70.58% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 48: Arriving at Krisna

Chapter 48: Arriving at Krisna

Krisna Kingdom capital city, Fatin. Even they were at war, the situation in this town are rather normal. Inside the city wall, people are busy doing their work. At the market place, the merchant were shouting to advertise their merchandise, the food stall can be seen here and there, selling various kind of snacks. Sometimes a patrol can also be seen, breaking up fights between merchant and customer, or chasing some thief.

Outside the wall, the farmer can be seen working on the field, and the hunter are hunting some birds in the nearby plains. While on the 50 meter city wall, guards can be seen guarding the wall. Some are patroling along the wall, while others were either on top of the reconasance tower, or standing by near the anti air turret. For the people here, it seems to be a regular day. But then...

"whap whap whap whap...."

A strange sound can be heard coming toward the city. The hunters were the first to see the object that causing the sound. Afraid of the unknown, one by one, the hunters start running toward the city wall. On the way back, the hunters also warn the farmers, about the flying thing. Like they say, 'fear is contagious'. The hunters fear then spread to the farmers, causing the farmers to join the hunters evacuating, back to the city wall.

When the hunters and farmers arrived at the city wall, they then told the guards about the things they saw with panic. On the contrary, after hearing this the guards turned happy instead. One of the guard then raised his voice to try calm the hunters and farmers down, and begin to explain the flying things that the hunters mention. "All of you calm down! and listen to me!!!" after the mob calm down, the guard then continue. "Those flying things are from the Sistine kingdom. They came here to deliver the supplies that had been ordered by the kingdom. There is no need to panic, you may continue your work."

Hearing this, the mob slightly calmed. But suddenly one of the hunter is making a fuss. "How do you know they weren't the enemy! From what I can see, few of them were carrying a destroyed golems from our kingdom! How do you explain that!? I say we should shoot them down, just to make sure!" This statement make the mob restless again.

Knowing simple explaination wasn't enough, the guard then explain it further. "Calm down! We already identified them to be the Sistine kingdom shipping forces using the manacom. They gave us a password that only known by the higher ups, and it's already been checked out. If you still scared despite all that, you can always go home. Of course if you chose to do that, you hunters will return empty handed. Lastly, if any of you try to harm, or show any open hostility toward them, we will treat you as a spy from the mark faction, and kill you on the spot. Do I make myself clear?" Hearing the guard threat, the hunter face turns white.

Suddenly a sound of a woman can be heard from outside. "This is Commander Arishka Duran of the Sistine Kingdom 21st flying cavalry. I am here to deliver the supplies that have been ordered by Krisna Kingdom. Acting leader of the guards in the city wall, may I ask for your presence on top of the city gate to check the supplies."

Hearing this, the guard captain that currently on the low side barrack, then quickly head out to the top of the city wall. On her way toward the elevator, she got confuse after seeing a large mob of people inside the wall. After she looked more carefully, she recognize some of them to be the farmers and hunters that work outside. She then ask her subordinate. "What's going on here? Why are they gather here?"

"Captain. They are afraid of the Sistine kingdom shipping forces. They though, that those shipping forces are actualy an attack force from the Mark faction."

"So, why they didn't just go home? They are blocking the city enterance, disperse them."

"Yes ma'am!"

The guards then move in, and starting to disperse them. Knowing this, some of the farmers muster up courage and head out. Seeing their co-workers heading out, the other farmers also chose to head out. Seeing the farmers bravely heading out despite there is a possibility that the one outside might be the enemy, some of the hunters who didn't want to lose to the farmers, also starting to head out, while the rest then follow. Of course nothing happen to them.

On the other hand, the guard captain and her aide is currently inside the elevator, heading to the top side of the wall. When she reach the top side, she can now see the V-22 clearly. Amazement look can be seen in her face.

Seeing the guard captain has arive, Arishka then ask the pilot to land the osprey. The VIP Osprey were the first to land, while the others were standing by. Arishka and her men then exit the osprey, and start walking toward the guard captain.

Arishka then salute at the guard captain, while introduce herself. "Commander Arishka Duran of the Sistine Kingdom 21st flying cavalry. We are here to send supplies, which the Krisna kingdom had ordered."

The guard captain then salute back. "Captain Vony Le Clare, guard captain of Fatin's eastern wall. Welcome to the capital, commander Duran."

"Thank you captain Le Clare. 50 tons of supplies that were ordered by Krisna, are on these airplane. If you wish to check the supplies, we can order the airplane to land." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"If it's not a bother, then I wish to do that."

Arishka then ask the V-22 that has the supplies to land on top of the wall. Luckly the wall is 25 meter wide, so the Osprey has enough room to land. After the Osprey landed and the cargo door was opened, the two loadmaster inside each Osprey then exit the plane, and ready themself in front of the loading ramp.

Seeing all this made Vony amazed even more. "What are this thing? Are they new inventions from Sistine kingdom? They are incredible."

"No, they are not. These airplane, we purchase them." Arishka answer Vony, while scratching her right cheek.

"Where do Sistine kingdom bought it form? It can't be... Is it from the mark faction!?" Seeing Arishka scratching her cheek, Vony then quickly think for the worst.

Seeing how scare Vony look, Arishka quickly dismiss it. "No, no, no. It's not form the mark faction. Calm down."

Hearing this, Vony blow sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, just the though of mark faction manage to made another war machine that can change the battlefield, it scare me."

"It's alright. You must be thinking the worst thing posible, because the reaction I made, right?" Seeing Vony nod at her question, Arishka then continue. "The reason I reacted that way, is that, you probably wont believe me. These airplane, and all these men accept my two subordinate behind me, are from Eldia, the kingdom from another continent."

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I can finally publish a chapter. Here's the first one. I have 8 more, but I'll publish the next one in a couple of days after I done reviewing it.

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