100% Foodtopia / Chapter 2: Dragon Mill Fruit [2]

Chapter 2: Dragon Mill Fruit [2]

"Identify yourself. You don't seem to be the resident of Soberland and does not seem like a tourist either. If you are not an illegal hunter then, you should identify yourself." The boy spoke in a calm tone yet giving the vibe of oppressive.

Rockey scratched the back of his head and whispered softly.

'System, give me an identity card.'

「Done. Please check inventory.」The screen appeared in front of his face.

Two days ago, he realized that he could ask for anything except for money, food, clothes, house, and power. Of course, there might be more things that he is not allowed to ask for but things like creating his fake id seemed to be allowed.

He acted as if he reached into his pocket and pulled out the identity card from the inventory. Afterward, he showed it to the boy who he does not know where he came from and who he is

The boy snatched the card from his hand and rubbed it with his finger to test the authenticity of the card.

[Rockey | Age: 27 | Race: Human |

Gourmet Master Apprentice | Origin: Nortop Island]

The boy looked closely at the card and had his eyes widened as he saw the information written under Rockey's name. He quickly raised his head to look at Rockey who had a confused look on his face while observing the former.

"You—you are the survivor of Nortop Island and... also a gourmet master-apprentice?!"

"Hm?" Rockey was surprised when the boy suddenly asked him such a question. He does not know what is written on the card since he gave it straight to the boy before looking at it.

"N-never mind. Please forgive me. If you are from Nortop Island, then, no wonder you came here to find the fruit... Does this mean there are other survivors else than you since you came here for the fruit?" The boy suddenly became humble and looked at Rockey with a sympathetic look in his eyes.

"Huh?" He was not able to enter the flow of the conversation as the boy got misunderstood on his own.

"Ah, could it be there is no more? I'm sorry for asking and being so rude to you, really." The boy returned the card to the red-haired man.

Rockey shook his head and took his card back. "No, it's fine." He didn't take a look at it to avoid being doubt of his own identity before he keeps it inside his pocket in case other people ask about his identity again.

The boy felt guilty as he saw the red-haired man sincere forgiving face. He soon explains why he stopped the man from entering the forest.

"It was all due to that recently there is a sudden influx in the number of illegal hunters visiting our island. Although we don't really mind if people tried to enter the forest, it became troublesome whenever their organization came to find their hunters just to find out that they died so nowadays, even if you are an illegal hunter, we have to stop you from entering."

"Oh," Rockey replied shortly. It was none of his business after all. As long as he could enter the forest, he does not really have to worry about anything. Although this world is filled with unknown things, it was not his first time to enter a forest where everything is new to everyone.

The boy looked at Rockey's back and side before he started to frown. "Are you going to enter the Criatura Forest alone?" He couldn't resist asking after not seeing anyone around Rockey.

With a casual nod, Rockey replied instantly. "Yes."

"What?! Are you insane? I also don't see you bring any preparation to conquer the Dragon Mill Fruit with you. You got to be joking for wanting to enter the forest alone." The boy felt numb in his head as he looked at Rockey's casual expression as if there is nothing wrong entering the forest without any preparation.

"Don't you know that Dragon Mill Fruit is actually a living fruit?!" The boy shouted.

Rockey tilted his head and crossed his arms. "Huh? What is a living fruit?"

"Oh mother lord, this young man does not even know what is the living fruit... you've got to be kidding me." The boy palmed his head and shook his head wildly in frustration. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As if noticing something crucial, Rockey blinked his eyes many times. "Wait, young man? Aren't you the young--" Just as Rockey about to say, the young boy, he was glared at by the green haired boy.

"Do not call dwarves young even if they are shorter than you. It is rude!" The long ears flapped as the dwarf was angered. His face becomes red and his slim body became buff.

"Ah, sorry. I didn't..." As soon as Rockey apologized, the dwarf returned to his gentle demeanor.

"I forgive you. Since you came from the Nortop Island, it might just be your first time to meet a dwarf in real life. So, no big deal. Just that... I still think that it's a bad idea to go into the forest alone. How about this, I will show you the mercenary company and you should hire one to guide you into the forest. Although I have heard about Nortopian being strong and genius, it is still a worrisome thing to let you young'un enters the Criatura Forest."

As soon as he heard that he is going to be introduced to mercenary to hire, Rockey quickly denied the offer. "It's fine. I don't have money anyway and I will be fine in the forest alone."

From what he knows by reading the quest information, even if he failed the quest, he is not allowed to die. Which means, by any chance he got into a dangerous situation he will be saved by something or might as well be that if he dies, he will be reincarnated.

"You don't have money?" The dwarf was stunned to hear that coming from the young man who seemed to be living quite well with high-quality defensive suits. Then, he holds his chin in a deep thought.

"How about I become your guide?"

"Excuse me?" Rockey felt like he heard it wrong. He couldn't help it but take another look at the dwarf.

The dwarf puffed his chest upward and hit it with a smug face. "Although I may not look like it, I am an ex-explorer rank three in this island. You won't regret it to bring me with you." He extended his hand and introduced himself.

