30.76% Aether Overlord / Chapter 4: Ren's plan

Chapter 4: Ren's plan

Ren checked the event log once again. Almost every command was on 100% except the stats which still needed about 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Gred was heading his way and he only had about 100 meters of preparation. Ren didn't waste his time According to the Event log, he could only keep his inventory open for a minute, and it would take him 30 seconds to open it back once again.

Ren thought the system he had wasn't a loot box system at all, It was more like a scam system or a time-wasting system.

"Based on his title of 'from the Horned Serpent', he is most likely from the black robed group. If I appear in front of him in these robes, he would probably loosen his guard. When that happens..." Ren was going through possible scenarios that might happen. He was making back-up plans just in case his current one wouldn't do any good.

"Withdraw curse potion." Ren said.

A red potion appeared in Ren's hand. It was just like the health elixir that Ren withdrew and kept in his pockets. However the red liquid of this potion was eerily shining making the the potion glow.

Ren checked the curse potion in his inventory for description.

"Curse potion x19 (rare) - Each potion can display 1 type of deadly status. Status ranging from bleed, paralysis, burn, hallucination, frozebite, beserk and poison. A potion produced by mixing atleast 7 different elements of demonic blood in an intricate, unfathomable way. It was accidentally created during the War against the 17th Archdemon of Hel. Blood of different elemental demons was gathered in one place during the war, turning the area into a cursed lake which killed everything who stepped near it, demons and humans alike. Only those who have curse-repelling abilities, high status resistance and equipments against curses lived. That area became abandoned during the war.

The lake, after the war, drew in countless monsters and people to drink from it killing thousands more before it dried up completely.

Effects reduced from 3 status effects to 1, due to it being from a different world."

Ren immediately placed the potion into his other pocket. He was afraid that he might get both the health elixir and curse potion mixed up and accidentally kill himself. If that ever happened he would probably turn into a vengeful ghost, being unable to forgive himself for being so stupid.

"Withdraw invisibility potion and 3 defense talismans." Ren commanded once again.

The invisibility potion would enable him to be invisible for a minute once consumed. The only way to find him after he consumed it is when he bumped into someone or move something when he moves. His scent and the sounds he would make would be hidden as well. Unfortunately, being one of the most useful consumable in his inventory right now, he only had 3 of it.

The defense talisman, once activated would provide him extra defense that could stack up 3 times, hence he withdrew 3 at once. He activated it immediately. Since his area was a war zone, the house might blow up first before Gred arrives. Ren always believe in the saying 'You can never be too careful.'

"Activated defense talismans. 300 damage worth of shield is placed around the Host."

Ren withdrew another 3, just in case he needed it and couldn't open his inventory.

"Finally, it's time!" Ren took the arrow and gazed it with the curse potion. He used the whole bottle on it. He planned to stab Gred with it if he manages to lower his guard down. If he failed he would use the invisibility potion and sprint through the front door, avoiding the most crowded areas. However that was too dangerous and he decided to keep it as his last resort.

Ren eventually chickened out. He drank the invisibility potion still, but that was probably the best decision he ever made in his life. The potion's duration was only 1 minute, but who knew that it would only go down if he turned invisible? Ren consumed it and he felt that he could toggle the invisibility on and off. He tried it out anyways. It worked. He offed it again, reducing the time to 59 seconds.

Finally, Gred came.

"You! Help me, I'm being chased by Drey of the Crimson Bird." Gred was looked like he was about to die. His body was riddled with wounds however, those wounds were somehow covered in ice, stopping it from bleeding.

When Ren saw Gred, his heart started beating fast. He felt danger, like a snake was eyeing on him, wanting to consume him whole when he least expect it. Even if Gred was critically injured, he didn't feel that he would be able to kill him at all.

Just as Gred arrived, his stats did as well.


Status: Critical condition

Race: Human

Bloodline: Crystal Serpent (Rare-grade)

Vitality: 20%

Power level: 28

Extremely dangerous."

Gred's stats popped up in Ren's mind. Immediately he started to act. He was an awkward person in general but right now, he needed to change. To live at this moment, he needed to change his ways.

"Yes, Gred don't worry, I'll help you." Ren assumed a battle stance that he saw from afar back when he was looking through the door.

Gred nodded and turned his back on Ren.

"Chance!" Ren thought but he gave it up. He was scared first of all as he never thought he would kill someone and secondly, a guy Drey was arriving to kill Gred, so he thought that he would get a better chance later.

"I need to survive, God please..." Ren prayed. He was not that religious but he still did anyways.



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Ren was caught in the explosion and the debris flew towards him. Immediately he activated the invisibility potion.

"CRITICAL HIT! Host was dealt 388 damage. Health points remaining 12%. Suggested course of action, take a drop of health elixir." Ren was invisible under huge rocks. Most of his lower limbs was broken making him scream in pain. Fortunately he activated his invisibility potion, or else his scream would have alerted Drey and Gred.

"F*ck!" Ren took out the potion, surprisingly it was in one piece as the glass container was made of high-quality material.

"Oh, I'll stab you both, don't worry." Ren drank the potion as he slide the rocks off of him. He stared at them aggressively. Fear turned into fury in mere seconds, Ren only needed an opportunity to strike.

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