Chapter 7: Results

I wake up in a large chamber. My first through is "whoa". My second is "Why am I not at the bottom of the sea?" My third is "So we couldn't have really died. Damn! Then what was the point in me even saving Lei??? I should have let him drown to prove that I'm a villain!" The chamber is filled with students, some unconscious like I was and others awake and impatiently milling about. Is this where we get our test results? I groggily wonder, rubbing my eyes. The thought makes me sit up straighter. The crucial moment is about to come.

Then, I notice familiar golden blonde hair. My brother and teammates are all clustered together. I make my way over to them. Other than Oceanus, standing to the side unconcerned, the rest are all having an animated discussion. "-led the way for our strategic retreat" are the words I catch from my brother as he talks to the rest.

"I knew my Ceddy was the best!" Linsey squeals, of course, clinging to my brother's arm.

"I-I also lead the strategic retreat!" Rauf adds in.

Lei looks skeptically at the two. "Are you guys sure you weren't just running awa-"

Oh look! Dree woke up!" Cedric loudly cuts across beaming in my direction.

I raise my eyebrows. "What happened to you guys?"

"Well," Lei starts, "we woke up and found Linsey yelling hysterically at a bunch of snakes, trying her best to defend the unconscious us."

"Hey! It wasn't like that!" Linsey cries turning bright red.

"Cedric quickly ran awa-" Lie resumes.

"Strategic retreat." Cedric cuts off, wearing a strained smile. I look at my brother, amused. If there's one thing he detests above all others it's snakes.

"Then Rauf sprinted after him. I shot several smoke arrows to keep the snakes away, then I grabbed Linsey and we ran as well. We managed to catch up to Rauf but the snakes were still on our tail. At one point Rauf pushed a branch out of his way so he could get past it and ended up smacking the closest snakes, saving us."

"It was accidental!" Linsey insists.

"But I still saved you" Rauf retorts.

The two glare, then turn their backs on each other with a "hmph!"

Lei continues, "We kept running but unfortunately arrived at a dead end. There, we thought we were done for but suddenly a giant alligator crawled through the bushes. The alligator turned out to be Oceanus coming back to help us so we decided to turn and fight."

Ahh, so that's where Oceanus went, I think to myself.

Lei starts talking again. "Cedric said "Come on guys, lets go all out", then we all grabbed what we could or had brought with us and fought. We all seem to have been defeated and knocked unconscious. Next thing we knew, we woke up to this.


A loud sound thunders through the chamber and in comes my favorite aunt.

"❤️Hello everyone! My name is Sophie and I'm your dean for Evil❤️!"Squeals Sophie.

Next, an older looking woman walks in. "I am professor Dovey, your headmistress for Good." She says.

Chattering breaks out among the students in reaction to our two deans.

BOOM! The sound occurs again and everyone shuts up.

"Well, let's start shall we!" Sophie says, clapping her hands together.

Professor Dovey starts, "Welcome to the school for Good and Evil and..." Professor Dovey goes on to give the customary welcome speech but as soon as she finishes Sophie cuts her off.

"Okay! What you've all been waiting for! I will now read the results of each student's school as per my test."

Instantly every student's eyes revert to her and she opens her mouth to start.

The names are listed one by one and I quietly listen for mine or the name of someone I know.

"Linsey daughter of Beatrix!" Oh wow. So that's her mom. I can totally see her being the daughter of Beatrix. I remember all those stories my mom told me about Beatrix. She used to be infatuated with my dad and despite being a beauty she had a nasty personality. Although, she was in the school for good. She probably didn't want us to know her mom because Beatrix still doesn't like my mom for "stealing" my dad. Although, in the end they did all ban together to defeat evil.

"Good!" Sophie announces. I blink, a little surprised. Could it have been defending the boys from the snakes that put her in good?

Then, after some time I hear, "Oceanus, son of Ursula."

"Good!" Despite being the son of a sea witch he did help me and help the rest so I agree.

Then I hear, "Mara daughter of Hester". This causes me to look up because I clearly remember Hester from my mom and aunt Sophie's stories. She was an ambitions villainess, daughter of Hansel and Gretel's witch and she ended up helping my parents.

"Evil!" I hear. I'm a little surprised. Although her mother was an ambitions villain she did help my parents defeat evil.

Then comes "Lei son of Mulan."


Then, "Rauf son of Aladdin". I wonder...


Looks like I'll be the only team member in evil. I zone out a bit until..."Cedric son of Tedrose and Agatha."

I glance at my brother. His eyes are sparkling.


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We lock eyes. Shock and confusion spills from his eyes.

"Adria daughter of Tedrose and Agatha."








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  • Ashenfox


    wasnt Lei the one they tried to save from sirens?

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