39.24% The Hack System / Chapter 29: Feeling like a father

Chapter 29: Feeling like a father

Sam looked at the thing that stopped his path and when he did he saw one of the lion cubs, Sam was about to tell the cub to go aside but before he could do anything he was surrounded by all the cubs. He turned around to the mother of the cubs and asked her "What is going on?'.

She looked at Sam then said, "When you feed them your qi they recognised you as their father and there is no way that you can break that connection between you and the cubs as the connection has already born imprinted to their soul, body and mind'.

Sam looked hopeless and couldn't say anything to what he just heard. Sam wasn't ready to be a father yet but somehow, he had become a father out of the blue.

Sam looked at the lioness and said "Can't you tell them that I'm not their father"

The lioness looked at Sam with a bit sad tone in her voice and said, "The connection between you and my children is stronger than mine, so they want believe me and that they can't understand me properly yet".

Sam looked at her then tried his luck, "Then can you come with me to the human cities and live there so I can be able to be with my family and they could be with me and you".

The lioness looked at Sam and thought for a while 'if I go with him to the human cities my children will be attacked so I must not go to the city of the humans'

After finding something that could harm her family she quickly answered, "Sorry but I can't because if we were in the human cities, we will be attacked by the humans as we are not human".

Sam quickly asked the system if it could solve the problem and the system quickly answered,

Ding= host can do that by making their bloodline 100% and buying a human bloodline 100% purity. When you make their bloodline 100% pure then they can absorb core of other beasts to level up and when they reach level 1000 their human bloodline will take effect and turn them into human.

Sam was very delighted as the cubs already had 100% purity in human and Lion Heart bloodline and now he just had to make them level 1000 by feeding them other cores.

Sam asked the system on what level core can make them immediately reach level 1000 and when he asked the system that it said, "You need a level 4000 monsters core to do that".

Sam looked at the lioness and said, "What if I have a way to make you human will you then come with me to the human cities".

The lioness started to wonder how he would do that but if he could that she would gladly would accept as she knew that the human cities were like heaven for her children to live in.

She answered Sam, "If your somehow able to turn us into human I will accept your request and go to the human world".

Sam was ready to leave and find a level 4000 monster to open a dungeon with and when he opened a dungeon with that monster then he will be able to get a 101 level 4000+ cores but before he left the cave he asked the system to give him a bottle of human bloodline and a bottle of Lion Heart bloodline.

The system took away 200k gamer points and in return gave him two bottles filled with blood.

Sam took the bottles and gave it to the lioness and told her that these bottles will improve the purity of your bloodline and the other will give you a 100% pure human bloodline.

The lioness was shocked as she had never heard of something being able to give a new bloodline and purifying your bloodline.

The lion took the bottle with her qi and opened it with her qi after she did that she poured both bottles in her mouth and when she did she could feel her blood getting purified. She was shocked to learn that what the human said was true but the shock that she received after was even more bigger. After her blood was being purified she could feel a new bloodline coming to existent in her body.

Sam looked at the lioness's shocked face then told her "I'll be going and will come back in just a moment", after he said that he disappeared completely from his spot, and when the cubs saw that they were panicked as they suddenly lost their connection with their father. They started to run around everywhere in the cave but sadly for them they couldn't find Sam anywhere. To calm them down the lioness told them their father will return down and when the cubs heard her words they calmed down a little bit and continued eating their food.

When Sam disappeared, he had unsealed his power and went to the other side off the world, so he could lose the connection with the cubs.

When Sam got here and felt that he had lost the connection with the cubs he wanted to leave them after this but when he remembered how he felt not growing with a father he felt sad for them and decided to be a father to them. Even though he was actually thinking that way, what actually effected him the connection he had with cubs that actually made him not abandone them.

When he arrived here he asked the system to turn off his levelling system {he turned it off because if he didn't that would have affected his mission, which said that he couldn't use his full power in any that could help him} and look for a monster that is a level 50k or higher and open a portal to where that monsters were at.

The reason Sam asked for a monster that was at a level that was so high was because he kind felt like a father figure to the cubs and when they absorb a core that belonged to a level 50k, it would help them to stay strong in the world they were at. The more Sam thought about the cubs the more affection he created for them inside his heart.

A portal opened, and he went through it, when he went to the other side of the portal he saw a group of 4 people fighting a three-headed dragon. From what Sam could see he saw that the three-headed dragon was winning the fight against the 2 boys and the 2 girls.

Sam checked the level of the group and saw that all of them were around level 40k-45k

And the strongest stats in the group was from a red hair girl

Her stats were like this,

Strength: 225,000

Defence: 225,000

Agility: 225,000

Hp: 2,250,000

Qi: 11,250,000

L1_a L1_a

6/7 chapters of next week completed

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    Author, their is a problem. I need more please ...

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    the male who tried to kill the woman and the little ones?

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