100% Modern system / Chapter 2:  Chapter 02: 1st Task

Chapter 2:  Chapter 02: 1st Task

After thinking for a while I realize, that there is no point in thinking about this, because I only have 2 options, should I do it or should I not. I will just not use the system if it is something that is harmful/bad for me or my family, and I can use something interesting in my life too.

"System create a new account"

[Please input a User ID and scan your fingerprint into the system]

"System how do I scan my fingerprint, I do not have a fingerprint scanner"

[Please use your computer to go to the following webpage ------ and make an account there]

I start my computer that was turned off due to the power cut and entered to the website, and sees that there is just black background, with Modern System written in 3D using white color, and there is a standard sign up box, except there is an option of fingerprint instead of password.

'Let's put some fancy name so that no one can trace me', and I type THE SILENT OVERLORD and press enter *buzz*

[Please put your real name so that your fingerprint matches your data]

'Son of a bitch, so there is no hiding from other users it seems, Hope that it's worth taking the risk'

This time I enter my real name PEARL SKY and press enter again, and then I go to the fingerprint column and see that there is a white box that says please press your thumb here

"System you know that I don't have a touch screen right?"

[Please put your thumb there, the rest would be taken care of by the system]

I put my thumb and nothing happens no sound or fancy lights so I just remove my thumb and see that there is my fingerprint in that box, so I press sign up and then it asked me to link all my other accounts to this account, after some hesitation I linked all of my accounts including bank account.

Then it creates my profile on its own by taking all the data like my D.O.B, Photo, and Address etc. This system is scary man it took all my data so easily this could be bad if this system falls in some murder, blackmailer or even worst terrorists.

After it shows me my profile where I can see that it is not much different than all the other websites, now that I have registered let's ask some questions which I wanted to ask from beginning.

"System now that I am a registered user you can give me answers to some of my questions right?"

[What is the question?]

"How many users do you have?"

[Only one user]

"Does that mean others cannot register and you can only have one user?"

[The system can only have one user at a time] now that is one less headache

"Who made you system?"

[The user does not have the authorization to know the answer to that question]

"What do you mean by I don't have the authorization to know that, I am the only user!"

[The system was made in a way that the user needs to increase their authorization level by doing quests]

"So what is my current authorization?"

[The user's current authorization level is set to be level 0]

"What can I do with my current level?"

[The user can do quest for system, and system can provide assistance to the user in anything the user wants to do in exchange for tasks, tasks that the user have to do otherwise the users level will be lowered with punishment, in respect to the task]

On the surface this system seems very good, but it's just like a good offer on a product that has written Terms & Conditions applied.

"System how does quests work, are they random, are there quests that has to be accepted, do I get multiple quests at the same time?"

[The quest will be generated by the events happening around the world, on which the user can have any impact by yourself, there is no quest that the user will be forced to do, you will get a choice for whether you would like to accept the quest or not, you can get multiple quests at the same time]

"Do I have any quest at the moment?"

[There is no quest available at this moment] well looks like I don't have any influence on events happening around me

"You said you could help me in anything I want?"

[The system can provide help in exchange for some tasks]

"What kind of tasks?"

[They will be related to what the user asks help for]

It seems this system's actions revolve around me, if I ask for something simple like help me get a job, then it might give me a task for like stop playing video games or something, and if I ask the system to help me kill someone then it might give me task to kill someone else related to that person, This shit is getting more scary the more I think, good thing that I am a good person otherwise I can't think of the things that might have happened if this lands in the hands of some terrorists.

"System help me become a successful Yotube gamer in the shortest time" One task with so many benefits, I will get a job that is going to make me rich and famous, I get my dream job, and I will also see what kind of tasks the system asks me to do in exchange for this, and to also see how much the system actually helps, I really have good brain.

[The system has derived the best route for the user to become a Yotube gamer in the shortest time; the user must agree to do the following tasks in return for systems help…

1. The user will have to do live streams of his first 10 videos.

2. The user will have to go into other Yotubers live stream in the first 10 videos.

3. The user will have to destroy those Yotubers on live stream while doing commentary for the first 10 videos.]

MrEasy MrEasy

*sneaky* *sneaky*"Let's just post this and leave before people asks why I didn't post the chapter sooner and demands more..."

Comments (8)

  • jenny1044


    i like it.keep up the good work.

  • MrEasy


    Not dropped, too busy with life. Not a writer by profession so it takes me some time, the story is planned for at leaat 100 chapters and i promise to everybody that wants to read this or any of my story that I will never drop my story unfinished. Unless I am dead.

  • HaulferBleu


    its been one month still no update it was interesting but i guess you already dropped it sad xoxo

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