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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Argus

"Ohh aren't you a handsome one." purred Elilne as she soaked in the sight of a sleeping boy who seemed to be having a nightmare as sweat covered his face. His eyes were a beautiful blue that stole her heart...

"Eyes?" mumbled Elilne in confusion as she stared into the boy's eyes.

"**** me if you must, but be gentle!" Yelped Jake as he looked into the beautiful purple eyes of the dark elf hovering over him.

His shout roused the sleeping bearman and other light sleepers in his vicinity.

With an annoyed look crossing the elf's face, she realized the boy's plan.

However, Elilne was too experienced to falter in her actions. With lightning fast speed she lunged towards him and gripped him by the neck.

Lifting him from his bed, she sidestepped to avoid a clawed paw that swept her way.

Around her men and women were getting up. Some backed further away with fear in their eyes, while others started prepping to defend themselves and find help.

"Damn it, Trey is not going to be happy. You better be worth it." pouting as she parried the claws that reached for her.


Argus attacked as soon he woke. In his world, hesitation led to death. As a warrior in his tribe, he was no stranger to trouble. So when he heard the shout, he knew things were bad.

Seeing his bunk neighbor in trouble, he knew he had to act fast. Though, this assailant was proving to be more than he expected.

For someone so tiny, she was awfully strong on top of being as swift as a thunder rabbit.

Off in the distance, Argus could make out other dark-garbed intruders.

"I'll need all the help I can get" thought the bear as he decided to wake as many people as possible.

With that, a loud aggressive roar passed his gruesome maw.

"Damn it... Damn it... Damn it!" hissed the elf.

While Elilne decided what to do, she felt some unpleasant happenings with her mounds.

With a yelp, she threw Jake who began to suck down air as he regained his breath.

Jake took a glance at his hand before he shot a smile at his attacker.

"That's what you deserve for trying to take my chastity!"

When Elilne heard his shameless words. Her anger reached an all-time high as her face turned from its pink shade to that of red.

How dare he pinch her mountain tops so damn hard and preach about his chastity. "I was going to make you my plaything! Your life could have been grand, but tonight I will torture you! I will make you beg me to kill you!"

Her mood swing caused Jake to blanch in fright, especially since she now had a killing vibe as she attacked.

Jake froze for only a moment when she lunged for him. Though she was fast, Jake had no plan to die again.

With as much strength as he could muster, Jake lunged towards his cot. Flipping over the side of it and shifting the cot to defend his flank from attack. Jake successfully blocked the angry she-demon from reaching him with her dagger.

However, Jake was mistaken about her abilities. The dagger that impaled the bed soon disappeared in a heap of smoke. No sooner than it vanished it reappeared behind Jake along with the elf.

Feeling goosebumps rise on his neck, Jake fell forward to evade a strike from behind. The lucky move caused the elf to lose her target and stab into empty space.

Thankfully, a giant fur-covered paw with sharp claws swept from behind the elf. With the heavy attack landing, the elf flew across the room before she regained control.

With a hiss escaping her clenched teeth, Elilne was ready to attack again. Before she could attack Trey appeared from her side and stopped the fight. They could no longer waste time fighting, since too much attention had risen from this event.

"I do not know how this trouble occurred nor do I care. You knew we could not afford to cause a ruckus. We must leave now, I have already issued the retreat. You would have known had you taken the time to look at your communicator."

Seeing her boss show up, she knew the fight was over. The old man would be showing up soon and they could not afford to be here when he did. Glaring at Jake once more she disappeared in the shadows.

Trey turned to glance at the boy who ruined his plans. As the two met eye to eye, Trey shook his head in frustration before leaving too. He could see why his second had made a mistake, the boy was just what she liked.

Soon the area returned to its peaceful atmosphere, though none felt comfortable to let their guard down. After a few quiet moments, sounds of outrage or shock broke out among the many people. Lots of them found they were short a soul gem while a few found their neighbors missing.

Guards appeared shortly after the gang left along with an old man that Jake had seen earlier. If he remembered correctly, he was the man in charge of this temporary inn.

The guards spoke to the old man before spreading out among the people to gather clues to what caused the disturbance. Though for Jake none of this matter to him, other worries bounced in his head. When he looked into the elf's eyes he could tell that this would not be the end. Yet from the man, he seemed to see pity in his eyes which confused Jake.

Though tired, Jake made his way to the bearman. It took him a bit of courage to walk up to a giant black bear with red designs in its fur. The bearman stood quite a few feet above Jake causing him to look up into the face of the beast. This was definitely not something he could get used to. Sweat started pouring from his pores as he drew closer. But this man had saved his life and he needed to show his gratitude. His mother did not raise an ungrateful son.

"Thank you, you really saved my life. Fraggin man, I am so glad I did not die right after dying."

Looking at the puny human before him, the bear grunted in acknowledgment. "Your cry helped to alert me so I too thank you."

Bowing his head in a slight motion, the bearman thanked the human. The bear felt shame since he usually was more alert to danger.

"Ah, no problem ha... I am normally a deep sleeper but had a wicked nightmare. I think it's from my death, but when I wake its gone. Anywho, thanks for saving me."

Pausing as he thought what to do next, Jake than stretched his hand out toward Argus.

"My name is Jake and I owe you one."

An awkward moment passed and Jake thought he should retrieve his arm. But before he could a giant part reached passed his hand and gripped his arm.

"Argus," growled the bear as he embraced Jake in the way his people showed respect. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Stunned at what happened Jake paused before gripping the bear's arm in return. Though since Argus's arm was about the size of a log Jake found it awkward as he mostly grabbed fur.

The two parted with a bit of respect for each other before returning to their own bunks.

Laying down, Jake began to try to get some sleep. However, before he could achieve that desire, he felt a presence near him. With obvious reluctance, he opened his eyes again for the second time this night.

Above him stood an old man with a gentle warm smile. The innkeeper stood there with patience as he observed Jake. "So, it was you who alerted the room to the intruders. Hmm, well that is a good deed, a very good deed... Come with me." With that, the old man turned to leave before pausing once more, "You too." He motioned to Argus before resuming his short, but fast strides. Not knowing what to make of the situation, both Jake and Argus followed after the old man.

oscblade oscblade

Tsk... tsk... tsk Jake you did it now.

What will be Jakes fate, find out next time on... "Cough" in the coming chapters.

Thanks for reading!

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