72.05% The Gamer's Godship / Chapter 49: Longwei's new transformation (I)

Chapter 49: Longwei's new transformation (I)

Even after the thunder fist made by the heavenly tribulation cloud was crushed by Longwei's powerful punch, Thunder continued to roll out in the night sky. The gray cloud continued to drift about, and the autumn wind rustled, picking up the fallen leaves and dust sending them floating.

Standing on the right shoulder of Scarlet, Sylvia had worried look on her face as she was looking at the person lying deep within the crater that looked like a charred corpse. she had already regressed to her miniature size.

" Don't worry Sylvia, Big brother it's still alive," Said Scarlet in a cold yet caring tone. Even though she pretended to be calm and composed as though the life and death of Longwei did matter to her, even though she stayed unfazed by Longwei's situation, deep down, she was a mess. Her fingers curled into a fist and nails dug into her palm as she was trying to hide her emotions.

" Are you Sure big brother is still alive Sis?. Asked Sylvia with her deep blue silverish eyes that showed the kind of gentle concern that only a mother, or an overly attached sister or a lover should have. Her mind had already started to fail her, like an engine that turned over and over, never kicking into action as she watched her big Brother's body laid down on the cold ground and seemed lifeless. she wanted to move him or check on him, but she clearly knew that it was impossible. She wanted to help, but couldn't. It was her brother's trial and only him can pass it with his own power. All she could do was to pray and believe in him.

" Don't you know how strong our big brother is? how come a small heavenly tribulation like this can stop him.? Can't you feel that the link we have with him still exists, can't you feel his life force even though its a little weak.? voiced Scarlet with confidence as though her big brother was invincible.

" Hum." Sylvia shook her head in agreement as a hint hope could be seen deep in her eyes.

" We just have to protect him until he wakes up." Said scarlet as she looked at the three Human saints in mid-air.

Her face was somber, Scarlet looked at the three Human Saints in the sky coldly, wordlessly. she clearly knew what they were thinking. However, she didn't have any time to waste on them, her big brother recovery was more important and she didn't want to leave him out of her sight for a second.

As the three Human Saints met her gaze, their eyes were filled with an intense endless fear. Soon, they both landed down and was waiting to see what's going to happen. They wanted to apologize but they didn't dare to disturb Scarlet.

Scarlet just looked at them for a few seconds and shifted her gaze at tribulations cloud that started to dissipate slowly as the sky regain its previous splendor. her brows frowned a little as she was thinking about something. As brother was passing the Heavenly tribulation, she wasn't that far away and she saw all the events clearly. Even her, who possessed a pure primordial divine dragon bloodline, her tribulation was at least thirty percent of his. it's like the existence of her brother or his type of cultivation was something that defied the heaven and the heaven couldn't tolerate it and wanted to strike him down before he grows.

" What kind of bloodline did big brother obtain after the complete fusion of the ice and fire bloodline of two primordial divine dragons?." Said Scarlet softly. When her big brother wanted to fuse with both of their bloodlines instead of one, she persuaded him not to because ice and fire repulse each other as they were two opposed elements. His body could have even exploded not to mention, their bloodlines were truly strong and were not something a regular human could fuse with, however, her brother insisted that he would be able to pacify them with the aid of the Gamer's Godship. It seemed like, he has finally managed to completely fuse both them this time and created a new type of powerful bloodline.

Furthermore, his brother could control more than five or six magical elements, no wonder the heaven wanted to strike him down. One could imagine, how heaven-defying he will be after he wakes up or recovers.


Inside the crater, Longwei's body was burned black, whether it was his draconic scales, tails, and even his bat-like draconic wings. His burned resolute face was facing the sky. From a stranger point of view, Longwei's body looked like a charred corpse. However, For Sylvia and Scarlet who has master and servant link with him, Longwei's body was like a pupa in a cocoon waiting for the moment he becomes a butterfly.

While his body might look like a charred corpse, on the inside of his sea of consciousness, an earthshaking change was happening. Within his sea of consciousness where the Gamer's Godship resided surrounded by the Six elemental Essence cores, a battle was taking places.

After absorbing the entirety of the lightings shot down by the Heavenly lightning cloud, the lightning essence core got bigger and bigger until it became five times the size of the other elemental essences core.

Soon, the big lightning essence core was emitting a powerful attracting forces as though it was a black hole, and the other five elementals essence core such as darkness, wind, fire, ice, and earth were being absorbed by it.


After the five types of elementals essence core was absorbed and fused with the lightning elemental essence core, it was showing a sign as though it was going to explode as they couldn't completely fuse with one another, as though they were missing a unique component that could hold them together.


Suddenly the cubic Gamer's Godship shook violently, and with a buzzing sound it moved by itself and went inside the fused elementals essence core.

As soon as the cubic Gamer's Godship went inside the fused elementals essence core, the fused six elementals essence core stabilize as though the gamer's godship had pacified them. At the same time, the complete fusion of the six elementals essence core formed a unique dark blue energy core which gave off an ancient powerful aura that could destroy the heaven and earth.


Once the new dark blue energy formed by the combined energy of the six elementals essence core which was like a small globe with the gamer's godship inside of it, Longwei's consciousness shattered and huge void of darkness took its place. within this infinite void of darkness, the dark blue energy core with the gamer's godship inside was shining brightly. At the same time, a portion of this dark blue energy was seeping from the dark blue core and fused with his body before his sea consciousness had turned into a limitless dark void.

The dark blue energy wildly filled every inch of Longwei's body. His bones, his skin, his, blood vessels, his organs even his minds and his soul. Longwei's body was trembling and his heartbeat was getting stronger and stronger. His entire body was twitching.


The new type of energy continued to transform his muscles, bones and every tiny part of him. within the black burned shell, earth-shaking changes were occurring in his body, and with every second that passes, Longwei's body became ten times stronger. He was constantly getting stronger as the dark blue energy continued to change his body. it was like every part of his body was being constantly altered and being transform by the dark blue energy.

At the same time, a large amount of world energy was drawn to his body like oceans wave. It was as though Longwei's body has become a black hole, swallowing up all the surrounding world energy in sight. The energy was being absorbed through his pore and into the dark blue core within the infinite void of darkness.

A long time has passed by, and while all those changes were happening inside and outside Longwei's body, he was still unconscious. It was at this moment that, a powerful world energy burst out from his body which blasts out all those black burned skin out of his body revealing his new mortal body. Like the life of spring which causes a withered tree to sprout, his body was going to awaken.

His heart thumped so wildly that it seemed like it was going to burst out of his chest. The power of the dark blue energy continued to fill his body with power and seemed like he was going to open his eyes at any moment. This power was not only used to simply open his eyes but awakened the body of a being that was not supposed to exist in this world. The dark blue energy continued to flow from his body embued him with strength.

At this moment, there was an absolute stillness as if time has stopped. There was no cloud drifted in the night sky. No water dripped or flowed. Not a sound could be heard either close at hand or in the distance, Even Longwei's heart stopped beating. It was as if every single magic elements, whether space or wind was afraid of disturbing the rest of the sleeping giant.

His pupils shook a little as if he was trying to open his eyes. At the moment he opened his eyes, a blinding light shot out from them that caused space to ripple a little. If a 10th rank expert or a warrior below the Saint Rank were hit by it, their cultivation base would have been shattered and their soul would have been badly damaged.

[ Ding.....The Gamer's Godship has met the energy requirement for upgrading]

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