89.42% My Boyfriend Is A Dragon / Chapter 93: Xu Lan and His Low Self-Esteem

Chapter 93: Xu Lan and His Low Self-Esteem

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Don't worry, I bought the clothes for you because I thought you looked great in them," Xu Lan said with a smile while patting Bai Wu's shoulder.

"Really? Heh…" Bai Wu smiled shyly and looked at Xu Lan with his big eyes.

"Yes, let's go." Both of them chatted and made their way out of the shop, failing to notice the smitten gaze from the shop assistants behind them. Some even took a couple of photos on their phones.

"Papa? Are we going to shop for grocery? I think we're out…" Bai Wu's cheerful voice faltered and he was rooted to the ground. He stared at the two people who were walking toward him.

"What happened?" Xu Lan followed Bai Wu's gaze and his breathing stopped after noticing who Bai Wu was looking at.

A good-looking couple who stood out in the mall walked toward them.

"Xu Lan?" Xu Lan heard her voice and was flustered. He did not know where to look at.

Song Xi was exactly how he remembered her to be — fair and tall. Her companion was a handsome man; both of them were a match made in heaven. Xu Lan lowered his head embarrassingly, 'If only I'm better looking!' he thought.

Song Xi remembered Xu Lan clearly. Due to their occupation, they often crossed paths. Xu Lan was one of her more persistent suitors and he left without hesitation after finding out that she got a boyfriend. Song Xi remembered him for his no-nonsense demeanor.

"Uh, Lawyer Song." Xu Lan wanted to run away so badly. Every government servant in Whitehorse City knew that he liked Song Xi and he did not take his rejection as easy as Song Xi thought.

"It's been awhile, what have you been up to?" Song Xi was used to Xu Lan's behavior and did not take it to heart.

"Uh… I, it's still the same case," Xu Lan lowered his head and looked at Song Xi's feet. She had a small pair of feet with sexy ankles. Her companion wore a pair of brogues; Xu Lan felt self-conscious about his slippers.

Xu Lan had never cared about his physical appearances. He opined that it was unnecessary for a man to pay too much attention to details. However, he regretted his philosophy deeply. His self-esteem took a hit.

"Cough, I'm sorry. This is Zhao Ran, you've met him," Song Xi introduced them to each other embarrassingly; she knew about the case that he spoke of.

"Sergeant Xu, nice to meet you," Zhao Ran shook Xu Lan's hand politely.

"Hi," Xu Lan said curtly, the corners of his mouth tensed.

"Papa! I'm hungry," Bai Wu said abruptly. He stepped forward and tugged on Xu Lan's shirt.

"Eh? This child, why…"

Song Xi looked at Bai Wu with her mouth gaping and her words stuck. Bai Wu's sexy voice betrayed a hint of displeasure, his gaze was unfriendly and guarded. She thought the young man next to Xu Lan looked familiar, but she could not put a finger on it. Since when did Xu Lan have a teenage son?

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She recalled a few months back, Xu Lan was carrying a baby in his arms while having breakfast at the restaurant. She wondered how did the baby grow up to be a handsome fellow in such a short period of time.

"Xu Lan, is this your son?" Song Xi did some calculations in her head. The young man looked like he was around sixteen or seventeen years old, and Xu Lan was definitely in his early-thirties. Her beautiful eyes started looking at Xu Lan differently.

Xu Lan opened his mouth and felt a lump welling up in his throat.

"Papa?" Bai Wu tugged on the corner of Xu Lan's shirt and watched him anxiously.

Comments (3)

  • kyra123


    Papa! i love it when Bai Wu calling Xu Lan papa hehe...like his still 3 and a half years old.

  • FragrantMoonTree


    An encounter with his ex! How will he respond?

  • Gallium_yttrium


    Thanks for the chapter

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