79.1% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 53: First Battle of The War

Chapter 53: First Battle of The War

"Roger that sir."

"There is no doubt that they will launch an attack to your fleet. But, even though he already declare war on us, his people still doesn't know that yet. That's why, I want you to wait until they made the first move. Basicly, follow the rules of engagement, you can't attack them, unless they attack you first. Understand?"

"Yes sir." Hughes is a war veteran from Al's previous war. Because of that, Hughes was able to remain calm, even though there is possible attack on his fleet from an army of perfect soldiers.

"Good. Then, after you held out the attack, order the army's peacemaker to move out to perak, and take control of it. One more thing, they are not allowed, I repeat, not allowed to kill any civilians in there, human or demihuman alike. Just arrest them if they do made some trouble. Also, failure is not an option here Hughes. If something goes wrong, you're on your own until reinforcement arrive, the reinforcement which the ETA (estimation time arrival) is still unknown."

"I understand sir."

"And lastly, be careful out there Hughes."

"Thank you for your concern sir, we'll keep our eyes open."

Al then turn off the phone.

After hearing the disconnect ringtone, Hughes then put his phone down. He then exit his private room, and head toward the ship deck. Few minutes later he arrived at the deck.

"ADMIRAL ON DECK!" All of the men inside quickly stand up at ready possition.

Hughes then sit down on the captain chair, and order his men. "Connect me to the whole fleet."

The deck officer then pickup a phone and began to relay Hughes's order to the men in the CIC. Few seconds later, the man then nod and then put his phone down. "You're connected admiral."

Hughes then grab the microphone "This is admiral Hughes speaking." Hearing this, all the men then stop moving and start listening.

"Just a few minutes ago, king of sistine kingdom, Mordin Sola, has declare a war against us, followed by king of Windel kingdom, Damian Windelmark. There is no doubt, that the Sistine kingdom will soon send an attack force toward us. Of course, we will defend ourself. But, despite that, his majesty king Alphonse has strickly order us to follow the first rule of engagement, 'we can't engage them unless they engage us first'. And that's it for the news. Men, let us prepare the welcome gifts. All ship men battle stations!"

The Captain in each ship then yelled to their subordinates. "Prepare for an anti-aircraft battle!"

"Pre~pare for an air~craft ba~ttle!" The subordinates then repeat the order with longer pronunciation.

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Those riding on the warship were at their posts and put on their helmets and Kapok life jackets. And, every door, and wall hatches were all closed. These were the measures for the chance that the ship would take damage and some flooding would occured, there would be a sort of block to keep the flooding to a minimum. Even the officers did just as the training went, and rapidly readied the positions for battle. Their subordinates did their best, so the commander must also do the same.

While those riding on the Queen Eliza start to scramble on the runway. Some of the crew are currently arm the F-35 with air-to-air combat loadout, while other are preparing the anti air armament.

Inside the aircraft carrier CIC, Hughes is currently discussing about the invasion plan to town of Perak with the ground forces commander.

Suddenly, an alert call has come from the Aegis class Destroyer 'Susanoo'. "Large number of flying subject detected! It is confirmed to be a cavalry of pegasus and dragons! Enemy targets are about 200 unit!"

Hughes then order his men. "Scrambel the F-35, Intercept the flying cavalry. Remember, only engage if they engage first."

The Pilots then quickly scramble to their planes. Eight F-35 then take off verticaly at the same time, followed by another eight F-35 few minutes later. The F-35 then made a defensive line few kilometers from the fleet, and wait for the enemy to arrive.

Few minutes later, the pegasus and dragons cavalry can be seen by the F-35 pilots. The captain of 'Susanoo' then grab the microphone and began to speak trough the loudspeeker. "Sistine kingdom cavalry, you're closing in to Eldians eastern fleet's air space. Turn back immediately. If you continue and enter our air space, we will treat you as hostile and began to open fire."

But not only the cavalry didn't stop, one of the dragon release it's ice breath attack toward one of the F-35. The pilot see this and quickly pull up to dodge the attack. At first, the fleet nor the plane didn't shoot back. But when the other dragon release it's fire breath attack toward the Susanoo, all hell break lose.

"They are attacking us! Blow them out of the sky!!" The captain of Susanoo then give his order.

The weapon officer then, relay the attack order to his man in the CIC room "Left-aircraft battle, CIC instructions targets, begin firing the main armament!"

"Beginning to shoot!"

"Begin~ning to sho~ot!" The firing squad members holding onto the pistol-like firing equipment, prepared the console near there, and pulled the trigger. The already-stocked 127 mm rapid-fire cannon on the bow's gun turret was rapidly fired, and the cannonballs were automatically stocked. It pointed to the targets and fired.

At first, one of the pegasus rider smirk at the Susanoo's one lonely deck gun. But the next face he made is a face of horror. Three round was fired in rapid succession, one hit a dragon beside him, while the other hit his wingman. And the last one, he can see it heading toward him. The last thing he see is an explossion that engulf him, before he completely lose his vision.

Inside the CIC the radar man continue providing targets. "New targets! 110 degrees!"

In the air, the enemy begin to dwindling. They then try to dodge the Izanagi, Izanami, and Susanoo auto cannon by rising their altitude. But the F-35 didn't just sit still and let them go. The pilots then begin their pursuit.

Seeing the F-35 coming close, the pegasus rider then shoot their gun at the F-35. But the F-35's body is not that fragile. Even if the pegasus riders empty their magazine, none of them make any dent to the body, not even at the glass. The F-35 pilots then shoot their GAU-22 4-barrel rotary cannon at the pegasus and dragons cavalry. Because the pegasus body is basicly almost the same with a regular horse, when they were hit by the 25 mm round, they and their rider turn into a flowers of blood.

But that didn't happen with the dragons. Their skin is to thick for the 25mm round to pierce them. Fortunately the F-35 didn't just have one armament. One of the F-35 pilot, lock at the dragon and push a button in thei stick. The F-35 under side door open up and then a missile can be seen. The missile then shoot out toward the dragon, and exploded when made contact with it, killing both the dragon and it's rider.

Few minutes later, the entire pegasus cavalry were killed, while the dragon cavalry is reduced to less than 30. Hughes then stop the fight, by offering them to retreat. But it seems that none of the dragon riders wanted to give up. The dog fight between the dragons and the F-35 then restarted after one of the dragons release it's breath attack.

The dragon riders then try to use their number by baiting the F-35. One of them will try to act as bait, while the other will attack from behind. Although this is a sound plan, the reality was different. Each time the dragon riders try to bait the F-35, the supperior speed and firepower of the F-35 made them unable to be hooked. The result is either the F-35 already destroy the bait, or they are to fast to be attacked from behind.

This one sided fight finally over, after the last three dragon riders decided to retreat. The Eldia suffer no casualities, except minor burnt mark on the Susanoo's port side.

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