56.72% System: World's Infinity / Chapter 132: chapter 33

Chapter 132: chapter 33

Another two months have passed- that had made this closed to a year since all the players were

trapped in Sword Art Online- and now they finally discovered the boss room, but something unexpected has cropped up.

A challenge letter has been issued.

Today, Leonard and all the important members (literally all the players) in the guild are having a major meeting in the basement of their guild base- except for that of Kirito and Asuna, as they're currently taking a "vacation" for the last half a month.

"So...how are you planning on responding to that challenge set out by him?" Diavel asked Leonard who was sitting on the opposite end of the roundtable from him.

"I call it bullshit!" Kibaou slammed his fist hard down onto the table- which then popped up a portal message informing him that the table was an [Immortal Object]

"The Knight of the Blood Oath is pulling this crap too far! Asking us to disband our guild just to join their guild!" Kibaou added.

"I can see the reason, but we can't really do this without the help of their leader- Heathcliff acting as a tank in the incoming boss fight," Leonard told them.

"Of course- asking me to tank the fight itself might not be that much of a problem due to my stats- however, do you think it's going to be worth it to trade in the best damage dealer and forward men in the game currently and turned him into a half-baked tank?" Leonard asked them.

"Also, Sachi- I know you're a great tank- but I don't want to risk anyone, especially you to such a danger- I don't mind sacrificing all other players- but no harm shall come to anyone within this guild as long as I am still alive!" Leonard promptly made a declaration before Sachi could speak up, and when she heard that he actually care for her and everyone within the guild, a slight blush could be seen from her face.

"...but still...this is too much...asking us to disband the guild and joined them." Keita tightened his fists as he angrily glared at the letter that was placed in the middle of the table.

"It's not the end of the world, have some confidence in me will you? What is the chance of me losing in a fight? Do I need to remind you of how much of a broken ass character I am?" Leonard smirked.

Upon hearing it, all the members couldn't help but also smiled bitterly at Leonard.

"It is indeed ridiculous...soloing a floor boss- even though that thing might be somewhat weak for its level and status, it is still somewhat ridiculous." Ducker couldn't help but comment on that one.

as he remembers Leonard trading blow for blow with the giant blue goat monster named "The Gleam Eyes"

"Alright, we'll follow your decision, whatever it might be." Diavel crossed his arms and informed Leonard- the rest of the players then looked at one another before nodding their head.

"So...have they set a date for the duel yet? And the location as well." Diavel continued.

"They did, the fight will take a week before we officially head off to fight the floor boss, within the Colosseum of Collinia on here in the 75th floor like what? Two days from now?" Leonard informed him.

"Right...that guy is going to be a tough nut to crack...literally, don't you need any preparation? You know Heathcliff is a "Holy Sword" right? Maxed out on armors and health, basically outstanding offense and defense….so you probably need something that could bypass those annoyances." Diavel added.

"Heh? Nothing is too tough for me...I dare him to take on my boss killer move."

Leonard said jokingly as to try and lighten up the previous sour mood, which it somewhat does.


Within the players housing area of the guild Moonlit Black Cats, the night before the meeting date for the duel between Heathcliff and Leonard.

Leonard was laying on his bed, watching the moon from his window.

"...oh sweet Ryan, how I miss you so much...I may have spent an eternity here- but to you, it might have just been a blink of an eye." Leonard muttering in a low tone of voice as he remembers the "sweet" Ryan who jumped in the line of fire to protect him.

"But do not worry...I...will...soon...return." Leonard then declared solemnly, until a noise from behind his door caught his attention.

"Who's there?" he quickly dashed over and opened the door, to his surprise, he found Sachi stood there.

"Sachi?" he questioned in a tone filled with surprise, wondering as to why a girl such as her would show up in front of his door at this hour.

"Leonard…" Sachi bold rushed in and hugged him.

"Sachi- what are you doing?" he stuttered.

