17.91% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 12: Fast Negotiation (1)

Chapter 12: Fast Negotiation (1)

Al POV. Origa still want marrige huh. I don't realy like when women need me, i like it when i am the one need the women. Not in the sadistic way, more like she can give me comfort when i came home etc. Enough about that, i need to give this information to the other kingdom. I also need to do it as fast as posible, because we don't know which kingdom will be attacked first.

"Alright then Origa, Father i will now prepare every thing i need to go to each kingdom tommorow morning. So then excuse me."

After I leave i don't know why but, not long after that Origa also came out then countinue to following me. Can't she see that i am busy.

"Al." She called me. "Yes can i help you Origa?" I answer half tired.

"You need to take a break, leave it to your asistant for once. Your father said to me that you doesn't take enough rest since helping my kingdom."

I slap my own face automaticly. Dad..... Realy, you tell this to a woman you just meet. You like her or some thing. I then look at Origa. "It's alright i can take care of my self Origa. In mean time enjoy yourself. I'll get back to work."

Origa suddenly grab my cheek and make me look at her. "Al there is no other kingdom capable to march to another kingdom in just one day like in here. Now your father say to me, there is no movement from the Seren Kingdom. And even if there is, you have at least 3 days to warn the soon be attacked kingdom. You must rest!"

I sigh. Dad..... You also told her our kingdom secret. You must be realy like her. "Fine whatever, i'll rest." I give up. She speak like a mother.

"You just think some thing rude didn't you?"

"Is it rude to think you're motherly."

"To some, no...." She got close to me then she hit my head. "Others, Yes. I am still 40 years old. For dark elf like us it's still like 20 years old for a human."

I see, so elf age is twice the age of humans. Also, that hurt. She hit me with full force. Shen then say.

"Beside I want to be your wife not your mother."

Man enough already, she just don't give up. "Alright geez i'll rest. See you tomorow." But before that i need to g00gie something.

In the morning i wake up and then have breakfast. After that i call my men to get me a chopper ready to take me to the airport. I also call the Hydra Base to prepare 7 osprey with one comunication specialist for each kingdom. Not long after that the heli then arrived. "Alright then Father I will go now. Origa I'll see you again at the Hydra Base."

"Take care of your self, Son."

"I'll see you soon Al."

I then hop on to the heli. After I arrived at the airport i summon the SR-71 Blackbird. The thing i g00gie yesterday is 'The fastest jet' and SR-71 is in the second list. X-15 is the first, but the maximum range is only 450 km. I need to travel more than 5500 km, so the Blackbird is the only choice I have.

I then hop in the cockpit, followed by my co-pilot. We do system check first then take off. After the take off i say to my co-pilot to hold on. Then i speed up to mach 3 plus it means more than 3.540 km/h. The power is so strong, if not for 'All vehicle Mastery skill' i propably wouldn't be able to hold it. It need me less than two hours to arive at the Hydra Base. After I land I immediately set out with the osprey. I just realize my Co-Pilot fainted, it's to much for him huh.

I then set out to Fei Kingdom, the nearest kingdom from here. We arrived 40 minutes later. In there obviously the guards become hostile, ready to attack us. I then open the back door of my osprey while midair. But before I could speak, I saw a slight cubby man waving at me. I wave back at him. I've seen this person before, at Missel. He's a mercant, maybe originated from here. I then order all pilot to land, we also need to save fuel. I jump down after giving the order, doing superhero landing in the process. Good thing I made "Body Strengthening Skill" before i jump. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The cubby person came out from the gate and come over to me. I thank him and ask to be a mediator for me. He agree after I told him that Fei Kingdom maybe the next Seren Kingdom target. His name is Hugh, a well connected merchant in Fei kingdom. He then escort me and 2 of my assistants to enter the kingdom and try to set a meeting for us with the King. Inside the wall the guards still wary of me, but Hugh presence realy help. Hugh then take me to his store. Now all I can do is wait for him.

2 Hours later Hugh came back and bring me the good news, the Princess are willing to meet me at the palace. At first I ask, why not the king? But Hugh said the Princess is the real leader. She's a Knight Princess, the one who leads this kingdom knights. Hugh is realy helpful.

After that the guards came to escort us to the Palace. At the palace enterance the guards ask us to remove our weapon. They a bit rude when asking, but I obidiently agree. I also order my men to remove their weapons and bullets. I know they will ask this. That's way i order my men to pack light, only bringing handgun and knive or blade. At first they confuse about our handgun, but then letting us pass trough anyway.

After that the four of us were sent to the Princess. The Princess are waiting us at the throne room. She have a long straight blonde hair, sharp purple eye, with an hourglass figure. Beside her there is another women, a teenager to be exact. She have long curly pink hair, blue eye, and a cute face. She also have a large chest for her age, a D-cup maybe. I don't think they are siblings, the only similarity they have is their royalty aura and chest. But enough about that, I better introduce my self.

"Greetings Princess, my name is Alphonse Silvario. Prince of the Eldia Kingdom."

"I am the Princess of the Fei Kingdom, Alicia Rosewood."

"I am the Princess of the Ur Kingdom, Primula Samanark."

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