35.29% Leading system / Chapter 23: It's just a trash grade 8 pill

Chapter 23: It's just a trash grade 8 pill

" Let's go back to the manor. ",Bikash said while dragging Lin Li towards the direction of the manor.

All the patriarchs and onlookers were stunned at this scene. Their almighty and cold protector was just led away by this guy like a little girl.

Bikash suddenly remembered about the kids he had seen at the slave traders'. Bikash told Lin Li to go back to the manor and went to the slave traders'.

The slave trader had noticed the commotion earlier. He was afraid when Bikash flew towards. Even though he was a Xiantian realm expert, he could get slaughtered if he offended any Revolving Dan realm expert.

Bikash landed near the slave trader. He then pointed at the kids while saying," How much are they ? "

" Senior doesn't need to pay. They are a gift from me. ",he said.

Bikash went to the kids. They had slave seals placed on them. The trader passed him the papers that were used by the buyer to control the slaves.

Bikash tore the three papers to pieces and said," From now on, you are free. Would you guys like to come with big brother ? "

" Mhmm...",they hesitantly nodded. They were stunned by this senior's actions but chose to trust him.

He picked the three kids up and took them to the manor where Lin Li was waiting for him.

" How did you do it ? ",she asked with a serious expression. She had raked her brains trying to think how he became a Early Revolving Dan realm in just one day.

" Huh? Did what? ",he asked. He just wanted to see her reaction and mess with her.

" You were clearly a mortal ? How did you reach the Revolving Dan realm in one day ? ",she continued.

Bikash bought another Essence solidification pill and took it out of the inventory. He showed it to Lin Li and said," With this. "

Bikash then put the pill in his mouth. In just a matter of seconds, the pill dissolved away while leaving a sweet experience.

[ Ding.. Host has obtained 10,000,000 experience points. ]

[ Ding.. Host has broken through to Mid Revolving Dan realm. ]

[ Ding.. Host has broken through to Late Revolving Dan realm. ]

Suddenly, Bikash's aura changed and he became a Late Revolving Dan realm. Lin Li was ecstatic when she saw this. She saw hope for her breakthroughs.

" What pill is that ? C-Can you give me one? ",Lin Li was clearly hesitant and embarrassed to say the last sentence but she still blurted it out as this held great importance. After all, In higher realms breaking through even a single sub-realms was really hard.

" OK. ",Bikash quickly brought another essence solidification pill and threw it to Lin Li. Lin Li caught it and placed it in a small box with great care as this may be her ticket to mid or even late Revolving Dan realm. She then placed it in her storage ring.

" What pill is that ? ",she asked again.

" Oh that, it's just some trash grade 8 pill. ",he said.

The pills are of grade 1, being the lowest to grade 15, being the highest. Since this grade 8 pill came somewhere in between the rankings of pills, Bikash had treated this pill as trash but still took it just to show Lin Li.

Lin Li was on the verge of going in an all out war with this guy. This guy was calling grade 8 pill a trash. Ever since the rise of the blood demon sect, various pill recepies and pill masters had been lost. So these days even a level 5 pill could be hardly found in small tier countries like this.( Haven't thought of the country's name so bear with it. )

" Hey, what about the thing you said earlier ? ",he asked.

" Huh? What thing ? I didn't say anything. No. I didn't say anything. ",she replied hastily while some tinge of redness could be seen on her face.

" Be my wife. ",he said.

" En. ",she nodded while blushing harder and her face looked like a tomato. It was blood-red right now. The kids that were standing near them didn't know what had happenend and asked," Sister, Are you sick ? Do you have a fever ? "

" Yes, kids she has a fever but she is not big sister. She is your sister-in-law, okay ? ",he said.

" Yes, big brother. Sister-in-law. ",they said and continued," We've remembered it. "

Bikash went up to Lin Li and said," Where is your family? I will have to meet them, right? And also, how can you leave this protector position? "

" Uhh.. My family is the royal family of this country. It's the Lin clan that rules this Blue sky country.(Sorry, I have no naming sense. ) We will have to go to the imperial city to meet my family and I can leave this place if some one else replaces me. He/She has to be at least Revolving Dan realm cultivator. Even after that, I would be in a squad that is working to take back captured cities from Blood demon sect. "

" Wohh!! That is kind of complicated. ",he said.

" Well, we will just tell one of those bastards to come here. You are joining my sect. ",he said.

He then called the maid and said," Bathe them and give them a room each in this manor. Also, dress them properly. "

The maid just nodded and went to do what she had been told to do. Bikash then looked and Lin Li with a slight smile.

But to Lin Li, this seemed like a predator smiling at its prey. " But..",she was saying but Bikash interrupted and said," Don't worry. I will handle it. "

He then went ahead and pulled her in his embrace. Lin Li felt warm in his embrace and just nodded when he said that.

While he was embracing Lin Li, he thought,' What is my other baby doing ? What are my doing ? '.

He just sighed and hugged Lin Li tighter. Lin Li escaped from his embrace and said, " Could you help me take care of the beasts at the mine ? "

" What mine ? "

" There is a low levelled essence energy stone mine about 50 kilometers from the city. It is occupied by ferocious beasts. And there are two level 5 beasts, each one of these two equal to one Early Revolving Dan realm cultivator. I actually found you while coming coming back from there. We lost miserably. I hadn't expected there to be two of those level 5 beasts. ",she said in a low dispirited voice.

Bikash could see her disappointment and said," I will leave tomorrow morning and you along with few other warriors that need to be stationed there reach the mine during the afternoon, okay ? I will clear it by myself. ",he said.

" But I can hel…",she was saying while he interrupted and said," I will do it. You just lead the soldiers there during the afternoon."

Bikash then picked Lin Li up and princess carried her to his room. What happened after that is not unknown to all of us. But just let me say this, there were lots of moans and soft cries till midnight and they didn't even come out for dinner.

Next day, early in the morning, Lin Li was still sleeping and bikash came out in a white robe he had bought from the system for 100,000 points. He looked very handsome if not for the dark circles under his sleepy eyes. And everyone knows the 'reason' for this but let's not discuss that.

Bikash had already asked for the direction of the mine and flew towards the mine at full speed.

BinitT BinitT

Hope you guys liked the chapter...☺☺

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  • Trek


    If mc just randomly looses the powers he gathered in the previous world when he warps to a new one then whats the point of even getting to the peak? Its really pissing me off that you reversed his genetic serums for no reason. Now when he will go back you will randomly seal his max level cultivation, won't you? Thanks for the chapter~

  • Burberries


    here it comes the rabbits, ty for the chapter

  • Morvian


    🤦🤦 again? in earth he's enhance with X grade serum twice but his body didn't have cold or sikness resistance and now he's basically powerhouse from his cultivation stage but what? he has panda eyes because s*x? 🤦🤦🤦🤦

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