"Leonard...I think...I might have felled in love with you, it all started since the day you showed up and save me from despair..." she spoke meekly into his ear.

"W-what…" when he heard her words, Leonard was stunned and conflicted feeling began to arise as he previously remembered about Ryan.

"S-Sachi…" he was about to spoke up but Sachi quickly moved her lip and connected to his own and locked it in a passionate kiss.

"Uhm!" once again Leonard was greatly surprised by Sachi boldness, seconds passed...then it was minutes before they stopped with the kiss.

"I know that you already had someone...but...I...I don't mind being your second, as long as I am with you...then it is good enough…" she replied shyly before slowly shut the door behind her, now the two of them had a quiet place for one another.

It was then that she slowly unequipped her cloth right before his eyes.

Revealing her rosy body to Leonard.

"Please Leonard...even if it's just for tonight…" she once again embraced Leonard tightly.

"..."Leonard could say nothing, through his action, he embraced her back in his arms, Sachi took this chance and took the initiative to planted another kiss upon Leonard lip, Leonard's hands were roaming all over her delicately smooth and soft body, it is hard to imagine that a girl like this could fill in the role of the main tank in a boss fight he thought.

it was a long while before their lips were broken once more due to the shortness of breath.

"Let get into a more comfortable position," Leonard whispered into her ear.

"Uhmm." Sachi shyly nodded her head while having a rosy blush on her cheeks as Leonard picked her up and carried her to his bed.


Morning of the next day, Leonard woke up as the sun shined through the glass window and right onto his eyes- normally that wouldn't even faze him, but he felt an itchy sensation near his nose when he opened his eyes it was the sight of Sachi that greeted him.

"Good morning, Sachi," he spoke in a whispering tone.

"I want to ask you something…" he then continued.

"What is it?" Sachi asked him in a soft voice.

"Since when did you notice that I already had someone else in my heart?" he asked her.

"...I- it was roughly five months ago...I saw that you were outside on the rooftop, whispering the name of a girl...so I made a guess," she said shyly when Leonard heard it- he couldn't help but have a bitter smile on his face.

"There's something that I wanted you to know Sachi…the truth is...I am not a person from your world." he revealed the truth to Sachi, he slowly filled her in onto the information about him, but not too much about what's outside of the universe.

"So...that's the case...one day you will have to return to that world huh…In that case...please...take me with you." Sachi then pulled Leonard head into her bosom.

"You...believe me?" Leonard asked in a tone filled with surprise.

"If it's you, then yes…if it was anything other person saying that to me, I would just put it onto the back of my mind and label it as a joke...and I believe that you would not trick me," she whispered.

They lay there, in silence for a long while before Sachi broke that silence.

"Time to get up, Leonard...you got a big day ahead of you," she told him.

"uhmm...I will win this! We must save my family! oof...I mean I must save OUR FAMILY!" Leonard quickly jumped out of the bed sheet, revealing a well defined muscular body (which caused Sachi to flushed a little)and rushed into the bathroom and came out fully equip and ready for war.

Sachi who sat on the bed could help but to let out a giggle.

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  • passerbyA


    ░░░░░░▄▄ ░░░░░█░░█ ▄▄▄▄▄█░░█▄▄▄ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ███▀▀▀███████

  • Powerhungry


    now all thats left Is a 5some with the other chicks!! but to more important thing, I hope that Leonard fix the problem about sauna being trapped in Sao,since he replaced kirito as the mc and if kirito return to Sao after he might not get the holy sword since he didn't encounter the professor ; I hope you understand what I mean

  • Kazama


    I'm I the only one how think that "this" sachi is just .......... desperate . If Leonard was the one how forced himself on her and she excepted him I wouldn'thave a problem. But to make sachi the one how run to his room and asking for one night stand then stepping herself.......... THIS IS NOT OK YOU JUST MADE HER LOOK LIKE ***************** Sachi character was destroyed behind salvation in this chapter .......... I really liked this story but I feel like I lost all my love and my respect for this story.....

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