73.68% Limits / Chapter 252: Blood Yarn

Chapter 252: Blood Yarn

For the next two weeks or so, I tended to my field. I had to clean it again after a while, from all the new weeds that grew there. I also watered it a few times, and let the soil get used to the conditions. Whenever I wasn't working in my field, I checked out the plants inside the lake, and tried to find a solution for extending the lifespan of Serelis. I also visited Ama once in a while, to learn more techniques and skills for building shelters.

My time passed like this, until the field was ready for planting. I went to Ulon, and told him, that the field was ready. Ulon said "Great. We can now go and plant the seeds. Let me get them". He then retrieved a few bags of seeds, and we walked towards the field.

As we stood in front of the field, Ulon said "There are six different kinds of herbs, that we plant. Some are rarer, while other are more common and grow faster. The less common herbs, need more attention and care. I'm giving you all the herbs that we grow, as promised". I nodded my head, and Ulon continued "Never mix different herbs together, in one area of the field. You will have 6 different herbs, so you will need to separate your field into 6 sections. There is also another condition. Some of the herbs, cannot be placed next to each other. They will both die, or will grow even slower, while the final outcome would be abysmal".

I asked "So, how should I separate my field?". He replied "Let me show you". He then started drawing an outline of my field, on the ground. He separated my field into 6 areas, but they were not equal. The hut was in the middle of the field, so it acted as a central hub. When Ulon finished his drawing, he said "This is your field. I separated it into 6 smaller fields. You can treat it like this, since each section will contain only one herb". I nodded, and asked "Why are they not equal?".

Ulon smiled, and said "Because different herbs, grow differently. The common herbs that we grow, will need the most space, as they are the fastest to grow and populate". I nodded, and asked "So which herb, am I supposed to plant, and where?". He wrote some numbers on each section, and said "I numbered the sections, to which you will assign the herbs. It will be easier for you to remember that way. You have six sections. The Section number 1, is the smallest, and will house the rarest herb we have. It's called Blood Yarn".

I wanted to ask about it, but Ulon already started explaining "Blood Yarn is used for blood purification. Although it is our rarest herb, we use it for our warriors mostly. Whatever is left, we sell it to the wealthy individuals, or organisations. It grows rather slowly, so we don't have that much of it, and it's quite rare when we sell it. Other races love this herb, and always pay the top price just to get it".

When he said, what the herb properties were, I was sure that Avians stole it. Perhaps it might've even evolved inside the Vulture Cliffs, due to the environment. 'Although Avians called it Blood Reed, it has the same properties. I wonder if the impurities, are also the same' I thought, while Ulon continued "But, there is a limitation. You can only take this once. The next time, it will not work, and will bring in no effects". I nodded my head, and said "I understand". 'The Avians' variation, could be eaten many times, but the impurities would amount. This one can be eaten once… My guess is, I can still make an extract of it, and it will be much stronger' I thought.

I was hoping to use that blood purification, one more time. I did break through my Half Step, but that was just Half Step. I wasn't sure, if I could break through to the Inner Limits, in my current state. 'I will have to test it, when the herbs are available for me' I thought, and focused on what Ulon was saying.

"You will receive 10 seeds, and I will show you how to plant them. Before that, you need to separate your field, just the way I showed you on this drawing". I nodded, and asked "Would making a hole be enough? Or do I need something like a fence?". Ulon nodded, and said "I like your thinking. A hole is enough, but fence would be even better. Just make a hole for now. If you ever find time, you can add fences to each area". I nodded, and went to the hut, in order to grab a shovel.

I looked at the field, and wasn't really sure, where to separate it. The drawing Ulon showed me, was very small, and had no real measures. 'I need to see the whole field' I thought, and walked outside of the field. Ulon was a bit confused, but said nothing. I bent my knees, and jumped. "BOOOM!" The ground underneath my legs shattered, while earth and rocks scattered away.

I was about 15 metres above the ground, and the view I had of the field, was fantastic. I memorised the drawing already, I just had to enlarge it, and find the digging points on my field. I quickly memorised the areas where I would need to dig, and in good time too, as I started to fall already. "Booom!" More dust, and earth flew around, as I landed. Ulon came over running, and said "Are you crazy? Why would you jump like that?". I replied "You told me to separate my field, into six different sections. Right? I needed a wider view of my field, in order to separate it the way you did on that drawing".

He seemed stunned for a while, then said "You have some crazy ideas boy. Well, I would never think of that, and just do it approximately... ". I shrugged my shoulders, and went back to the field. After a while of shovelling, I managed to recreate Ulon's drawing, on my own field. With that done, I returned to Ulon, for more instructions. Ulon said "Now that the field is properly separated. We can start planting. Let's start from the Blood Yarn, that I already talked about. Come with me, and I will show you how to plant it".

We went to the Section number 1 of my field. Ulon chose a space in the middle of the section, and said "Never plant from the corners. If you do, the plant will not be able to grow any further. Although I will give you only a few seeds, the plants can fill the whole section with enough time. Therefore we will start from the middle, and give the herbs space to grow". I nodded, and watched as he planted the seed.

While planting, Ulon said "The best method of planting this seed, is to dig deep, and bury it using a lot of pressure. This will condense the soil around it, and allow the seed to slowly cultivate. Before you ask. No, the seed cannot be planted nearer the top. We already tried many things, and this is the best solution that we found". I nodded my head, and asked "What's next?".

Ulon replied "Next, you don't water it for another 5 days or so. That is also why, you need to separate your field into sections. For example, this section will not be watered but others will. With the seed buried deep, let it rest over there, and water it only once every 5 days. When you see the herb breach the soil, you can start watering it every 2 days. When the herb is about half a metre tall, water it everyday". I nodded my head, and asked "When can I harvest it?". He shook his head, and said "Let it grow, and cultivate the rest of the field. When the new herbs start breaching the soil, and growing around it, you can then extract that herb. Then do the same with others, until the whole field is full".

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He then continued "It will grow to about 1 - 1.5 metre tall, so that is when it can be extracted. But as I said, don't do it, until new herbs are growing around it. Here, take this bag of Blood yarn seeds, and plant them just the way I did. When you are done, we will move on to the next section". I took the bag, and started planting the seeds.

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