77.69% Reborn: Super God of War / Chapter 101: Jiang City’s Outstanding One

Chapter 101: Jiang City’s Outstanding One

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Even the nicest people had their temper. Lin Jiawu was a plain-dealer, but he was not a coward. The qualities of Lin Jie were inherited from his father, the only difference was that Lin Jie seemed sharper as it had not been polished by time and society.

Actually, it wasn't that those thugs were too lousy, but it was because, as the idiom said, "The reasonable fear the unreasonable people, the unreasonable fear the reckless, the reckless fear the rough and the rough fear those unafraid of death."

"F*ck it! Fight!" shouted Lin Jiawu, anyone could see that those thugs had wanted to cause trouble on purpose. Even if the security guard and police came, the one that was in the wrong would definitely be him.

That being the case, let's just f*cking fight! To protect their family's safety, the father-son pair were already risking their lives!

Lin Jie's eyes were red. He charged at the few thugs by himself, lifting the stool and smashing it onto one of the thugs' head. The blood at the thug's forehead immediately gushed out as his head was injured badly. It was as if his head was split apart.

Lin Jiawu threw the beer bottle brutally. After working at the construction site for over 10 years, his body was already much stronger than a normal person since long ago. His endurance may not match up to Lin Jie, but he was not yet old, and his bones were much harder. With each punch to the flesh, it felt as if he was pummelling them with an iron hammer!

Both father and son scuffled with the thugs together. Lin Jie's mother protected Lin Xiaoxue and shouted towards her phone, "If the police still don't arrive, there may be deaths!"

Yes, that's right, deaths!

It wasn't Lin Jie, but those thugs!

Each inch of Lin Jie's muscles contained fearful explosiveness. Just his physical strength alone was about three to five times stronger than the normal adult. In addition, since Lin Jie was reborn, his self-learned combat style when flexibly used, was enough to beat those thugs down until they were unable to get up anymore.

No one had expected the matter to unfold like that! The old and the young, father and son actually beat the thugs up until they were sprawled on the ground. The scene was so chaotic that it was unbelievable, having people's jaws dropping.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Heavy and hurried footsteps could be heard. A team of security guards rushed up in solemn silence and then shouted, "What are you doing? Capture them all!"

The so-called capture was just grabbing hold to Lin Jie and Lin Jiawu only.

That group of thugs was already all lying on the ground.

"F*ck, let's go." Wu Jun gave them a look, and together with Zhang Shu, they wanted to leave by taking the lift. No one expected that when the lift door opened, the person that stepped out caused Wu Jun to break out in cold sweat, his back was immediately drenched wet thoroughly!

The person standing in front of him was known as the Oustanding One, one of the Four Prominent Youngsters of Jiang City! The so-called Four Prominent Youngsters represented the four young people who were the most powerful and had the strongest backgrounds. Although this name was a bit of a joke, all four of them were absolutely brilliant people.

He wore a bolt-upright luxurious suit and bright German-made alligator leather shoes, and his shiny hair combed into a slicked-back hairstyle. No matter his image, his temperament or his background, Wu Jun could only get on his knees and surrender. Fortunately, the "Outstanding One" was good-natured, he could not be compared with the other three, who held themselves aloof as if they were otherworldly.

"What happened?" He calmly scanned the second floor that was in a mess. He frowned slightly as his tone became much colder.

Behind him, the manager's eyes shot daggers at Wu Jun, and then he flattered, "Small matter, small matter, aren't the security guards here already? It should just be a few peasants purposely fighting, I will immediately send them to the police station."

As he said that, the manager impatiently waved his hand, signaling them to quickly capture and send those few people away, lest they affect the VIP that seldom came to Bei River Hotel.

"Peasants fighting? How do you know that it was peasants fighting." A hint of displeasure could be seen on the youngster's face. " How many times have I told you not to jump to conclusions!"

"Yes, yes." The manager broke into a cold sweat, but the youngster's next sentence made the manager completely helpless, "Let's go, we'll go there and see."

Lin Jie had already fought till he was exhausted, in addition, the security guards were armed. Helpless, Lin Jie was overpowered, and he wondered if he needed Zheng Ziliang to come and rescue him.

"What happened?" The managers walked there while in a bad mood. Looking at the situation, he was surprised as he took a look at Lin Jie.

'This guy's physical fitness is not bad.'

"They caused troubles. We couldn't bear to see and went up to dissuade them, but as a result…" one of the thugs clenched his eye, screaming in pain.

The manager frowned and said, "Since it was these two that caused trouble, security guards, ask the police to come and bring them into custody for questioning."

"Understood!" replied the security guards.

After Wu Jun heard it, he heaved a sigh of relief. No matter what, the ending was still good.

Lin Jie eyes turned cold. 'Wu Jun!'

Sure enough, it was him that had done it, those people were up to no good.

"What are you in a hurry for, let me see the surveillance video."

A dull voice ordered, and Lin Jie's pupils constricted—the feeling that this person gave was very familiar. He had an angular face, but it lacked a cynical smile. His graceful temperament even took people's breath away.

'Baili Changcheng!'

That's right, the Outstanding One of the Four Prominent Youngsters, was indeed Baili Changcheng!

He took a look at Lin Jie faintly, but there was no change in his expression.

Although in the game, all the characters' appearance used the players' actual looks as the model, basically any familiar friends could recognize each other in the game just by meeting. However, Lin Jie wore heavy armor in the game, and half of his head was hidden, which made it hard to identify him.

The manager continuously perspired cold sweat, saying something that even he himself would think was idiotic, "The survei- surveillance camera has been problematic recently."

