100% Reincarnated as Broly Dropped / Chapter 40: Grandpa Nearly Died

Chapter 40: Grandpa Nearly Died

Brandon stepped down from his statue and looked at the Pulchram citizens. Most were on all 4 trying their best to walk while some of them were trying to walk on 2, a huge improvement already.

"Oh f*ck, I've forgotten that there are old people, better set the gravity to 500x normal earth gravity." Brandon turned it down a notch and noticeably, the worshippers were able to wobble on both their feet.

Brandon saw some dents on the ground. To show off his godly powers, he asked Hanna to fix the ground when the waves his arm in perfect synchronism.

The crowd was amazed at his performance, just a wave of his arm and he could fix any problems. Of course, there were people that were pissed off about him proclaiming about being God and were planning to usurp his rightful throne.

Brandon looked around at the awed faces and was satisfied but as any smart person, he knows that there will be people who will scheme against him so he has to put his guard up against that.

But Brandon ignored that for now and visited his grandfather in law and Aisha to see how they're coping with the 500x earth gravity gravitational pull. Hopefully, grandfather didn't die from the 1000x gravity.

Brandon entered the village chief mansion and saw a few pools of blood lying around on the marble floor. He looked around and saw an old man wobbling on two legs, coughing his shit out. Another girl was supporting the old man.

"Ah f*ck, Hanna, material me a Sensu bean! Quickly!" Hanna could sense the urgency in Brandon's voice and didn't say anything unnecessary and materialized the bean.

He also created clones and told Hanna to give them Sensus so that they can heal the old people.

"Broly! You have to help Grandpa! You're responsible for this after all!" Said Aisha.

Alright, Aisha, keep holding him and I'll heal him, I'm gonna give him my all, hehe." Replied Brandon.

"Hey, old man! That 1000x gravity really did its work huh? Crunch and eat this, got to swallow it as well, otherwise, the effects won't work." Instructed Brandon.

"Ah, Broly you piece of sh*t, self-proclaiming yourself as God and increasing the gravity on the village ththe increasing the gravity then making me eat this shriveled up testicle looking crap." Despite saying all this, he listened to Broly and took in the bean.

"This sh*t's texture is like a God damn dried up scrotum with blue waffles! Oh, f*ck and the essence taste so bitter!" Damien Rem Pulchram made a swallowing move and swallowed the entire essence inside his body.

"Ah! His wounds are recovering! What kind of overpowered medicine is that bean! It's like your essence!" Exclaimed Aisha.

"Hehehehehe." Brandon fiddled with his own fingers and chuckled evilly.

"Holy damn, though that medicine tastes like balls, it's effective. Before I feel like I'm getting fisted by 69 fists and I thought I will be Dead by Dawn, but now I feel like the person back in my prime! Full of vitality!" Exclaimed Damien. Though he still looks like a shriveled up cow, his aura seems to be filled with life and vitality, just like a young man. His brows were lifted, mouth curved and his face looks like the inside of a vagina but white and a little bit rosy.

Seeing grandfather alright, Aisha stood up, her legs wobbling but still supported the weight of her body.

Seeing her body wobble, Brandon went ahead and held her by the waist.

"Thanks, Bro- God." Said Aisha.

"Hehe, no need to be formal, you're going to become the self-proclaimed god's wife, you're going to become a goddess!" Said Brandon.

"Mmm-Hmm." Mmmed Aisha.

"I'm going to let you go now, this is part of your training, strengthens your body using the gravity. If I can't even control gravity, then what kind of God am I? Right?" Said Brandon. He let Aisha go.

The Pulchram race is very adaptive. Brandon walked towards the Balcony of the mansion and saw them walking around with slightly red, flushed faces, not bad.

"Wow! Our Super Saiyan God is using gravity to strengthen our bodies!" Said one of the members of the crowd.

"Yeah! At first, I thought he was trying to kill us, but when I went to test my bodily strength, I found out that I could last longer!" (Random person).

Brandon had a big look on his face, just like how he crushed the essence maker of the boss of the enemy corporation back on normal Earth.

"Oh yeah, if you want to play God, I suggest you go find other villages and rein them in, there are one 10 miles to the north." Said Grandfather suddenly.

"What?! I thought you said Fridga annihilated all the other?" Questioned Brandon.

"When did I say that? Ahaha, look at your sh*thead memory." Said the old man.

"Well, if there are other villages, I guess I could become more powerful the more followers I have."

Texan_Terrorist Texan_Terrorist

Lol, so I watched Dragon Ball Z Abridged and I was shitting my pants with laughter.

Binge watching like the binge ghoul from Tokyo ghouls who eats humans.

Support me on Patreon, find like on other chapters because copying and pasting on Mobile is a pain in the arse.

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    ehm.... we're still naruto verse right ?

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