75.21% Granting You a Second Life / Chapter 88: Hello Handsome

Chapter 88: Hello Handsome

Every second he didn't keep himself occupied, the memories of Li Xiuying would flood his mind. So this led to Chen Wei working nonstop. He started the day at 6 am and didn't finish until 8 pm in the evening. He would then go to the gym followed by a bar with or without his friends.

Chen Wei was a man who hated to make mistakes especially when the mistakes were detrimental to his future success. Li Xiuying could have elevated the status of Emerald hospital as well as his status. What could Li Yu Yan do for him? She was just an attractive woman who knew her way around male anatomy.

Chen Wei frowned as he compared Li Xiuying and Li Yu Yan for the umpteenth time. He recalled how Li Xiuying had never asked him for anything. She was content to just receive 5 minutes of his time. Li Yu Yan on the other hand had an unending list of demands. She was never satisfied with anything.

Chen Wei regretted letting Li Xiuying break off the engagement. He constantly wished he had treated Li Xiuying even a little better. If he did maybe she would have been here right now working beside him.

Chen Wei felt his phone vibrate he pulled his phone out of his pocket then slightly opened his eyes to read the caller ID.

Chen Wei frowned 'Li Yu Yan?" Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. Chen Wei cancelled the call.

He was about to return his phone to his pocket when he felt it vibrate again. He got ready to pick up and give Li Yu Yan a piece of his mind.

Just as he was about to pick up he looked at the caller ID. His face contorted with disgust and trepidation.

Chen Wei picked up: "Why are you calling?"

Gruff Male voice: "You haven't paid us our money yet."

Chen Wei: "You didn't have to do the job on the 13th. I cancelled."

Male voice sinisterly chuckled: "There's a cancellation fee. You wasted our time. We could have taken another job."

Chen Wei: "How much?"

Male voice: "Since you made me laugh and you are an old customer I'll give you a discount. Just send an even 50,000 dollars to the usual account by 5 pm today."

Chen Wei: "Fine."

Male voice: "Let me remind you that we were only patient with you because of our history. If you ever try to take advantage of us again we won't be so generous."

Chen Wei: "The money will be in the account within an hour."

Male voice: "Thank you for your business as always Mr. Chen."

Chen Wei put his phone in his pocket and ran his hands through his hair. He called his secretary from his office phone.

Chen Wei: "Cancel the rest of my appointments for today. I'm leaving. I'll be in tomorrow at 1 pm." He put the phone done and proceeded to leave the office.

He cursed CEO Tao in his mind as he exited. If only CEO Tao turned up for their meeting at 2:30 he wouldn't have thought about Li Xiuying and he definitely wouldn't have picked up phone call.


At the entrance of Emerald hospital everyone was staring at a young handsome man who was making his way through the foyer. He looked like he was only about 18 or 19.

His face looked like it had been carved by angels. He looked both handsome and cute at the same time. He had a long straight nose and sword like eyebrows. He had chiselled features and wavy black hair that was deliberately messy. His warm hazel eyes contrasted with his cold unapproachable aura.

The young man made his way to the elevators. As he waited for the elevator he could hear the comments of the people around him.

"That guy is so hot. Go ask for his number."

"No way you ask him!"

"Dude do you think he has a sister?"

"What a handsome young man if only I was 50 years younger"

The doors to the elevator finally opened. The young man waited for all the people to exit first. Chen Wei was the last person to exit and as he walked past the young man he felt a vague sense of familiarity tinged with foreboding.

Chen Wei turned around but the elevator was already packed full of people and he could no longer see the young man.

The young man stepped out of the elevator and navigated his way through the hospital with confidence.

He reached the door to an office and knocked lightly.

Female voice: "Come in."

Handsome man: "I'm here to see Mr. Chen Wei."

The women looked up from the file she was reading and felt her mouth go dry. Her mind screamed 'WOW'.

The women cleared her throat to hide her awkwardness: "Good afternoon. I'm his secretary Mu Qing. Can I ask who you are and why you're looking for Mr. Chen?"

Handsome man: "I'm Tao Zie. My uncle CEO Tao Da Chun had an appointment with Mr. Chen at 2:30. Unfortunately my uncle had something urgent to attend to and couldn't make it and sent me to meet and apologize to Mr. Chen in his place." His voice sounded quite androgynous with the occasional feminine undertone.

Mu Qing: "Mr. Tao I'm afraid that Mr. Chen had an urgent matter and was called away."

Handsome man sighed: "Well I guess it can't be helped. I rushed all the way from a business meeting on the other side of the city. I haven't even had a glass of water. My uncle only messaged me 30 minutes ago."

Mu Qing: "Why don't you take a seat? I'll get you a glass of water."

Handsome young man looked into Mu Qing's eyes: "I don't want you to go out of your way just for me."

Mu Qing: "Its not out of my way at all. Its in my way. I mean on my way."

The handsome young man smiled at her.

Mu Qing: "I'll be back in a minute."

Mu Qing quickly left the office to go to the small kitchen next door.

The charming smile dissipated from Tao Zie's face to be replaced with cold indifference. He took out two folded documents that were tucked into the back of his chinos. He rounded the desk and took out the official stamp of emerald hospital and two envelopes from the desk drawers.

Tao Zie stamped both documents then put them in envelopes. He placed both the documents in the basket on Mu Qing's desk along with the other outgoing mail.

Tao Zie sat back in the seat opposite Mu Qing's desk and reclined leisurely with a smile on his face.

Mu Qing returned with a cup of tea in her hands. "I made you a cup of jasmine tea." She placed the cup on her desk.

Tao Zie picked up the cup and took a sip. "Thank you. That's very kind of you."

Mu Qing sat in her chair. Tao Zie looked at her whilst sipping his tea.

Mu Qing started blushing. Tao Zie's gaze made her feel exposed.

Tao Zie put the cup of tea on the desk. "Thank you for the tea. It was delicious."

Mu Qing stood up and walked Tao Zie to the door.

She sighed dreamily as she watched Tao Zie walk away.


Apartment 5

Li Xiuying removed her black leather gloves and black leather men's boots which contained height increasing insoles.

She put her rucksack on the floor and made her way to her en-suite. Li Xiuying took off her black wavy wig and placed it on the side. She then removed her makeup.

Li Xiuying took off her blazer, navy shirt and black chino's.

She began happily humming to herself as she removed the extra layers of clothing she had worn to pad her torso and legs out.

After Li Xiuying removed the weighted vest she stretched out her back.

Li Xiuying finally felt the cool air on her skin.

She finished undressing and stepped into the shower. She let the warm water massage her muscles.

She sang an old song she had heard once. "Step by step, mile after mile soon I'm going to take away your smile. I may be a distant memory for you now, but to forgive and forget isn't my style. Step by step, mile after mile soon I'm going to take away your smile."

Comments (96)

  • Deelah


    That was her?? Sneaky but i like it !

  • WinterKaguya


    So, her plans begin! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Well, its Chen Wei’s loss! Its too late to regret everything now. There is no way in hell will Yingying accept him back...

  • HasaDigaEebowai


    why do i feel the mysterious caller is the leader of trio that assualted MC in her previous life ... the chen guy feels like an a$$hole too and not just some1 who was manipulated by the cousin

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