the first time he almost threw up.

"Your words are very hurtful, you know? How am I a disgusting person? Have you seen such a beautiful person in your entire life?"

Khajoor said while covering his chin with his white and tender hands. Now, if one looked at him, that person would definitely be captivated by his beauty. His beauty would garner jealousy from girls and boys alike. But once he removed the hand, they would definitely somersault backward and start foaming like Kaal.

"Yes. No one can be as beautiful and handsome as my brother. My 'sweet' brother is the one of a kind in this world. Now, could you please do your work seriously?"

Kaal said a straight face.

"Why can't I feel even a shred of sincerity in your words?" Khajoor asked doubtfully.

"I am a bit tired so my voice has become like that. Now, just work already if you want to go and meet Chooha."

[A.N- Chooha means rat in Hindi. I know this name is weird but I felt it was pretty interesting, so I named him so.]

"Yes, you are right. Work, work, work, I have to work~~"

They had to clean various houses first and only then would they be free to meet Chooha.

When 5 suns came overhead, Only then were they able to finish their entire work. Kaal and Khajoor sat down at the corner of the street, breathing heavily.

Kaal was very confused when he first saw 5 suns high up in the sky. He didn't know why but he always felt that something was wrong.

According to his own feeling, something was strange when he looked at the suns. He didn't know what but he was constantly having that feeling. He contemplated about that issue for a moment but he still couldn't find what was strange about the suns. As he wasn't able to come up with anything, Kaal cleared his mind and tossed that issue at the back of his head and closed his eyes to rest for a while. After some time when their breathing had returned to normal, they stood up and headed towards their main goal.

"Let's go. It's time to meet him," said Khajoor.

"Yup. Let's meet this little guy. I am also curious about the boy you couldn't stop praising," said Kaal stroking his chin.

After 10 minute walk from that place, they reached in front of a very big and luxurious villa. That was the villa of the richest man in the whole village. He was the only anomaly in the village otherwise the name Kamdhan village would definitely suit the situation of the entire village.

[A.N- Kamdhan, in Hindi, means Less money.]

"This Josh guy definitely lives very luxuriously. Look at the size of this villa Kaal. It's so huge and look at that Inferno Horse in the stable. Ahh....God, why are you so cruel? Why is there such a difference between people in the world?"

Josh was the name of Chooha's father. Kaal always had a very funny feeling whenever he heard names of anyone from the village. He always felt that the names were given out too randomly. Was the naming sense so bad in this village? Khajoor, Hawas, Chooha, etc. Only Josh's name could be considered as a normal.

"He made us equal but we, ourselves have made the world unfair. Poor feed on the dirt while the rich wears a golden shirt. This is the law of the world. Sigh... Let's go, brother."

Kaal sighed emotionally and started walking towards the villa. Khajoor looked at Kaal's back weirdly and then hurriedly caught up to him.

As they reached at the huge door of the villa, Khajoor knocked thrice and stood at a side respectfully. Soon, the door opened and a maid came out. The maid was a good looking lady who wore glasses on her nose. She had blonde hair. Her skin was fair. She had a little sharp nose and pair of small lips. She was wearing a maid uniform that looked very beautiful on her. Although her beauty was not on par with Khajoor(without a chin) she was still better than an average woman.

"Are you Khajoor and Kaal?" asked the maid coldly.

"Yes," Kaal answered respectfully.

"Come in then," Said the maid.

As they followed the maid to the main hall, they were both very shocked to see various antiques, paintings, cauldrons, swords, and various others things which if sold could fetch enough money for a poor person to spend for their entire lifetime.

They saw various maids working around. They were concentrated on their work and not even paying any attention to them. When they reached the main hall, they saw a 7-8 year kid. He had 2 small horns protruding out of his head. He had big, bright eyes that were constantly moving, looking very mischievous. He had two cute little dimples too on his face. Overall, that shota was way too cute.

When Kaal saw Chooha's horns, he was a little bewildered. What is that protruding out of that kid's head? Are those horns? But there shouldn't be horns on someone's head, right?

"Hey Khajoor, why are there horns on his head?" Kaal whispered softly.

"Because his parents have horns," answered Khajoor in a matter of factly.

"Why does his parent have horns?"

"...That, you have to ask their parent. It is normal for someone to have the horns." Khajoor said.

"Then what about us and the villagers? Why don't we have horns?" Kaal asked once more.

"Even we might have horns when we grow up and not everyone have horns, you know? Only the noble families or some 'abnormalities' have horns." Khajoor said irritatedly.

Hearing this Kaal shut his mouth and started digesting this fact.

"Hey Chooha, how are you kid?" shouted Khajoor as he ran towards the small kid.

"Oh, Big brother Khajoor is here? I am fine, big brother," said Chooha very cutely.

'So this was the little devil, Chooha, Khajoor was talking about,' thought Kaal.

"Big brother Kaal, you are also here. Let's go, today we will have lots of fun. We will go to the lake and then we will go to the forest. You also promised me to take me to eat something very tasty. You weren't lying, right? You will definitely take me to have fun, right?" Chooha asked questions one after another.

"I wasn't lying. We will have lots of fun today." Khajoor said, smiling happily.

'As I recall, Khajoor said that once he had saved the kid from a mad dog in the village when he had sneaked out of his home 'to experience life' or something that he wrote on the note he left at home. This boy is cute but from his eyes, it feels like he is always thinking of something mischievous. I have to keep my distance a bit from him,' thought Kaal.

"Let's go." Chooha held Kaal's and Khajoor's hand as they walked out of the villa.

"Take care Young Master," shouted the maid.

"Hey Kaal"


"Don't we look like a happy couple going out on a walk with our lovely child?"


"Hell No! Can't you just talk properly even a for a moment?"

"I am talking properly, you know?"

"Ah... Whatever"


As the sun was setting Kaal and the company was sitting on the banks of a river that was not far away from their village.

"Hahahaha...I had so much fun today. Let's do this again one day," said Chooha in his childish voice.

"Yes, definitely," Khajoor said.

Suddenly Chooha pulled the corner of Khajoor's tattered clothes and asked, "Big brother can I ask you something?"

"Of course. You can ask me anything."

"Then, can you tell me what does "being horny" means?"

When Khajoor heard what the boy asked, he was dumbfounded. When Kaal heard what the boy said, he remained quiet as he didn't know what it meant but subconsciously, he wanted to laugh. He tried to suppress it but in the end, he started laughing very weirdly.


[A.N- Well, the in the last line, Kaal is laughing in his heart. Not on the surface.]

interesting_guy77 interesting_guy77

There will be many Hindi and Sanskrit terms in this novel, so you have to bear with them. And why do you think that Chooha suddenly asked about this dirty issue? To know more, tune in to the next chapter of Drago-

Beyond Death.

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