"Hmph." Baili Changcheng squinted his eyes, shouting, "Why? Need me to go take it myself?"

"Go and take it! Go and take it!" The manager trembled in anger. 'Damn it, I'm most likely going to lose this job!'

"Yes." A security guard replied and immediately went to take the surveillance video. Then, it was played on the virtual screen.

The scenes played up on the air made the thugs, and Wu Jun's heart sank instantly.

Baili Changcheng laughed coldly. "Very good, this is the so-called peasants fighting, this is the so-called damaged surveillance camera! Customers come here to eat, are they here to intentionally suffer?!"

The manager slapped the leader of the security guards on his face and shouted, "Still looking? Who told you to anyhow capture people?"

"I-I…" The security guard leader's face was full of bitterness, the manager was using him as the scapegoat! 'Forget it, forget it, this person is not someone I can afford to offend, by taking the blame and being the scapegoat, most probably the manager will compensate me.'

"My-my mistake." The security guard leader wiped his tears. "My friend asked me to help him and teach them a lesson in the hotel. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

The manager furiously pointed at his nose. "You trash! Get the hell away from here by tomorrow!"

"Yes, yes." The security guard leader continuously nodded his head.

Aside, Baili Changcheng walked towards Lin Jie's mother and Xiaoxue's side with a warm and gentle face. He said apologetically, "Sorry for letting both of you be frightened, I will give all of you a satisfactory answer."

Lin Jie looked at what was happening in front of him coldly and put down the phone on his hand.

"Young master, I have asked him to scram from the hotel from tomorrow onwards, this was really harmful to our reputation!" The manager gave an ingratiating smile.

Baili Changcheng smiled, he turned to Lin Xiaoxue and asked, "Little sister, how do you want to settle this?"

Lin Xiaoxue looked at her brother and father that were filled with bloodstains, and her voice even became sharper, "I want all of them to scram!"

"Xiaoxue." Her mother hurriedly pulled her dress, hinting to her to stop talking.

Baili Changcheng turned around and said calmly, "Did all of you hear that?"

"Huh?" The manager stared blankly.

"All of you, each and every one of you, scram!" Baili Changcheng said word by word, "If they dare to come and find trouble with you again, then they don't need to continue living in Jiang City!"

No one had expected that the matter would develop to this point, even if it was Lin Jie! To Baili Changcheng, they were just strangers. Even if it was for the face of the hotel, just firing the security guard leader was enough. Him doing that, apart from bringing trouble upon himself, there were no benefits at all.

No, there was one: to Li Jie and his family, they would not be harassed anymore.

Baili Changcheng walked towards Lim Jie and Lin Jiawu, and he bowed deeply. "I am very sorry for what happened today."

He waved his hand and the secretary beside him hurriedly handed over two cards. He smiled as he said, "This is the membership card of Bei River Hotel, this counts as compensation from me. This is my business card if these few people dare to cause trouble with you again, call me at any time."

Lin Jiawu looked at the membership card in his hand and nodded his head solemnly.

Wu Jun's pupils constricted, that was not a normal membership card, but it was the Outstanding One's exclusive card! One could directly go to the sixth floor for consumption, and it was totally free of charge!

Rumors said that the Outstanding One was known for being impartial, being the outstanding person amongst people, who expected that he could do it to such an extent?

"Thank you," Lin Jie said seriously, "If it was not for you, we might be jailed already."

"There are many unjust situations in the world, I could only try to my greatest extent and make the world I see more beautiful," said Baili Changcheng helplessly and patted Lin Jie's shoulders. "If you had the power, then you wouldn't be bullied and humiliated. Try your best, you have a good and perfect family worth for you to spend your whole life to strive and protect it."

As they left, the police came. After negotiations, they brought the few thugs that caused disturbance away, and as for Lin Jie and his family, even questioning was exempted.

After the troublesome event, everyone did not have the mood to continue eating, but not long after, the manager was crying as he held the fresh crabs and fresh food. He insisted on giving it to Lin Jie and his family, begging them to accept it, and thanked Lin Jie for letting him off the hook. It made them totally bewildered and confused.

On the taxi, Lin Jie's mother happily said, "It was all thanks to that youngster."

"Yeah, yeah, but brother and father were awesome too!" Lin Xiaoxue chuckled, and she blinked her eyes. "Brother, I think that that person is not as handsome as you."

"You cheeky girl." Lin Jie rubbed Lim Xiaoxue's hair and looked at the number written on the business card. He thought for a while but couldn't resist the desire to confirm that person's identity.

'Is he Baili Changcheng?'

"I'm borrowing your phone for a while." Lin Jie took his sister's phone and sent a message.


A reply arrived quickly, "Who?"

Lin Jie could almost imagine the scene of that youngster with the outstanding temperament looking at the front at eye-level, asking calmly.

"Fu Sheng."

Lin Jie typed two words.

'Baili Changcheng, is it really you?'

'Exactly what kind of person are you?'

"How did you get my number? Oh right, let me tell you, I'm very happy today!"


"The game was under maintenance, so I came out for a meal, but in the end, I managed to show off, hahahahaha, that felt freaking awesome!"

With a loud thud, the phone in Lin Jie's hand heavily fell to the ground.

'This guy… The previous second he was the Outstanding One, the next second he is a psycho?'

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  • abbad0n


    She’s annoyingly realistic. I’ve known people like her and they are a real pain to be around.

  • readm


    I dont get it why kill her clone dosent he need her to remove the curse she placed on him this dosent seem like anything good will come from it

  • Rianolinon


    He killed the loli. Yet this loli is still incredibly naive too the point where I forget she's a game character.

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