8.82% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 6: What if I am the Gift

Chapter 6: What if I am the Gift

2 hour after the battle ended, we finaly have a chance to talk with the queen. After the battle, I didn't forgot to give order to my men, to help cleaning up the aftermath of the battle, and give support to the injured.

When we are at the throne room, I then take a good look at the queen. She have a dark skin, long silky dark hair, and that clasic long ear. The weird part is, all other dark elf that I see have silver hair. Maybe it's indicating that she's a royal family. She also very attractive, that brown eye, that sexy lips and that hourglass body figure, with the biggest chest I have ever seen, G cup maybe? Well enough about that.

I then start to read the mission report that I got from my subordinate. "Estimation of the death of the enemy soldier is approximately 3000 death, 1000 injured, 400 captured, and the rest manage to escape. Good news is, we also manage to capture the enemy general. We will introgate him for information of the Seren kingdom, and the purpose of the attack. And then from the Missel kingdom side we estimate more then 1000 death, and 500 injured"

"I understand. Again, I thank you for aiding my kingdom sir Silvario, you even treat our injured soldiers. But now I have to ask, why? What is your or your kingdom aim for helping us. With this powerfull weapons and flying mounts I am sure that you will also capable to destroy us with ease."

Well after seeing my soldier in action, every one in this world will surely become wary. So it's best to ask for something, make it so we help them for our own future benefit. Well we also need fuel, I can't always summon fuel. What if something happen to me. I already have oil rig and oil excavator back home. But as they say, more is better. "My kingdom aim is resources. We ask for your majesty permission to search resources we need in your kingdom."

Queen Origa POV. So their goal is resources. But there is possibility that he's lying. Maybe there are some other reasons. But what? The only way they make profit is by destroy and enslave us. But that doesn't matter for now, I should find information about their kingdom first. Then maybe, I will get better understanding about them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I see. But before that my I ask where is your kingdom located. It's quite far I recon. If it's close, we certainly would already meet with each other."

After I ask sir Silvario that, he then speak to one of his assistant. The assistant then give sir Silvario the black bag that she carries to him. Silvario then open the bag and turn it to me so I can watch. It's someting like a map. I never seen a map that is so detail. He then point to a big island.

"We are from Eldia Kingdom. And this is our kingdom location. It's on a different continent. We came here and build our base in this continent about 4 month ago. It's about 10km from here."

I then froze in shock. It's no wonder we never even heard about them before. Next is to find out how much powerful their kingdom is. "If posible i like to visit this base of yours. Or is it posible to go to your main land? I like to give your king a gift as a gratitude for saving my kingdom. Or if he wish for it, he can have me as a gift."

Eldia Kingdom power is so strong even Seren kingdom army got destroyed in less than an hour. I have to make sure we have a friendly relationship, or better yet we become one with the Eldia Kingdom through me.

"Please speak to the king first about that your majesty."

"Of course. So can I go there sir Silvario?"

"But of course. We can take your majesty to both location. Actualy your majesty need to go to the base first, so we can go to our main land."

"Oh is that so. Also, can I bring my men with me about 50 men for bodyguard and maid. I also need time to prepare the necessary arrangement, it takes about a week."

"Yes all of that can be arrange. We will provide transport from here to our base, that will arived a week later. I also ask for a place to live for some my men. I will place about 20 of my men here, that will stay here for cummunication purposes, so your majesty can contact me through them."

"That's quite alright, I will arrange a place for them."

"And with that, are there more things your majesty like to add? If not, I will go back to our base and start the interrogation of the enemy commander. Of course, my men will stay here until the war relief is over."

"Thank you, that is all. I will see you in one week from now."

DonSKun DonSKun

Sorry for the delay

I just got back from Jogja for some business

I'll try to publish one chapter a day or 2 day max

And thank you for everyone that like reading my "wing it" novel please leave comment for me

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  • SickCat


    Semangat mas Dan makasih buat chapter Ayi maju terus....

  • Ancient0ne


    my is the MC using oil as a fuel source when there is magic

  • Gamer2800



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