Chapter 11: Leason

Origa POV. After that the plane landed in something called airport, a port for air transportation what a fitting name. After we exited the plane, we were pick up by a vehicle called limousine. I enter it with Erago and 2 of my maid. Prince Alphonse also ride with us. When we exit the airport and arrive at the town, what i saw is amazing.

Tall building every where. In the sidewalk there are some lights illuminating the streets, are those one of otherworld tools. Also there are a lot of people in the sidewalk left and right watcing or lower their head at us even some of the children waving at us. Apparently they know that this is the Prince vehicle. The prince then open the window and wave back. A royalty that loved his subject and loved back by them, what an envious thing to have.

After 15 minutes ride we arive at the Castle. What a magnifecent castle there are large garden at the front, 2 storey wide building with white color and some golden trim on the edge. The Prince say it's called the white castle. Prince said it's made of 5 section The white Castle, East Colonnade, East Wing, West Colonnade, and West Wing. Apperently there are also even larger garden in the back.

After we arive, we then guided to the west wing to the king's office that have an oval shape. Inside i saw a man in his late 40's with a gentle face and look. He then introduce himself, he is the current King of Eldia, Erwin Silvario. I then bow to him and he then bow back to me.

"I come here to expressing how greatfull I am for your assistance in defending my kingdom."

"I also thankful to you for letting us collect resource in your kingdom." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I see, but i am still confuse why do you assisting us? Certainly not just for the resources."

"For that you better discus it with my son. It was his idea to help you."

I look at Prince Alphonse in return. He is standing behind his father looking outside. I then ask him again.

"So then my Prince why do you do it."

"Because of Thomas Seren."

"The king of Seren Kingdom? Why, what have he done?"

"It's not what he have done, but what happen if he succeed. Your kingdom will be the first to fall. He then will strengthen his army using your kingdom. After that he will destroy the other 7 Kingdom making him the sole ruler in your continent."

I was shock but... "But what is this has to do with your kingdom. It's not like his army will able to compete with your kingdom."

"That's propably true, but it's the aftermath that's problematic for us. We are not a colonizer we are peaceful kingdom. We don't want to have an extra 9 kingdom to rule. We like It better for us to have friendly relation with the other kingdom rather than rule them. As long as my father or me rule we will always pick a peaceful solution if posible. But Thomas Seren ambition is for domination and he will do anything to achieve it."

"Peaceful kingdom, i am sorry but a kingdom with this might is realy hard to belive. You speak of peace but your weapons is brutal. How do you explain that?"

"Queen Origa i learn undeniable truth for smart race like us. We like to fight with each other, from men versus men to kingdom versus kingdom. And peace is just preparation fo the next war. If there is a kingdom that threaten our kingdom, we will fight back, even if it means destroying the other kingdom."

A strong kingdom but also a peaceful one. 'And this peace is just preparation fo the next war', this line is truly a small but important leason for me, a leader for a kingdom

"I see, thank you for your leason and explanation Prince Alphonse."

"You're welcome, Queen Origa. And please just call me Al."

"Alright. And in light of your reason, i like to have a friendly relationship with your kingdom. I will also help you in anyway i can in your fight with Seren Kingdom."

"Thank you very much your majesty."

"Please, just call me Origa, Al."

"I understand. In that case Origa we like to ask you for some land. It's for our soldier and heavy weapon, in case of another attack. We will also build road from our FOB to your Kingdom."

"Of course another defence is always welcome. Also Al what do you think of marrying me?"

"No offense but, right now, no..."

"None taken." He said for now, so in the future there is possibility that it will.

"Our next plan is to get in touch with the other 7 kingdom. Warning them about Seren kingdom."

"You sure they will belive you?"

"It's alright we have brutu's confession on tape."

Al then show me a moving picture of the Seren commander interrogation, so he is that legendary brutu. He is famous for his cruelty in the war 10 years ago. To think he have a loose lips. Or is it because Al interrogation manage to break him? Which ever all we have to do now is to send this to the other kingdom.

DonSKun DonSKun

Yes the White Castle i use is based on the US White House

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    No no it's just LEASON... Just change that

  • DonSKun


    I know, i have a bad naming sense, can you think a better one



    Kindly rename the chapter plz

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