"My name is Luon, please to be acquaintance with you."

Rockey scratched the back of his head and smiled helplessly as he grabbed the dwarf's hand.

"Pleased to have you with me too."

"So, this is your house?" Rockey asked as he looked at the huge brown mushroom that has wooden windows and wooden door. Around the area, there are similar looking mushroom with wooden windows too and they are different in size and colors.

A while ago, Luon invited him to his house to make a proper preparation to enter the Criatura Forest. Then, he met up with a human wearing the same outfit as the dwarf which was a long dull brown cloak with green pant to ask him to replace his duty so Luon can accompany the Nortopian to the Criatura Forest.

That's why they are here now at Luon's house. While Luon opened the door by unlocking it with a pink key, he looked at the side of his shoulder to see Rockey who is bewildered at the sight of huge mushrooms town. "Yes. Is this also your first time to see a mushroom villa?"

"Mushroom Villa?" He knitted his eyebrows when he heard the ridiculous name of the house.

"Yes," Luon said and opened the door. "Come on in."

The two walked into the house and Rockey was evidently stunned by the luxurious sight of the house interior.

"This is just my humble space but it might not be worth anything to a Nortopian though. Go ahead and take a seat while I make the preparation." Luon said as he pointed at the soft fluffy like cloud chair. Afterward, he called out to something. "Nanny! Come and serve the guest."

Soon, a butterfly-like old maid that is only as huge as a man's palm flew from the kitchen to the living room.

"Welcome home, master." The butterfly bowed toward the dwarf.

"There is no need to serve me. Go and serve the guest." As soon as he gives instruction to Nanny, Luon walked up to the spiral stair.

"Yes, master."

Rockey laid his bottom on the chair and felt strange as if he is floating and yet, he is not falling. Just as he tried to be comfortable with the chair, the butterfly maid flew over to him.

"Master Guest, what would you like to have as your drink?"

He thought for a while before answering. "Can I just have some coffee and biscuits to eat with?" He is hungry but it would be rude to ask for rice when you are visiting someone's house for the first time so he could only have simple commodities.

"What kind of coffee would you prefer? Black or white and would you prefer to have milk or sugar in your drink, or maybe both?"

As he has a sweet tooth, without even thinking twice, he preferred to have white coffee with both milk and sugar in his drink. "I will take the sweetest one."

In just a few minutes, the butterfly maid carried a tray that is larger than her above her head over to him. Afterward, a crocodile with a flat surface on its back crawled over from next to Rockey to sit in front of him and then became still as a table.

The butterfly maid put the tray on to the table as if it is as light as feather.

"Please have a drink. If Master Guest would like to have anything else, you can just call my name. I will be working first."

Rockey looked at the cute looking set of cup and teapot before nodding his head toward the butterfly maid. "Thank you. You may go." He was fascinated by everything since everything seems like magic in his eyes. He feels like a kid brought over to a magic world.

He took the cup of hot white coffee and take a sip.

"Ah… the smooth and pleasant taste…" He sighed as he was satisfied with the sweetness of the coffee. If other does not have a sweet tooth, they would have literally shouted that it just tastes like sugar and milk.

"The coffee is mildly bitter yet sweet on its own. Kuh, this is really great." He took another sip and sighed as if he was drinking beer.

While he was eating the berry jam biscuits, Luon stepped down the spiral stairs with a huge backpack on his bag overwhelming his own body.

"Alright, Rockey. Let's go!" The dwarf face brightened up when he saw the human enjoyed the treats prepared by his butterfly maid.

"KUH--" Rockey almost choked on the biscuit when he got called out by the dwarf loud voice. He hit his own chest and coughed the remaining biscuit. When he turned around, he saw the dwarf carried a huge backpack as if moving out from his house to travel somewhere for one year worth of traveling.

'Isn't that pot in his bag? Wait, why would he need to bring a pillow too? Hey, isn't that an ax?' Rockey's eyes almost left their socket as they were wide opened when looking at the items slipping out of the yellow bag.

"Are you ready yet?"

"Uh…" He wants to say, 'Is there any word such as more than ready to describe the dwarf's preparation?' but couldn't bring himself to. Thus, he nodded his head and stood from his seat.

"Let's go." He patted the biscuits dust on his clothes as he walked over to Luon.

"Good." The dwarf nodded his head and walked out of his house first while Rockey followed behind him.

TheOnigiri TheOnigiri

I don't have money so I can't hire an editor. Even if I win the writing contest, I don't get money so it is not possible to hire an editor. If any of you interested in becoming this novel editor, I will give my email address after chapter 10 so you can email me if you are interested to be a free editor. Until then, please be patience with this wannabe-author.

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    It would be funny if he serves something like a Durian, smells awful but tastes quite good.

  • TheOnigiri


    thank you bean. I'm also studying while writing so, it is hard to pay more attention to this novel. I'll try my best though.

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    Well, TheOnigiri, you’re doing the best you can in this situation. So it’s ok.

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