58.2% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 39: His last days as a Prince (1)

Chapter 39: His last days as a Prince (1)

After Al finish calling the Hydra base commander and Vista, he then visit the slave dealer with Emma and Sullivan. When he check the slaves for the first time, he shock from what he saw. He didn't think that the slaves will be treated, normaly. The slaves were given low food and a bath twice a week. After that Al ask the dealer. "Why are you treated the slave this way. I always thought that the slaves will be tortured, etc."

They say, they will give the slaves enough food to keep them alive, and the bath is to prevent the slave from catching any kind of disease cause by dirt. Also, the dealer say that there is no point for torturing the slaves, that will only make the price go down if the slave got a scar. All and all, the slave were treated more like a prisoner instead of slave.

Although Al despise slavery, he think at least they were still treated humanely. But from Sullivan info, Al find out, not all slave trader do that. Some of them are exactly what he was thinking of. The one who done that, is the illegal one, or have the backing of those nasty officials.

After that, Al let Sullivan to handle the paperworks, while he and Emma go to Eldia army's temporary housing, at the edge of the city. Where he then secretly summon the tents and foods for the slaves, before they arrive. After the slaves arrived, Al made the announcement about what will happen to them, and then return to the palace.

At night, Al was thinking what should he do to increase his army again. From the both group of slaves, Al manage to get 5.000 extra men, minus few hundred elderly who can't fight. But that alone still wasn't enough. Al then wondered, should he use those gun refusers. They are about 4.000 people. But the next enemy were using guns.

Although the enemy gun shot out a 10 cm block shaped bolts, they still travel faster than a bb gun, around 1.000 kmh. Unless those men is as good as Isao Machii, or they use a riot shield, there is no way they can block those bolts. And that's just from the normal sized rifle. The giant rifle that a Golem used, has triple the bolt size and twice the speed of the normal sized rifle. If a normal man try to block it with a riot shield, most likely his arm will break. But Al then decided to rest, and continue to figure the problem later days.

The morning of the next day, Al was verifying the transportation of the slaves, to the Hydra base. After that, he decided to take a stroll alone around the city. Using long ragged cloak, and a full face bandage, he disguise himself as a man that got burned in the face. Al keep strolling around, until he decided to just sit next to an alley, and just watch people going about their lives. To spend time, he fold some origami with different shape like a crane, rabbit, or a giraffe.

When the noon arrive, some of the children notice his origami and ask about them. He then show them, how he made some of them. After that, one of the children ask for one of the origami, of course the other then follow. But Al just smile and let them have it. After the kids were gone, their parents then start to give him thanks, and ask about him. Al say that, he was just recently released, after being treated by the Eldians, after his unit attack Missel kingdom. Few moments later, a lot of people starting to gathered around him, asking about his wounds and the Eldians. While answering, Al also ask around about the town and the people condition. Some answer positively, while others, not so much.

The majority that answer positively are the normal folks. They say, they were glad that the next king, is a man that care about the people, not just his own wealth. The one that answer rather negatively, is mostly the newby soldiers. They say "Sullivan is a king that was appointed by the enemy to keep us weak." They were wrong about him appointing Sullivan, though Al has no intention to correcting them. While the veteran soldiers, don't seems to care about Sullivan being the next king. One of them say to Al "I don't care who is the next king. I can't decide it anyway. All I care is that my family is stay safe, and my payment is not reduced."

In the afternoon, Al then stand and excuse himself to the crowd. The parents thanks him again for giving their kids origami, while the other wishing him to get well soon. Hearing that, Al feeling a little bit guilty for deceiving these people, but he just keep walking. After he near the palace, Al then toss away his cloak and bandage while still walking. At the palace gate, the guards recognize him, and just let him through. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

When Al enter the guest room, he saw Emma playing with his computer while proning. She got hooked playing FF-XV. While Emma still playing, Al told her about what he did just now. Emma then ask "What's your purpose doing all that?". Al say "Just for fun, also cheaking for any malice intention to our side."

Emma then become startled. Because Al suddenly yanked her pants, revealing her silky ass. Al then pin Emma down with his whole body, while whisper with a soft voice. "Emma can you made a child with a human?" Emma shock after hearing it. But then, a smile appear from her. "Of course. It takes a lot of effort. We need to stay connected for at least five days, until my eggs accept your seeds. But with your power, it should be easy." Al whisper again, more sweetly than before. "Let us begin then." "Aagghhh" Al then jamn his dick in, all the way from behind, making Emma scream in pleasure.

Al then move his hips, making Emma keep on screaming in ecstasy. After they cum, they then change position, and continue. For four days and four nights, both of them didn't leave the room, and just keep having sex non-stop. Even when drinking or eating, they just keep moving thier hips. On the fifth day, Emma say to Al, she can feel that Al is already fertilizing her eggs. But hearing this doesn't stop them. After the sky turn dark, they decided to stop.

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  • Orcanaman


    ohh no no i can understand preference but if i had the chance to make my girlfriend interested in the games i play i will pick some of he classics of my genre instead of ....what he appears to have

  • Orcanaman


    I CALL BS ON A 5000-year old Dragon getting hooked on Final Fantasy 15!!! i might have believed it if you said FF7 or FF10 or even Final Fantasy 11/14 but not 15 as there is No way i or anyone i think would introduce their Dragon girlfriend/fiancee/Queen to that game first instead of any of the hundreds of award winning better games

  • Shadowles_Immortal


    It depends on the person my gf likes 15 better then 7 😅😫😦but I prefer 7 and Cerberus. Had like 300+ on 7 great game.😁😝👍

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