Chapter 23: Bet

Doesn't caring about the noise people making, Gu Hua step on the last step of the ladder. The door is slowly opened, and the cold and elegant Gu Hua stepped in, except for two strong beaters, there is only one man sitting on the the soft couch.

The man looks in his thirties, with high cheekbones, a scar was on his forehead, and his face is somewhat looks funny, but it has a taste of a businessman too. The eyes were slightly picked up, but there was some majesty, which was quickly filled with disdain and contempt, and apparently turned cold.

Gu Hua Cold-heartedly watch the person in front of her. This kind of person always think that they are best in the whole world, also they always look down on everyone else and their arrogance, but she liked such people very much, because when she stepped on them, the kind of horrified expression on their face is just too pleasing!

Gu Hua put her sieve on the table and hand in the ceremony: "Master of Jing family, please enlighten me!" 

The Master of Jing family did not put her in his eyes. In his opinion, this white and tender rich family son is only pretending to be a challenge. The challenge is nothing but fun. There is not much real material "What?" He asked.

Gu Hua, sitting on the opposite side, shaking the sieve asked "How about we play a game of guess?"

"Whatever" Master Jing replied with a bored expression.

Her deep black eyes were like a peaceful pool as it gleamed with cold light as she looked at Master Jing "We won't be playing any big game, but the game where I shake you guess. If you guess, it's me lost, otherwise I will win, then we will change you to me to guess, by taking turns we will have three games. Who will win the most game will be winner. So what do you think about this?"

The person opposite of her finally had a slight better expression as he wore a proud smile "Good!" 

Gu Hua got the answer she wanted. But Gu Hua did not immediately gamble. Instead, she said "Since it is gambling, if there is no bet, it won't be fun. Moreover, there is only two of us here. It's not fair. It is better for us to go downstairs and gamble, let everyone witness, how? " 

The man sneered as he said "What qualifications do you have to ask me to go down?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hearing his question Gu Hua smiled as she pick up the sieve, shake it a few times quickly, put it on the table and open it, a six neatly arranged. Her wrists moved again and immediately six dice jumped into the sieve and they swayed a few times before she opened it again. They were arranged one after another in the order of one two three four five six.

Seeing this, the expression of Jing Hao was finally serious " So, what are you going to gamble?" 

"The bet needs a notary, just like the number of gamblers downstairs. How about letting them do the notary?" 

"I hope you have enough capital to gamble with me!" 

"Of course!" 


The door opened just when everyone thought that the little boy would be thrown out by the gambling god, they saw her as she gracefully comes out of the room, and then followed by their gambling god, everyone felt really strange. 

The proprietor said a few words about the management here and also immediately recruited a few strong beaters, due to which several people cleared out the middle of room. The two people squared together and immediately came to a long table placed in the middle of room. 

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  • Lukidi


    Ура спустя долгое время новая глава

  • angrybirdy


    FL is cool waiting for ML

  • Aanto


    Female lead is so cool hopefully author will continue to give us more updates

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