68.65% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 46: Jurney to the Krisna

Chapter 46: Jurney to the Krisna

Arishka POV. It all happen so quick. That man made me, and all of the elite guards inside the royal palace kneel down, with just his bloodlust. The king of Eldia, Alphonse Silvario. That man is dangerous. He probably already killed hundreds if not thousands of people to be able to emmit that level of bloodlust. When I see him for the first time at the Eldians ship, I strike him for just a regular, slightly handsome man.

But then, not only he turns out to be the king of Eldia, it's also turns out the women that always besides him is his wife, and one of the six great dragon, the great Golden. With just her presence alone, Sistine kingdom destruction will be set in stone. Fortunately, king Alphonse is a kind king. He overlook prime minister Faldi's mockery. If not, our kingdom will surely be perish.

A week after the throne room incident, I have been assign to a mission. The mission is to evaluate the V-22 transportation capability, and possible millitary capability. I, and two of my subordinate, will watch the V-22, transporting provisions that has been ordered by the Krisna kingdom. The order from Krisna Kingdom is 50 tons of various kind of food. I then watch, how the Eldians put the provisions into the airplane.

I then ask one of the crew how many plane will be used to be able to send all of this supplies. His answer "Around eight or nine airplane I suppose, plus six for escort. If we count it from the weight size, we will only need five, for each plane can carry 10 tons of cargo maximal with it's standard crew of four. But unfortunately, the supplies is rather big. We only able to insert 7 to 9 tons of cargo to each plane." Hearing this I ask 'what if we lift it using a rope or something', the crew then answer. "We can, but, not only the maximum weight will be reduced to 7 to 8 tons max, there is danger of the wire to snap when we enter a storm."

After debriefing the crew about the V-22 capability, the Eldians then escort me to the plane that me and my men will use. The Eldians provide us a black V-22. They say that the black colored one is for the transporting VIP. But when me and my men board the black V-22, we were surprise to see the King and Queen of Eldia was inside and waiting for us. It turns out, they also want to go to Krisna kingdom, for unknown purpose. Being on the same airplane with both of them is making me nervous, but there is nothing that I can do.

After me and my men take our seet, King Alphonse then order the air cavalry to depart. When we lift off, the walls suddenly become blury, and then it become transparent. Now, I can perfectly see the view outside of the airplane. Seeing my confuse face, King Alphonse explain to me that this wall is actualy something called an LED screen. This device is projecting the view of something called a camera, that was installed between the outmost layer, just like on the golem's cockpit. The V-22 itself have 4 layer of wall. From outer to inner layer, the first is mythril, the second is something called Titanium, the third is Adamantium, and the last is this LED screen. After he done explaining, King Alphonse order one of the crew to answer any question that I have. It was a catwoman named Mindi.

While I was looking outside, I can't help to notice that we are flying rather fast. I then ask Mindi how fast can this V-22 go. She said to me, that the V-22 can fly at the speed of 500 km per hour. With this speed, the jurney will took us around six hours. I wanted to say, that was not possible, but watching these flying machine, it made me unable to say it. If my pegasus cavalry were to head to Krisna kingdom, it will take us around twelve hours. Unlike these airplane, the pegasus is a living being, they need to take some rest. If not, the pegasus will go tired on the way and eventualy fall from exhaustion. But these airplanes, not only it can fly faster, transport heavy cargo, it can never go tired, only running out of fuel, like a magician running out of mana.

An hour after we depart, a news was heard trough the radio. "All units be advice, a storm was spoted a head of us. Activate your storm shield." Hearing this, I can't help to ask Mindi about the storm shield. She then explain to me about the weather three basic element. Heat, water, and pressure. The shield that they talk about, is a magic spell that was design to remove these three basic element, so the storm or any other bad weather will not hinder the airplane. The spell itself was inserted into the mythril layer wall.

After Mindi finish her explaination, I then see King Alphonse speaking with the pilot about something. After the king finish talking, the pilot give a thumbs up and then give an announcement. "All units, the maestro will start the orchestra." After that announcement I can hear the others laughing, including Mindi.

Because of this, I ask Mindi again, and she answer "Our king has a habbit to play music according to the situation. Be it when we are marching to our enemies, or even when we are in the middle of a battle, he always find the perfect song. The king said, it can help him clear his mind. This habbit of his, made others calls him 'The Maestro of War'." Suddenly, I can hear a song being played. It's a song that I have never heard before. I then ask Mindi about this song, and she said it was a perfect song, because the title is 'Riders On The Storm'.

King Alphonse then made a speech on the radio. "Stay sharp men, storm shield may protect us from the wind, but thunder can still hit us. Remember the story of a man called Icarus, his father gave him wings made of wax. He then warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun. But the exhilaration was too great, so he flew higher and higher, until the sun melted his wings, and he fell into his dead. But the Eldians think tank is not an irresponsible father. They gave us wings of almost indestructible, whole-rolled, Adamantium steel. Unless it's the god's wishes, it was guaranteed not to melt."

I didn't know such man exist. But I can understand his feelings. When I fly with my pegasus for the first time, it was the most incredible feeling that I have ever felt. While I was thinking that, I realize that we are already inside the storm. Inside the storm, I can see the sinister black cloud surrounding us. Heavy rain, and thunder keep on coming. But despite all that, the airplane keep on flying without problem or turbulance, even the song volume didn't lose from the sound of heavy rain and thunder. We keep flying trough the storm for less than 10 minutes until we get finaly out of the storm.

Three hours of smooth flight later, we are already two-thirds of our jurney. We are currently on a Rho canyon, near the border of Krisna Kingdom. It seem to be no other hindrance, but then...

'Dang' 'Dang' 'Dang' A sound of something being hit can be heard. On the radio someone then scream 'CONTACT!!!'

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"Three Golems shooting at us at eleven o'clock!" "Roger that." "I spot two more! On top of the cliffs at three o'clock!"

We are under attack. From what I can see, those golems are from Krisna. But I don't understand, we already told them that we will send their order using these airplane, so why would they shoot us? King Alphonse suddenly put something over my head, and say, "Quick, use that mic to tell those men that we are from Sistine kingdom."

I then quickly do so. "This is commander Arishka Duran of the Sistine Kingdom 21st flying cavalry! Cease Fire! We are sending provisions to the Kris..." 'Dang' 'Dang'

"Something is wrong. They keep shooting at us even though we already told them we are from Sistine. Either those men are bandits, or they're from the mark faction." I told this to king Alphonse.

He then made an order. "H.A.U.N.T.S. move out, capture the enemy. I repeat, capture the enemy. We need to find out who's this people are."


DonSKun DonSKun

I am back.... Yup I'm still alive (thank god)

Sorry for the long delay. I recently got typhus, and my novel notes got deleted by accident. Hence the delay. But excuses aside, Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

P.S. I'll try to publish another chapter in the next 48 hours.

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  • aspectofthetainted


    thank god, i thought you died or dropped the novel and i was really saddened about it.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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