75% Empty World / Chapter 3: Adventure in the Human World

Chapter 3: Adventure in the Human World

Scene 3

Adventure in Human World

The third story begins after Junpei leaving to the school and Randame left at home alone. Randame with fifth yawning kicked off the blanket.

"Hah! Even though I am out of Hellbeasts' aura, I have to go out to find out how I can get out of here."

Randame got out of the house with exhausted face. Tranquil wind passed by her hair making. and bright sun welcomed her. The sunshine made her hair more golden. However, given her golden hair stood to others. When people gave the looks, making her cry. People in the street didn't even care about her crying middle of the road.

However, old woman who is on the road, caught Randame in her eyes. Old woman was in her around early 80's. She had silver hair mixed with a bit of white hair. She approached towards Randame with smile.

"Why are you crying kid?"

The reason people could see Randame is because her aura's gone leaving her presence is clairvoyant to others. As soon as Randame heard word 'kid,' she stopped crying and stared at elderly woman pointing her finger at her. Her demeanor was very rough and disrespectful.

"Hey! Granny, who are you calling kid? I am the conqueror of darkness, Randame!"

In this scenario, ordinary people would call police, but old woman was different. She just pat on her with her smile. Randame made happiest cat face all of a sudden as if she forgot at the moment moving her neck right and left. But, it was just short moment, Randame's face all red and went back to her conscious. Randame with her red face yelled.

"You, you! what kind of magic did you use? Is it mind controlling magic?"

She was still smiling.

"Are you going going somewhere?"

"Ha! Ha! Ha! You are not going to trick me twice!"

The old woman patted Randame again wanting her to respond to her question.. This time Randame didn't react this time.

"Hmmm, I'll let you off this time since you can't cast a spell on me, I am trying to find somewhere called school around this town."

She was confused because In real life, Randame looked like someone who was about to graduate kindergarten.

"Are you trying to go to kindergarten? But, there is only high school around here, Sorry, little girl."

However she was too old to go with Randame.

"I am sorry dear, I am afraid I am too old to go with you."

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"What? What? What?"

since Randame was hothead, she started to make uproar all of a sudden and tried to attack.

"Take my scythe attack!"

Without her Hellbeast's aura being gone, instead of swinging her scythe, she just swang her arm unable to summon her scythe. When she realized nothing came out, she tilted her head with confusion.

The elder just gave a smile reminiscing her old times when she had kids herself.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, you remind me of my daughter, if I am correct, you have to walk where I am pointing at and turn right in the corner when you see one. Then you could find high school."

Randame didn't see her face before because she didn't care, but when she looked her calm smile, she avoided her eyes because it was too embarrassed for her. Then she stuttered.

"Ye, you! I'll let you go this time! Next time I'm not gonna hold back!"

Right foot, left foot, Randame skipped her feet, one at a time. for around 7 minutes. She forgot all of a sudden what the old woman told her, she was just skipping in the street. In the other hand, sun started to shine under her dazzling her eyes. That moment, she realized why she had to go to this school just to find clues to how she could go back to her world. When she could go back when she can go back when she gets her aura back.

Few minutes later, Randame was exhausted walking. Then she saw someone coming out of some store. It was ordinary convenient store called AMPM convenient store. The one who came out of convenient store were two students who were couples. One of the girl handed out an ice cream she bought with her boyfriend and asked looking at Randame as if she was fragile little lamb who is lost. .

"Hey! Tanaka, we just bought that."

She turned to face him and spoke.

"C'mon, she looks like she hasn't eaten a bit."

The male student face palmed and sighed. The female student turned back again and asked Randame.

"Are you lost? where is your parents? Where are you going?"

When Randame answered the question with the same when she encountered the elder. She also had surprised expression on her face. But she assumed Randame is looking for her brother or sister and said.

"Hey, We know where the high school is, maybe we could take you there, it's lunch time for school anyway."

Her boyfriend didn't want to, but there was no choice, it was either follow her or leave behind his own girlfriend. Randame walking between the two started going to the school. When they arrived, they said farewell to each other and separated. Randame stood in front of the front gate staring square shaped windows surrounding two buildings and clock tower in the middle and said.

"So this is school eh? It resembles a lot like 'Ruuduetekus.'"

Randame went through the front gate then went inside of the school. The school was quiet, despite the fact that it was lunch time.There were no students in the hallway and there were only shoe racks, however, she ran up to the closest stairway. When she got up to second floor, the hallway was filled with students wearing black uniforms.

Randame's hair was stood out, but everyone was busy minding their business. Randame on n the other hand, was so confused and dizzy being in same place with swarming students in the hallway.

One of the male student noticed Randame from far away and approached and asked.

"What are you doing in here? I don't think this is the place for a kid like you."

The sudden question startled her. Few seconds later catching on what is going on, she answered.

"I am looking for somebody."

The student asked again.

"Do you know what he looks like?"

Randame had no idea what Junpei looked like, but there was one thing she remembered. It was his silver hair.

"Do you perhaps know anybody with silver hair?"

The male student paused for a moment and thought for a moment and mumbled.

"Hmmm, are there any silver hair students in my school?"

And he remembered one and told her where to go. With saying that, Randame, dashed though the hallway looking for Junpei.

1nfinty 1nfinty

In this light novel there will be three languanges

Mage, English, and Japanese, which it translated in English.

Rudetekus in this chapter means Academy.

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