83.58% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 56: The Meeting And Problems (2)

Chapter 56: The Meeting And Problems (2)

Yesterday, after Al finish his call with Admiral Hughes, Al then made another call. "General Lok."

"Your majesty? But this number..."

"Yes I'm currently at my office."

General Lok Grano, a hobgoblin, Al's minister of defence and also the Moon Class General. Lok is already a high ranking officer when Al's father still in charge. He's smart and very calculative. When Al is still teenager, Lok became his teacher in kingdom management. Knowing Lok's capabilities Al immediately made Lok his left hand man when he became the king.

"What can I do sir?"

"Lok, I hereby odering you, to change the Kingdom Defense Status (KDS) to level 1."

"At war!? But with who? Is it one of the kingdom in Deora?"

"Two actualy. Kingdom of Sistine and Kingdom of Windel. I called you now because I need you to prepare an advance force of 5.000 men to help our allies."

"Who's our Allies?"

"The other kingdom. Krisna, Alteria, Kaiser, and Dowa. Our allies, need our help in eradicating the enemy spy unit in their kingdoms, and establishing our way of communication. So the unit who need to go is the anti spy unit, combat engineer unit, and any other unit that expert in CQC (Close Quarter Combat). The advance force will sortie at the Titan base."

"I understand your majesty."

"Good. After that, assemble all of the generals and ministers for a breefing. I will explain everything there." Al then put his phone down and wait for his ministers and generals.

While waiting, Al and Emma take their time to visit Issak and Alita. But because it was night at Eldia, both Issak and Alita is already on their bed, sleeping soundly. But for Al and Emma, it is enough, even though they can only see their children sleeping faces.

Half an hour later, Al's ministers and generals has arive and gathered at the meeting room. Including Al and Emma, there are 30 people in the room. Moon Class General, Lok Grano, a hobgoblin. Sun Class General, Fuegoleon Carmine, a lionman. General of the Army, Ariane Walkyria, a female centaur. General of the Air Force, Joule Godfreed, a human male. Secretary of state, Bess Udina, a human female. Head of the DOIE (Departement Of Intelegence and Espionage), Rao Jurgen, a male kobold. Minister of finance, Bailey Horvat, a female dullahan. Head of the Research and Development departement, Vista Malavis. And the rest is their assistant.

After seeing that everybody is present, Al then begin the meeting. "I imagine that everybody here is already receive the message from your cellphone, but let me clarify it. It's true, we are currently at war."

The Generals and ministers all have an application on their cellphone, that can monitor the changes in the Kingdom Defense Status. Each KDS have diffrent response. Level 4 is all clear. Level 3 is that there is possible threat. Usualy, just Lok is enough to addressed it. Level 2 is that the threat are real and the army were needed. In this case, Fuegoleon need to address the situation personaly. Level 1 is the highest threat and basicly indicating that the kingdom is at war. Al is the only person that have the authorization to change the KDS to level 1.

Al then began his explanation. "Including my father, everybody here is aware about the real reason for our previous war in Namira continent, right?" After seeing his Generals and Ministers nod, Al then continue. "Slaine, the god of life, has given me powers, so I can help him destroy king Thomas's dangerous ambition. With the help from all of you, I manage finish that mission. But, there is something that I haven't mention to all of you. After that, I was called once again by the gods. This time, it was Cratos, the god of death that give me a new mission. The mission is, to stop the 30 years of war in Deora continent. At first, I figure it will be an easy mission, that's why I only bring one fleet. But the situation has change."

Al then told his generals and ministers the whole story. About the evil god, his puppet Mordin Sola, and the army of Uruk-kai.

"That's why, to help our new allies, I need all of you to prepare four army for me. Two made of 200.000 men, while the other two made of 25.000 men. I need them to be ready less than a week. Also, give the two larger army a large number of MBT, defensive unit, anti armor unit and anti air unit."

"I'm afraid, a week to send that many men to other continent is impossible sir." Lok then interject.

"No Lok, I only need them to be ready at the Titan base. You can watch what I mean when I sent the 5.000 soldiers of advance force. By the way, how much time is needed to prepare those 5.000 men?"

"Not long your majesty. Because we only sending in a ground forces, the preparations isn't that much. Morning of the day after tomorrow they will be ready at the Titan base.

"Good job Lok. Anything else?"

Vista then speak. "I'm sorry to say your majesty, but we might have a shortage with the Tsujigiri tank. Because we are at peace, the tank production didn't realy in a hurry. In our current stock, we might only have around 200 unit, maybe less."

"I see... We have no choice but to put the factory on a full workload then. Raise the employees salary for this time, have them work day and night with three shift work. Anyone willing to work overtime will have great bonus. We need those tanks in the field as soon as possible."

"Yes your majesty."

"Anything else? If not, then Fuego, please address the kingdom about the war."

"I understand.. kid."

"Would you please stop calling me that, you 467 years old grandpa." Everyone then laugh after hearing Al's response. "So? What kind of cover story that you'll tell to the public, Fuego?"

"Hmm.. let just say that Sistine kingdom wished to steal our technology by attacking the eastern fleet. That way, this mission from god of death Cratos, can be kept under wrap. Plus, it is the most plausable motive for an attack."

"That's true. We'll go with that. Ariane, Joule, even though both of you are one of the highest ranking officer, both of you are free to come to the front. Gather at the Titan base when the larger army about to move out, if you do want to come."

Ariane and Joule became happy because Al said this. For the two of them, who's basicly a warriors to the core, being an officer that sit behind the desk, doesn't sit well in their minds. To be able to set foot to the battlefield, is like the highest reward for them.

Ariane is a centaur, being in the battlefield is like a second nature for her. She's become famous for her merits in Al's previous war. The most famous one, is that when she manage to clear out an enemy's barrack by herself. On top of that, she's also an excellent commander. Joule on the other hand, is a veteran from Al's grandfather war time, and currently is the deadliest fighter pilot. He's famous for his ability in flying many kind of airplane, even thought he doesn't have legs, which earned him the nickname of 'The legless sky reaper'.

Al then talk with Secretary of state, Bess Udina about telling the other kingdoms in Namira about Elida situation, as an excuse for any slight delay in export / import of goods. Also, to ask them for any support they can provide.

"I understand your majesty. My staff and I will speak with their representative after this meeting"

After that, Al then ask the Head of the DOIE, Rao Jurgen, about information of the enemy's movement.

"Your majesty, we manage to capture some aerial video using the reaper drone, and found some movement from Sistine kingdom side. An army around 150.000 soldiers, can be seen to heading toward the city of Perak. We also spot a larger army, around 500.000, can be seen to heading toward the Krisna kingdom. We have confirmation, that the smaller army is consists of horse cavalry and cannons. While the larger army is consists of heavy infantry, battle mage, horse cavalry, oliphant cavalry, and dragons cavalry. Also, it has been confirmed that the eastern fleet is currently engaging Sistine kingdom's dragons and pegasus cavalry. While on the Windel side, an army of golem can be seen heading toward Dowa kingdom's border city. Other than that, there has been no other move."

Then the last one, is the Minister of finance, Bailey Horvat. Al ask her if the war and the overtime working of the Tsujigiri tank manufacturing factory, will impact Eldia's finance.

"I belive it will, your majesty. Although the war and the overtime work will not made to much impact in our finance, the Vernium manufacturing could hurt us. So, I suggested to stop the Tsujigiri tank production, if the tank already reach around 2.000 unit. The less the better." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After Al have all the answer to his question, he then close the meeting, and let his generals and ministers do their works.

DonSKun DonSKun

I manage to finish another chapter. I will publish it tomorrow.

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