11.76% Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army / Chapter 42: Getting rich

Chapter 42: Getting rich

Thursday afternoon was decided to be for combat tactics and formation, something that Yunan, Reina and Leol were very much lacking.

the lesson started by identifying who is best suited where and based on ability so far Yunan had to take the front and let the other two to shoot crossbows from a safer distant giving Yunan the job of distracting the opponent they were facing while Leol and Reina had to deal the actual damage. There was a bit of a risk since the two needed better aim.

Leader had some information to share with her students. "We are proud to introduce to you, our dearest students, the first manual detailing the training regimen that Debauchery came up with to train the ultimate perfect all rounder, this booklet here, generalizes the steps that will be taken to ensure the birth of an unmatched explorer. This training regimen can also be used to train ordinary all rounders, if they can keep it up without dying of boredom that is. This booklet here will be sold in an auction tomorrow Friday evening and there will only be ten of them sold."

"We are gonna get rich!" Dustan hollard into the sky "we are gonna get so rich there will be idiots who want to rob us, hahaha, let's feast" before Dustan could start celebrating he was he was hit in the back of the head by a flying hammer. "Listen here dumb orc, if you want to feast wait until after the auction and we get rich, now shut up Leader still has more to say".

"Thank you Balin" Leader smile at the dwarf. "We are also planning on taking our first cleaning mission for a level one nest and you my dearest students will take the lead. With this we can see what you need to work at before clearing a level one nest next week, also we will need your help plundering during the mission and from monday you will be taught how to appraise items during rests between combat training sessions, also it will be your first homework, and for that we have applied for the permission needed for you to go out and return before dinner, also we are arranging for you to meet and work under an appraiser during the next week."

"Are you mad? You plan to take us into a fight beyond us? No matter how you plan it it is a very bad idea, the worst one you had since we met, please reconsider, our lives are not stakes at your silly bets" Yunan was terrified at the thought of being part of a fight between adventurers when he is barely strong enough to even defend himself.

Balin had an angry look on his face. "Are you saying we can not protect you? Are you calling us weak? Boy better explain yourself or face my wrath". "What is there to explain" retorted Leol " this is a battle, no matter how sneaky you are, it only takes one stray arrow and we are dead, unless you can clean up a whole a family within 10 minutes then i do not want to be anywhere near the fight, it is not worth my life before i enter the dungeon".

"Three" said lucian "we can clear up a family in three minutes, the whole hour per family was for looting, we only need you after the fight is over, does that qualify as perfectly safe for you two?". "If that was the case why not say it when we were planning the mission, you could have said something them" said Reina "we know you are very strong, but we never knew how strong you are, and when Yunan gave you an hour per family, it was on the premise it would take you an hour to finish it, next time please include us in when you think about adding new parts to the plan"

Leader waved her hands impatiently "misunderstandings happen, for now, you kids focus on the next task, clearing a nest and appraisal, and leave the rest to us, next time we will inform you if there is a change in plans, but still, are we not trust worthy enough for you guys to just follow what we say?". A unanimous answer sounded out from the children "No!"

After the announcement, Debauchery and its students went back to training, cooperation and communication were the theme of the combat drill this afternoon.

Friday went pretty smoothly for Yunan, Reina and Leol. They focused on covering up their aiming deficiency with better team work and luring skills, as for the general knowledge, it was used on monster behaviour, namely goblins and kobolds the majority of level one monsters both inside and outside of Tartarus.

The auction that was planned in such a rushed manner attracted many bidders from all over the continent and the prices of the ten booklets ranged from 50 thousand golden dragons and up to half a million for the last one, there were many who proposed to buy the booklets at the highest bidding price when there is more to be found.

It must be known that there will be no one who would buy a copy or borrow a booklet that was touched by another before. The reason is simple for a party as strong as Debauchery, there is a possibility of a magic that can delete the context of the booklet of copied or sold, also there is another possibility of Debauchery using magic to impart the knowledge that is in the booklet and the words are just words, even if it was proven that all these assumptions are wrong, and the booklet was all there is, most would still buy the official release instead of second hand or a copy no matter what.

Seeing the astronomical numbers the booklets sold at Debauchery went ahead and sold 20 more by dinner time because how easy they were to produce. Although the demand died down a bit after selling 30 booklets, Debauchery still made more money than they knew what to do with, so they decided to splurge on the children and buy some good equipment for the upcoming hunt next week.

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Chspter 13/18

The quest for the names is still on, the following names are out of the quest: Bai, Lucian, Mary, Balin, Tartarus. Since Bai's chapter has been released 4 more bonus chapters will be released on sunday.

There are plenty of names left, find the origins and more bonus chapters will be released


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  • Dotter


    This is bad female priest is always named mary in books anime light novel with western theme

  • undyinginmortall11


    These are my gueses author Balin dwarf from the hobbit Tartarus part of hell Lucian is from lol i gues And bai aka Bai Qi (died 257 BC), Qin general of the Warring States Period Maray= holly mother maria ore a city Please tell me if im close ore totally in the wrong ball park

  • drengoa


    Just reviewed and get a new chapter. Perfect

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