13.51% Evil Emperor's Enchanting Martial Consort / Chapter 10: Almost Empty

Chapter 10: Almost Empty

By evening Gu Hua completed her new paste and went to her brother, she applied the paste on the bruises on his body.

Gu Ming turned and tilted his head to look at his sister, he was curious about paste, he also asks some questions about it before busily drawing some weird things.

After applying the remaining paste on her arms. The petite girl sat on the bed and started to think deeply. 'In this warrior period, the only standard for deciding a person's status is by their strength and capabilities, no wonder the daughter of the first wife of General Gu became a laughing stock in the Longyuan Kingdom. The Gu family which his father's family is a big family carrying the military arts heritage in the Longyan Kingdom. Her grandfather was considered as one of Longyuan's legends, he guarded the border for several years so that the neighbouring countries would not dare to invade. Her father General Gu is a highly respected Martial King, also, not long ago with one swoop, he turned four countries into Longyuan's subordinates. Hearing of this matter, His Majesty was extremely pleased and also highly praise him.'

Gu Hua looked at her brother. Both of them were currently weak. She wanted to protect her little brother and mould his future carefully.

With her previous life's knowledge and experience, she was sure that she can train him well. But, in this world one's future depends on one's own strength.

She needed to make herself strong. Also, they needed to nurse their weak bodies.

"I need medications that can treat Ming injuries and also some special medicines to help my weak body that had taken poison for years. But the price of medicine is so expensive, while she only has a few copper coins and iron coins. First of all, I must earn money."

As she remembers something Gu Hua's mouth curled slightly she called her maids and housekeepers.

When they reach her all of them casually bowed, "Young Mistress"

Gu Hua smirked, " Who is the keeper of the treasury keys"

"It's me"

A thirty plus-year-old maid stood out, not a single piece of her hair out of place. Her face was clean but the gaze was dark, one look and one would be able to tell that she was a sharp woman.

Gu Hua smiled " I want to know how much money does treasury have"

When Gu Hua's mother passed away she gave the keys of the treasury to this old lady to guard the item within the treasury. This treasury mainly consists of her mother's dowry.

The old maid gritted her teeth and loudly proclaimed, "I wish to inform the Young Mistress that treasury is almost empty. The dowager lady gifted the most of the item to lady yiyi and lady panapan, she also gifted some of it to lady Song Qingyan."

In this era when the women get married, the dowry will have a large sum of gold, silver and other valuable things. the dowry will also have a document that details the specific amount of silver.

But after women settle into the family, very seldom will they count the silver, because silver is a circulated currency and can be spent any time.

Gu Hua told the old maid to bring the inventory of the dowry to her. Gu Hua's mother's cash in the dowry had cleverly been spent finished by her.

Dowager lady knows she can't take anything from treasury directly which is left by her mother for Gu Hua and Gu Ming, that's why she uses these tricks to fool everyone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Given the Wu's viciousness, looks like she needs to teach her a lesson. 'Looks like I have to teach a very memorable lesson this time, let her know that what's the meaning of trying to steal a chicken and ending up losing rice to try to take advantage only to end up worse off than before.'

Gu Hua stood up and leisurely walked out. her elegant and long robes dragged along the floor, and lightly brushed the surface, forming a long mark.

" Sister, where are you going" Gu Ming looked as she walked further away, filled with uncertainty.

" Going to Yutang court to see grandmother" Gu Hua did not stop and answered without looking back.

His sister and grandmother had never gotten along. Why did she suddenly think of going to Yutang court.

Gu Ming was confused, "Sister, I will go together with you."

Gu Hua immediately shook her head " There's no need. Just wait here for me to come back."

Gu Hua is going to Yutang court to teach Wu a lesson. If Gu Ming went along, it is not convenient for her to carry out her plan.

The grandmother that she mentioned is not her real grandmother, but her step-grandmother. She had given birth to a pair of brother and sister, Gu Ye her second uncle and Gu Rou. While her father was given birth by the original wife.

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