64.17% One sided love / Chapter 43: Result

Chapter 43: Result

One week later...

Mo Residence

It's time for Elder Mo to take his maintenance medicine.

Nurse Rion went to Elders Mo's bedroom to get his medicine.

He took the bottle from the top of the old man's bedside table.

He opened the cap but realized it was empty.

"Uh, It's empty! I guess I have to get a new one." Rion mumbled.

He left the old man's bedroom and went to his own bedroom.

He walk towards his closet and search for the unopened bottle of drug that he hid at the bottom of his folded dresses.

He has been looking for it for about thirty minutes now. However, he can't still find it.

Rion furrowed his brows. "Why can't I find it? I'm sure I put it here."

Rion removed all his dresses away from his closet but he can't still find the bottle.

Coud it be, someone took it? But who? Nurse Rion wondered.

No,no,no, I must be thinking too much. Perhaps I have just misplaced it.

Rion continued to search to his drawers and his cabinet.

He almost turn his entire room upside down but he still can't find it!

Rion felt tired, "Aiiissshhhh! Why would it suddenly disappear??!" He mumbled.

He decided to get out of his room to call his boss through phone.

He wanted to request for another bottle of drug.

As soon as Rion reach outside his room. The servant who is cleaning on the floor outside his room suddenly scream!

"Aaahhh!" The youngest servant of the Mo Residence almost jump out of fright when Nurse Rion suddenly popped out from the door. She was holding a vacuum cleaner with her hands.

"Hey Nurse Li! You'll kill me due to fright!" The servant complained while stroking her chest.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Rion apologized.

He was about to walk past her but his footsteps stopped.

He turned and asked the servant.

"Did you clean my bedroom the other day?" Rion asked.

The servant stopped what she's doing and look at Rion. "No! I thought you don't want us to enter your bedroom?" The servant raised her brow.

Rion scratched his head. "Oh! I was just asking." Uhm, did you see someone entered my room?" He asked again.

The servant knitted her brows.

"Hey! Why are you ask----" the servant froze as if she remember something.

"Oh! Right! I saw someone entered your room." The servant's knitted brows deepened and she tried to remember who was the person she saw.

"Ah! It was Ms. Tang! But it was one week ago, it's the last time they came here. She said, she was looking for the toilet and she was lost." The servant said.

Rion was stunned!

What?! Ms. Tang? Rion thought.

Right! He remember she excused her self to go the toilet.

But it took her almost two hours before she came back to the balcony.

Rion felt anxious!

Could it be that she took the drug?

Could it be that she already knew his real identity?

Rion thought for a moment.

No! This can't be happening!

What am I gonna do?!

Should I call boss?

I think she needs to know about this!

With that thought, Rion quickly walk away.

The servant's gaze followed Rion. "What's wrong with him?" She wondered.

Rion went to the garden, he took his phone from his pocket and called his boss.

The other line ring few times before someone answered.

"What! Is the old man dead already?" The woman asked from the other line.

Rion swallowed his saliva before he speak. "B-boss, I think they are suspecting me." Rion said.

"What? Suspecting you? How do you say so? I thought you've been cautious and no one notice you there?!" The woman yelled.

"Boss, I've been so cautious. I don't know how it happened. But the drug that you provided has

suddenly disappeared from my closet!."

"Sh*t! How?!"

"I think, Ms. Tang took it away!" Rion replied.

"That bi*ch!" The woman from the other line sounds so angry! " Just leave the mansion now before they discover about the drug!" The woman commanded.

"Alright boss!"


Xi laboratory

"Mr.Xi, this are the result of the drugs that we examined." A woman with a white coat gave the files to Troy.

Troy took the files and read the result.

He was startled! His eyes went wide open and he almost choked!

He quickly called Lindon and told him to go to the laboratory right away.


Kresha and Lindon sitted on the chair in front of Troy's desk.

"So, tell us. How's the result?" Lindon asked Troy.

Troy took a deep breath.

"The samples that you gave me are the same." He said. "But, it was not Elder Mo's maintenance medicine." Troy continued.

"What?!" Kresha and Lindon are stunned.

"What do you mean?!" Kresha asked.

"What I mean is that, those drugs are fake!"

Lindon don't know what to say! He was speechless!

"And the worst thing is that... Those drugs contains chemicals that could trigger your grandpa's heart disease." Troy said.

Troy's word seemed like a nuclear bomb that exploded in front of Lindon! He doesn't know how to react!

Chemicals that could trigger his grandpa's heart disease?!

It was so obvious that Rion is trying to poison his grandpa!

But why?!

Lindon gritted his teeth! He tightened his fist and almost hit the wall.

Kresha quickly hold Lindon's hands and tried to calm him down.

Lindon felt so angry! His face turned red and his chest darted up and down due to the anger that he felt inside!

"So, grandpa's death in our previous life was not cause by his heart disease, but because he was poisoned!" Lindon said in between his gritted teeth.

No wonder, his grandpa's condition worsened instantly!

He never thought that there was a foul play behind his grandpa's death in his previous life.

And now, everything happened again!

He was not able to protect his grandpa!

But why would Rion do that to the old man?


Could it be someone bribed him?

But who?

Could it be that Kresha's case is related to this?

"Lindon, I think we should call Officer Liu." Kresha suddenly said.

Lindon snapped back to his senses.


Lindon quickly took his phone, he was about to call Officer Liu but his phone suddenly ring.

It was from the Mo residence!

Lindon quickly answered the phone.

"Youngmaster! Elder Mo, suddenly collapsed this morning, we're on our way to the hospital now." The old buttler from the Mo Residence voice sounds anxious.

Lindon was not able to blurt a word! He feel like his whole world collapse!

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  • greatestfan


    Hope Elder Mo in this lifetime will not die.

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