77.61% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 52: Preparation To War

Chapter 52: Preparation To War

"Hmph, you can hope all you want king Alphonse, but the talk ends now. As the envoy of Atomos the God of destruction, I am now declaring war against all of you! Especially you king Alphonse, envoy of the three gods!"

Mordin then look toward the gods. "This war will decide which god will fall! Will it be my god, the God of destruction, Atomos, or will it be the three of you!"

"And I Damian Windelmark, king of Windel, will allied myself with King Mordin Sola in his fight against all of you!"

Mordin then close his eyes, and began to murmuring something. After he open his eyes, he then began to speak again. "Both of us will take our leave. The next time we meet king Alphonse, it will be on your execution."

A dark bubble then began to cover both Mordin and Damian. Al instinctively unsheathed his Ōdachi and shout at Root. Root who understand what Al's aim, then quickly gave the god seal to him. Considering that Atomos is currently not a god, the three gods would only need to use 1 percent of their power to destroy Atomos's devine protection.

In a split second, Al manage to move infront of Mordin and Damian, and deliver a slash toward Mordin. But suddenly, Mordin position switch with Damian, making Damian the one who got slashed.

"GYAAAHHH!-" Damian scream can be heard before both of them vanish. When Al looked at the floor, he found a hand. It was Damian's.

Al sheath his Ōdachi and then look toward the other kings. "All of you now know the truth, and made a choice to side with the three gods. In that case, all of you are now my allies. I promise I will help you, with everything in my power." Hearing Al say this, all of them then breathe a sigh of relief.

Al then began explaining his plan to the other kings. "First, we will need to get the upperhand in this war. Along with supplies and soldiers, I will also give you all new ways of communication, so that Damian and Mordin cannot listen to our conversation. After that, I will send in some of my anti spy unit to each of your kingdoms. They will search for spies that was planted by Mordin and Damian. So please, cooperate with them." They understand what Al's concern was and then nodded in unison, as a sign that they understood.

Seeing the kings nod, Al then continue. "King Johann, King Brantano, I will give you both 25.000 of my men to clean up your cities from spies. Since both Alteria and Kaiser are more to the north, they are relatively save from direct confrontation. So it's possible, that the only problem in your kingdom is espionage. King Alexander, King Otus, I will give each of you 200.000 of my men. Because both Dowa and Krisna kingdoms are in touch with the enemies border, your borders will definitely become the front line of this war. While on the side note, my men will also clear your cities from spies."

They were happy with this, but then Johann ask the biggest problem in Al's plan. "All in all, it is a great plan, king Alphonse. But how long will it takes, for your men to arrive at our kingdoms."

They then start to remember, large portion of Al's men must be still at his country, which is across the ocean. To sent that large number of soldiers, it won't be easy nor fast.

Al also realize this and began to think for a solution. Even though Al's army is technologically advance, they still need a lot of preparation and time to move that large number of soldiers. Time that they don't have.

But luckily for Al, he only need to ask for an idea to the wiseman, or in this case, to the wise dragon god. "Root... can you help with this?"

Without to much thought, Root immediately answer. "I have a sollution. We can use the dimensional gate magic to send your soldiers. You can use this magic right?"

The dimensional gate, is a space time magic. This spell main purpose, is to directly connect 2 point of place. But it have two short coming, the user must have been at the destination, and it only allow a person to go through it one at a time.

"Yeah I can use it. But, wasn't that magic will be useless in this case? No matter how much I train the gate magic, I can't made it big enough to send an entire army. So what? Are you sugestesting to made my men to line up, and enter the gate one by one."

Al already have an idea to use this magic, but the size is making it less ideal. With the number of soldiers he mentioned, Al would need to open his gate for at least two to three days straight. Even though Al can stay awake for a week straight, with the help from his cheat, his soldiers is a normal human / demi-human, they will need to take a rest.

Root then scratch his nose after hearing Al's question. "Actualy, the reason you can't make it bigger, is us."

"What do you mean?"

"Because we know how dangerous this magic is, we decided to suppres it. Our suppresion, is causing any user of this magic, unable to made the gate bigger. With our help, you will be able to made the bigger gate. But it will cost you."

Seeing Root's uncomfortable face, Al knew the cost won't be cheap, but he still need to ask it. "What's the price?"

"When you use it, our automatic suppresion power, will feel the giant gate magic, and then try to stop the caster. So the four of us will get hit by that power. The three of us are gods, so the suppresion power is nothing for us. But for you a human, you will feel an excruciating pain that can't be stoped, even with a skill. You won't die, but you'll wish for it."

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But Al just smile, and say "Promises promises."

Smile then appear on the three gods. Cratos then clap his hand. "Alright then, now that we have a plan, let us begin the war."


"And that, is what just happen in that split second."

Elza still can't belive her husband story. It's just too unbelievable. Even so, Elza don't have a choice but to belive it, because it is only the gods who can made something like that happen in just a split second.

Elza then ask Alexander. "So? What king Alphonse will going to do now?"

"He will open a giant dimensional gate to move his soldiers, to our kingdom, and the other three kingdoms. He said, for the first batch he can only send around 1.000 soldiers for each kingdom, because the time is too short. He also need to order his men, to quickly occupy Sistine kingdom's port city of Perak, that currently harboring his fleat."

"But dear, are you sure king Alphonse's soldiers can occupy Perak city?"

"I don't know my love, but we can trust him. He is the three gods's envoy after all."

While walking with Emma, Al then open up a gate toward his office in Eldia. After that he picked up his desk phone, and called few people. First, he called Admiral Gerard Hughes.

"Admiral Hughes."

"Hello sir."

"The situation has change. Just now, Mordin Sola, The king of Sistine has declare war on us. In a few moment I will change the KDS to level 1" Al then began explaining everything that just happen. About the Uruk-kai, the Sistine and Windle alliance, ect.

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    He's to soft!!!

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    He's to soft!!!

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    He's to soft!!!

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