64.17% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 43: The Ceremonies

Chapter 43: The Ceremonies

After spending the last two days lazying around, Al and Emma's big day is finaly arrive. Right now, Al is heading to the church of three gods, where the ceremony will be held, while Emma is preparing herself at the white castle. Four million Elidans are gathering on the sidewalk to congratulate him. News chopper can be seen circling around Al's convoy, reporting the course of this marriage. Seeing his people congratulate him, Al then open his limo's upper window, and then he wave around to the crowd, as a sign of gratitude.

After Al arrive at the church, he then head to the dressing room and meet up with his father. Al then change his clothes into a formal millitary suit, with Erwin's help. While puting on his suit, Erwin also say a few words to him like, "Make sure you made Emma happy." and "Always protect your family." After Al finish dressing up Erwin say "I wish your mother can see this." while holding his cry back. After that, Al head to the altar, where he then wait for Emma to arrive.

Because Emma is basicly an orphan, Al and Erwin ask for Vista to accompany Emma as the parents of the bride. Erwin ask for Vista, because Vista is his closest friend, while Al always think Vista is like an uncle to him. Of course Vista accept it. A few minutes later, Emma's convoy arrive at the church's enterance. The harpies then start to sing the wedding song, and the church's door open up. Emma and Vista then enter the church, while accompanied by childrens from all kind of species, symbolizing the unity of Elida. After Emma arrive at the altar, Al took Emma's hand, then lead her to the priest.

Seeing the bride and groom are ready, and the harpies end their song, the priest then began the ceremony. "By the grace of the three gods, we gather here, at their temple, to witness the join of these two lover, in holy marriage." The priest then walk toward Al and Emma. After the priest arrive, Al and Emma then facing each other. Then, the priest look at Al. "In the name of the three gods, do you, Alphonse Silvario, swear to take this woman as your wife, a partner in life, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and to honor her all the days of your life?" Al then answer "I do." After that, the priest look at Emma. "And do you, Emma, in the name of the three gods, swear to take this man as your husband, a partner in life, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and to honor him all the days of your life?" Emma then answer "I do."

Unlike on earth, in this world when a couple married, they can choose what kind of ornament to do their vow. There is, the standart ring, and then a matching bracelet, and the last is a matching necklace. Al and Emma decided to use a ring. After both Al and Emma made their vow, the ring carrier then give the rings, that was carried using a small pillow, to the priest. The priest then took one of the ring and give it to Al. After accepting the ring, Al then put the ring on Emma's left ring finger. After that, the priest give Emma the other ring, then Emma put the ring on Al's right ring finger. "As the priest of the three gods, I now pronounce you husband and wife." Al and Emma then kiss, and the wedding ceremony come to an end.

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After the speach from the priest and taking few pictures with the guest, Al and Emma then ride on a white chariot, back to the white castle. Seeing Al and Emma exit the church, the crowd got more excited, because this indicate that the ceremony had gone smoothly, and Eldia has got a powerfull future queen. After Al and Emma arrive at the white castle, both of them immediately go to bed.

The reason Al and Emma immediately rest up, is because two days later, another ceremony for the two of them is being held. This time is Al's coronation to become a king. The ceremony will be held on the throne building, few blocks from the white castle. Unlike before, Al and Emma were together when heading there.

The throne building, is a building used for the coronation ceremony, and when the King or Queen want to address the nation. The building it self is simmilar to a catedral back on earth. When Al and Emma enter the building, they can see the two stone throne chairs. Between the chairs, a large flag can be seen. It's the Eldia's nation flag. The flag is similar to the Japanese flag, except the white color is red. In the middle, instead a red sun, it was a yellow sun, and was circled by a dragon that eats its own tail. The red is representing courage, and the dragon that eats it's own tail is representing immortality. As a whole, the flag's meaning is so Eldia can become the immortal sun that give courage to it's people.

After Al and Emma sit down on the stone throne chairs, the ceremony then begin. Erwin then enter the building. He began walk slowly toward Al and Emma, followed by a pair of man and woman carrying crowns behind him. After Erwin arrive at the stone throne chairs, he then took the crown from the man that follow him, and put it on Al's head. After that he do the same to Emma. Actualy, the one that should have put the crown to Emma is the previous Queen.

After putting both crowns to Al and Emma, Erwin then face the audience and say. "The new King and Queen has been crowned! Long live the King! Long live the Queen!"

The audience inside and outside the building then kneel and shout. "Long live King Alphonse!!! Long live Queen Emma!!!"

And with that Al and Emma is now officially become Eldia's King and Queen.

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