9.65% Wandering The Multiverse! Saving The God? / Chapter 14: Picnic in the Forest!

Chapter 14: Picnic in the Forest!

I flashed away from the depressing council. Orime was surprised when I appear next to her. After I explained to her, I engraved my mark on her amulet, she was surprised and happy. I didn't say anything about seal checks her heart rate.

I took her the forest as large as 100 hectares, and we started to walk in it. When we got tired we would sit riverside, lakeside or anyplace with a good view to set up a fire and cook some freshly hunted animals and eat. I stored two beds in the warehouse before I come forest, and at night I used my Earth Style to create a house with two rooms. I place one bed for each and we went to sleep.

In the early morning, I heard Crow Brother's voice, wake me up.

"Quest Failed."

Convince Hokage: Convince the Hokage about Danzou and Uchiha Massacre and team up with them to arrest Danzou. Interrogate Danzou about Akatsuki and Uchiha Massacre, kill him to prevent further troubles.

Reward: 1 legendary Chakra Knife, 100.000 exp, 1 mystery box.

"Why did you give up on this mission?" asked Crow.

"I told you already. I don't want to get involved in such a big matter. I didn't even want to prevent Uchiha Massacre, which might be worse in a total change in the world. Two reasons I try to prevent are Itachi and Sasuna. That is all." I said lazily.

"This matter is bigger than something I could handle. If I stayed and control the operation, the main key in this alliance would be me. And in a few years from now when I leave this world, the alliance would crumble. Now with my absences, Hokage and Uchiha made their alliance, they will depend on each other in this operation. Their bond will be even stronger. After I implied Itachi to become next Hokage, Uchiha will refrain to take big actions to irritate to the Village. On the other side, the Village would happily accept Itachi as Hokage while Third and Fourth support him.

"Now even if other Uchiha's start to take action against the village, Fugaku and his council will do their best and prevent that to happen. The key part is now Itachi. Both sides will protect him and nurture him with their best. As Sasuna is Itachi's sister, she will benefit as much as Itachi. Thus my main two reasons to prevent Uchiha Massacre solved." I said with honesty. "Reward was something I yearned for but it's not that important compering with well being of the village and my friends."

"You really got, grown up in these few years. You are smarter, more mature. I can't believe you are hentai watcher, pervert kid from your previous life." said Crow with a proud dad stance clearing imaginary tears from his eyes.

"You bastard. You would have died if you didn't slip this conversation at this moment, wouldn't you? Anyway, thanks to you Brother. I'm here with your efforts as well." I said sincerely. At first, I was irritated with Crow, but having a smart system comes with pros too. The normal system would push me to complete this Quest, while Crow supported me for not participating in it. So I'm very glad that I am chosen by Crow.

We stayed in the forest a few more days and return to the village. Orime was very happy and was sparkling when we reach to the orphanage. She hugged me before going back inside. I stroll the streets a little bit, before going back to the Hokage Council. They should have learned some information about Akatsuki and Orochijosei.

When I went to the Hokage's Chamber, knock on the door, via guard waiting outside, I was taken in. Minato and Fugaku were inside as well. They all bend on the map over the desk. When I step in, they all looked at me with a smile and greeted me.

"What did you get so far?" I asked, taking my seat, without standing on ceremony.

"All Root eliminated, Danzou is currently held in deepest prison in the Village. His eyes, ears, and mouth are sealed. We got very useful information on Akatsuki and Orochijosei. There were also over 20 spies in different places in the village, including Anbu." said Minato.

"We learned the main goal of Akatsuki. Did you ever head Tailed Beasts?" asked Fugaku.

"No, I haven't," I said. The crow said something about it, but being ignorant about it might be better at this point. All in all, I'm still 9 years old kid.

"There are 9 tailed beasts starting with 1 tailed beast to the 9 tailed beasts. When Rikudou Sennin created Ninjutsu, divided a creature known Ten Tailed Beast to the 9 parts. After the death of Rikudou Sennin, these 9 beasts sailed in 'Seal Vessels' and hidden in the world. There was always a nation, hidden village and criminal organization looking at these beasts. Tailed Beasts saw as the legend by most." said Third, looking at me.

"So Akatsuki aims these Tailed Beasts? No one ever finds them, why would you panic about it?" I asked. There were always people searching for ultimate weapons. Since no one ever found it, why would they panic about it?

"There is a way to find them." said Third, looking older than I left him. "Akatsuki found a secret sensory jutsu. They can't efficiently use it yet, but they are making progress. One of the reasons why they wanted, Itachi to massacre Uchiha was after massacre Itachi had to go to Akatsuki. Itachi is a genius, which learning the sensory type jutsu isn't impossible. But thanks to you this prevented. We couldn't get any useful information about Akatsuki hideouts, but Danzou knew few of Orochijosei's. Jiraiya went to scout these places. When we find Orochijosei, we will send a team to take it down."

"It seems reasonable. How long do you think it will take to find all Tailed Beasts?" I asked.

"10 years at most. In 5 years we have to take action and prevent them to find Tailed Beast. Even one of them would bring destruction to the Village." said Minato.

"So soon? Can't you make an alliance with other villages? They must be against Akatsuki too, right?" I asked. As I learned from Crow, in the original series at some point world alliance established.

"It's not possible. We hardly clean spies in our village. If we want to clean spies in other villages we must take the upper hand, even then they will not be happy interfering with their internal problems. Without cleaning spies, the alliance would be suicide." said Third.

It sure would. "I'm here to tell you I'm going back to my training, I will leave one of my crows here, if anything urgent happens, you can ask him to return and ask us to return with Itachi. I decide to let Itachi stay to get stronger with me." I said and Summon normal sized Crow and told him about his mission. He nods and went to one side of the room and closed his eyes.

I said my goodbye to the village and return to the Holy Land to learn the Nature Chakra State.


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    No more boruro, where is Hinata?

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    Really good person is this MC and as a bonus naruto is ****ed

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    Obrigado pela chaptee :)

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