65.67% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 44: Greetings From Other Continent

Chapter 44: Greetings From Other Continent

3 years later. Eldia had another upgrade in it's technology. The Eldia's first technology upgrade, is thanks to a researcher named Galilei. Around a year ago, he took an idea from a certain game, and manage to made a portable storage space that was requested by Al. The portable storage space device he made, can be operated using a special smartphone like device, and was devided by three type, the infantry type, the heavy type, and the carrier type.

The infantry type is about the size of an AA battery, and can store goods up to 2 tons. The heavy type is about the size of an ammo box, and can store goods up to 50 tons, even 4 M-ATV can be stored in this device. The carrier type is about the size of a plasma TV, and can store goods up to 1.000 tons, it can easily store around 20 M1A1 Abrams tank.

The second upgrade is thanks to vista's nuke battery. Now, all Eldia's military vehicle are using the nuke battery as their fuel. Helicopters are now capable to fly non stop for 6 months, but they still need to get their maintanance after few days flight. Artilleries & Tanks can move non stop for a year even without maintanace. Small & Medium vehicle can move non stop for a full year before the battery run out. Large aircraft can fly for 3 months without the need to land, while the fighter jet can fly for 6 months without refueling. But the fighter jet need to get their maintanace each flight, while the large aircraft can get their maintanace while flying.

Also, Al is now a father of two children. A boy girl twins. He named the boy, Isaak, and the girl, Alita. Not like Al guess, both of them doesn't have any dragon parts in their body. The only dragon part visible from both of them, is their dragon eyes that looks like a cat. Alita eye color is azure blue, while Isaak eye color is blood red. Both of them have a golden colored hair just like Al and Emma. This year, both of them will be 2 years old. Sadly, now Al and Emma had to leave them behind. Al need to keep his promise with Kratos, and Emma will always follow Al wherever he'll go.

In the last 3 years, Al haven't move his forces toward Deora continent. But he already sent few dozens of sleeper agents, to check the kingdoms in Deora continent. Every week, the sleeper agents will sent informations about all six kingdoms. About their political, military, and economy situations, the royal families, who's that actualy in charge, etc. Al also use his spy satelites and SR-71, to scan the whole continent thoroughly. He done this to check the territory of the kingdoms in Deora continent, where their front line is, their fortress, their cities, and others strategic location. Finally, few days ago, Al declare the intel gathering operation has ended.

Now, Al is aboard the ENS (Eldia Navy Ship) carrier Queen Eliza with Emma, that currently heading toward the Sistine Kingdom. On the way there, 5 sail ships was spotted in the horizon. One of the ships was bigger than the others. It was a war ship. Al then order his men to lower the side elevator, and ask the captain or whoever in charge, to come aboard.

Few moments later, Al finaly saw the commander of the fleet, he come aboard with 4 of his men. But insted of Al, the Fleet Admiral will be the one talk with the captain. The man looked bewildered, but he then gather up his courage and ask, "I am Captain Pima of Warship Trigate from Sistine Kingdom Navy's eastern Fleet. This location is the adjacent sea of Sistine Kingdom, if you proceed beyond this then you will enter our country's territorial water. May you please tell me your ship nationality and the purpose for your sailing?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The Fleet Admiral then introduce himself while saluting, "Excuse my manners. I am Gerard Hughes, Fleet Admiral of this fleet and Captain of ENS carrier Queen Eliza. We are from a Kingdom named Eldia. Our Kingdom location, is across the ocean, and we wish to initiate a diplomatic exchange with your kingdom, which I presumed to be called Sistine Kingdom. Depending on the circumstances, then we will consider establishing a diplomatic relationship. I am grateful if you can relay it to the people in charge of your country."

Pima was shocked after hearing that this fleet is from another continent, but he quickly recovered and continue asking. "That means, you are a country's envoy?"

"That's partialy true, the people behind me is our country's envoy. I am here to make sure their safety. The people behind you seems to be nervous. Please rest assured, we have no hostile intention."

Pima's subordinate nervousness slightly loosened, and even for just a bit, they calmed down. Pima then continue, "I understand. I will report your intention to our country." One of Pima's men then put down his backpack and called Sistine Kingdom capital city. Seeing this, Gerard can't helped to ask what is that backpack. The backpack is actualy a manacom. Unlike normal radio that send signal using electricity, the manacom send signal using wind mana.

Gerard also ask for Pima's destination, and even though Pima doesn't trust Gerard yet, he still answer the question. Apparently Pima is currently returning back to Sistine, after sending some provisions to Alteria. Hearing this, Al knew that this is Kratos's work. He made Pima's fleet will meet with Al, so that Al can quickly made contact with Sistine Kingdom.

DonSKun DonSKun

This is the last one for today. I'll try to publish the next chapter the day after tommorow.

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    finally a couple of chapters, I missed you author

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